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  • 1. In what ways does your media product use, develop or challengeforms and conventions of real mediaproducts?

2. Unlike some magazinecovers which portray thecharacters from the film, weused an image of ourcrew/cast holdingequipment, whichsymbolises that is was aguerilla film.We used key conventions ofmagazine covers to create aprofessional finish on ourfront cover. 3. The similarities between our Empire frontcover and this Harry Potter cover include thelimited colours used. As ours is a Halloweenstyle issue, we used red, black and whiteacross our cover. The Harry Potter issue fromEmpire uses gold and black as a main colourfor its coverlines, plugs and puffs.The covers also differentiate in that our maincoverline uses conventions of the horrorgenre (the ripped edges and scratchedtypeface) to enhance the fact that it is aHalloween issue. 4. We found that this poster forthe film Shutter is also verysimilar to ours. 5. Our film poster follows themain conventions of manyother posters from the horrorgenre. They show a distortedor slightly unclear image ofthe killer, which is the effectwe tried to create too. 6. Halloween was oneof the first films toportray a poster witha shot of the killer.Many other films ofthe horror genreproceeded with thiseffective idea. 7. We took inspiration from otherfilms from the horror subgenreof stalker/slasher, where a killeris hunting a female protagonist.The screenshot below is fromScream 4 and shows themasked killer in thebackground. Another similaraspect of our film is the idea ofhaving an anonymous killer, theScream films use amask, whereas we chose not tofully show the killers face. 8. We also took ideas from TheBlair Witch Project, by usingnight shots.To enhance the spookyatmosphere, we used a nightvision effect on a videocamera, which heightenedthe atmosphere and realismof the trailer.We also shot scenes on ahand-held camera, whichagain gave a more amateurand realistic feel. 9. Our trailer also used the silhouetteidea, where the killer is seen from a low angleshot, making them seem more intimidating.The shot on the right is taken from TexasChainsaw Massacre which is another iconicfilm from the slasher genre. The film alsouses an iconic killer, again using a sense ofanonymity to present the villain. 10. We feel that our trailer and other outcomes have effectivelyand clearly highlighted many of the key conventions of the horror genre and slasher sub genre.