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Lixto „Delivering Competitive Advantage“. Christoph Fuchs. Overview. What and who is Lixto What does Lixto offer? Where does Lixto operate? (Industries) Lixto in the news Conclusion & Questions / Discussion. What is Lixto?*. About Lixto: - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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LixtoDelivering Competitive AdvantageChristoph Fuchs Copyright 2012 STI INNSBRUCK www.sti-innsbruck.atwww.sti-innsbruck.atOverviewWhat and who is Lixto

What does Lixto offer?

Where does Lixto operate? (Industries)

Lixto in the news

Conclusion & Questions / Discussionwww.sti-innsbruck.atWhat is Lixto?*About Lixto:

Lixto extracts specific and precise data from the web to drive operational performance and real-time competitive price visibility for travel & transport, consumer products and automotive supply chain clients.


We strive to be the most innovative strategic pricing company by creating measurable and actionable knowledge from web information to help clients achieve a competitive advantage.

(*according to their web site)www.sti-innsbruck.atWho is Lixto?2001 spin-off of the Vienna Technical University

Scientific Advisory BoardGeorg Gottlob, Prof.

Management TeamChristian KoestlerMarcus HerzogElisabetta FacchiniJason HouleRobert Baumgartner

www.sti-innsbruck.atWhat does Lixto offer?Consultinguser-definedindustry-orientedconsulting about clients future goals and planned requirements

Trainingcompetitive intelligence trainingLive online training sessionsfor >20 people onsite training is offered


www.sti-innsbruck.atWhat does Lixto offer?Three major products:

Price Intelligence Suite

Governance, Risk & Compliance Suite

Tools & Middlewarewww.sti-innsbruck.atWhat does Lixto offer?Price Intelligence Suiteextracts specific and accurate competitive product and price data extraction via deep web navigation*(*I guess this is a fancy word for crawling)utilizes advanced cloud-computing technologies

www.sti-innsbruck.atWhat does Lixto offer?Governance, Risk & Compliance Suitedelivers critical business informationin real-time

www.sti-innsbruck.atWhat does Lixto offer?Tools & Middlewaredevelopment tools and middlewareenables rapid development of data extraction programmeswell-suited to access, augment and deliver data from highly dynamic web applications

www.sti-innsbruck.atWhere does Lixto Operate?Three main industries:

Travel & Transportclients in the travel & transportation industry profit from the most comprehensive competitive pricing and rate information available

Consumer ProductsLixto offers: increasing price transparency for consumers and the need for consumer products businesses to react more quickly to changes in demand and sales volumes

Automotive Supply Chainclients in the automotive supply chain industry benefit from improved compliance with process standards set by their customers or regulatory bodieswww.sti-innsbruck.atLixto in the newsWinner of the US-Biz Award 2012 in the Start Up category

[] Nach Meilensteinen wie der Ernennung zum Key Innovator in der US-Reiseindustrie und der Grndung einer Tochterfirma im Silicon Valley, entscheidet sich die weltgrte Hotelkette Best Western Hotels fr das Lixto Pricing System. []www.sti-innsbruck.atClients appraisalThe Lixto solution is exceptional in that it provides with the flexibility that we require for our geographic expansion as the number of additional competitor portals and hotels that we need to monitor

By using Lixto's solution pricing managers can run current price analysis based on automated and targeted data analysis.Wolfgang Martin Team

Lixto empowers efficient mashup-applications out of a company's internal data and external web sources.Gartner

The Price Intelligence Suite delivers business value by automating and bringing scale to what is often a manual and fragmented data-collection task and by helping organizations achieve effective price and margin management.OVUMwww.sti-innsbruck.atConclusionSpin-off from the University Vienna

Efficient web-crawling for data that gives companies a competetive advantage

Hard to judge since I could not try their softwarewww.sti-innsbruck.atThank you.Questions?