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Professional Development brought to you by Catapult Learning and ASCD.

Transcript of ASCD Online and ASCD PD InFocus

  • Go Onlinefor On-Target Professional Development with ASCDs

    Get staff members excited about learning.

    Explore successful new approaches.

    Promote transference of new knowledge and skills to the workplace.

    Provide flexibility and customization to your local situation.


    PD In Focus has

    received these


    industry awards:

    Non-stop, Internet access to ASCDs archive of video clips

    for ongoing professional development in a professional

    learning community.

    Imagine your state, district, or school being able to provide

    ongoing, collaborative professional development for

    professional learning groups with videos and other content

    related to research-based school improvement. PD In

    Focus makes it easier and more effective to do this with

    an extensive library of video clips showing research-based

    teaching practices in action.

    Support your professional learning communityPerfect for professional learning communities, PD In Focus makes it easy and affordable to support ongoing teacher growth with videos of effective teaching practice. Each video provides a powerful example of a strategy or concept that is essential to accomplishing the goals of accountability-based education. This constant connection to on-demand video energizes staff members and makes theories on instructional improvement come alive.

    Easy to start up and useA familiar search function lets users scan the video library for exact examples, based on topic, grade level, subject area, classroom type, and more. Then users can collaborate around the videos, rate them, and keep an online journal of your observations. An online host helps provide background and context for the videos. Plus, teacher leaders, principals, staff developers, and other PD leaders can set up learning groups, make assignments, and monitor group and individual activities and progress.

    New channel on implementing RTIAll PD In Focus videos are organized into channels guided by widely recognized experts. And now theres a new PD In Focus channel on implementing RTI in secondary schools with video clips and other resources that help foster deep understanding what schools do to help struggling students entering high school. This new channel joins the other great PD In Focus channels:

    Differentiated Instruction with Carol Ann Tomlinson

    ESL/ELL with Virginia Rojas

    Literacy Strategies with Donna Ogle

    The Art and Science of Teaching with Robert J. Marzano

    Never Work Harder Than Your Students with Robyn R. Jackson

    Formative Assessment with Doug Fisher and Susan M. Brookhart

    The Brain and Learning with Pat Wolfe and Eric Jensen

    Enhancing Professional Practice with Charlotte Danielson

    Curriculum Mapping with Heidi Hayes Jacobs

    Giving Effective Feedback with Susan M. Brookhart

    High Schools at Work with Joe DiMartino

    Best Practices in Action with Margery Ginsberg and Bonnie Benard, plus Cooperative Learning and The Whole Child

  • More than 60, userfriendly, self-paced online courses or

    modules synthesizing the best work of ASCDs authors. Imagine

    learning when you are at your bestand where you learn best.

    Imagine being able to revisit content and video demonstrations

    beyond a single professional development or classroom session.

    With ASCDs PD Online, state departments of education,

    education service centers, school administrators, and college

    faculty can choose the specific topics to meet a particular

    teacher, classroom, school, university, or district need.

    Learn directly from ASCDs expert authors PD Online capitalizes on technologys strengths to make it easier and more affordable for educators to continue and reinforce their learning across time. Learning modules reflecting the work of ASCDs most widely recognized authors clearly connect practice with research. Each PD Online course follows a six-lesson learning design that

    Introduces you to a concept explored by a prominent ASCD author.

    Engages you in a blend of media-rich learning featuring experts and practitioners.

    Lets you access additional reading materials to expand your knowledge.

    Allows you to revisit content and video applications as often as you like.

    Provides opportunities for you to collaborate with colleagues through online discussion.

    Assesses your understanding of the content through an integrated Learning Management System (LMS).

    Flexible and differentiated PD Online features Administrator and Learner (student) levels to help differentiate and manage how the courses are used. Administrators can add or edit new learning groups and students. They control courses in their groups, and students enter their courses through a password-controlled portal. This flexible, personalized tool makes PD Online ideal for a wide range of applications:

    State, district, and school administrators can use PD Online to tailor and target professional development for groups or individual teachers.

    Staff development coordinators can use PD Online to bolster school-based or district programs with research-based content from ASCD authors.

    College faculty can use PD Online to supplement or provide coursework for college credit in degree or certification programs.

    PD Online can be completed independently through a self-paced format or used as a catalyst for an ongoing, collaborative group experienceeither virtual or faceto- face.

    Measureable and accountableAssessments at the beginning and end of each PD Online course provide learners with opportunities to access prior knowledge about a topic and measure individual progress in grasping new material. PD Onlines integrated LMS helps monitor learning progress at the Administrator and Learner levels. Tracking of individual student progress is available at all levels. Plus, PD Online courses are SCORM compliant, so schools have the flexibility to use their own in-house LMS.

    Eight new courses An Introduction to Teaching English Language Learners

    Assessing Language Ability in Young Adults and Adults

    Content-Based Instruction for English Language Learners

    Developing Grammar Skills in English Language Learners

    Updated Edition: Understanding by Design: An Introduction

    The Art and Science of Teaching

    Response to Intervention: An Introduction

    Formative Assessment: Deepening Understanding 800-841-8730

  • 800-841-8730

    2011 Catapult Learning CL11223