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Wednesday 16 July 2008 Special Topic: Media Studies Yr 11-13 Production Work Integration into the curriculum The Achievement Standards Writing your own Script

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Media Studies lecture to trainee teachers

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  • 1.Wednesday 16 July 2008 Special Topic: Media Studies Yr 11-13
      • Production Work
    • Integration into
    • the curriculum
    • The Achievement
    • Standards
    • Writing your own
    • Script

2. Media Categories

  • We have no curriculum
  • When planning our courses we only have Achievement Standards to go by
  • The BFI Key Areas of Knowledge and Understanding in Media Education help to form a curriculum

3. What questions would you ask students about this advertisement if you wanted to cover all of the key media areas? 4. Complete the same task with this advertisment http://youtube.com/watch?v=QRHv2oYjzKQ 5. Which Key Media Idea do you see as being the least important? Justify your decision 6. Student Production Work Options for Media Studies production:

    • Radio
          • Interview
          • Show episode
    • Film
          • TV Advertisement
          • Film Trailer
          • Infomercial
          • Music Video
          • Short film
          • Documentary
    • Interactive
          • Game
    • Print
          • Newspaper spread
          • Magazine spread
    • Web
          • Web page
          • Web site

7. Student Examples

  • Short Film
    • Year 13 Level 3
      • Basic Narrative
      • Symbolic

8. NCEA Level 2

  • AS 90765
    • Design
      • Full design process
    • Produce
      • Evidence of finished product
      • Product must demonstrate understanding of genre
      • Optional production diary
    • Evaluate
  • AS 90282
    • Use Technology

9. As the teacher you MUST

  • Provide students with the Achievement Criteria
  • Show students relevant exemplar
  • Be able to identify individual student contributions for marking group work
  • Set a task that allows students to meet the standard

10. NCEA Level 3

  • 90604
    • Concept and Treatment
  • 90606
    • Planning (script, production schedule etc.
    • Technology use
    • Finished product

11. Writing a Script 12. Scriptwriting Software

  • Free Open-Source scriptwriting is easily downloadable.
  • I recommend Celtx
    • http://www.celtx.com/

13. 14. 15. 16. 17. Common Student Pitfalls

  • They hate writing scripts so usually try not to
  • Scripts are often too wordy and word choice not well thought out
  • Characters are often not well defined or thought out
  • Often too many characters
  • Stories end up becoming complicated
  • RESULT: half the time they cop out and try to make a silent film.

18. Ideas to get started

  • Re-write an old/well known story
  • Take a line from a book, play, film, poem, song as inspiration
  • Develop a character
  • Re-tell a family story
  • 48 Hour Film Festival: Line of dialogue, Character, Prop and random genre.

19. Script Writing Workshop

  • Developing plot
    • Where is your character at the beginning of the story?
      • How does this location reflect the character's inner world at the start of the story?
      • What clues will give us information about backstory?

20. Script Writing Workshop

  • Developing plot
    • Describe what your character is doing when we first meet them.
    • What does this tell us about them?
    • What is the first decision they have to make?

21. Script Writing Workshop

  • Developing plot
    • What is your characters ultimate goal in the story?
    • Describe the obstacles they face in achieving their goal
      • are the coming from inside their own mind (fears, conscience etc.)
      • Other characters
      • Natural or super natural forces

22. Script Writing Workshop

  • Developing plot
    • What is the most IMPORTANT decision your character has to make the one where there is no turning back?