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Handyman magazine july 2014

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    We show you how

    growsUperfoodsiN YoUrbackYard

    +Fastfixes forweathered timber



  • Check out the Bosch website: www.bosch-do-it.co.nz

    One battery ts all.Bosch Power4All is the cordless system with lithium-ion technology for an entire family ofBosch tools in the house and garden. Top performance with a single, powerful 18V batterythat ts all cordless tools in the Power4All system.

    PSR 18 LI-2 Gen II PowerControl- Electronic torquefor optimum powerand speed

    46 Nm torque

    Bosch Power4All

    18V DIYSystem

  • PSM 18 LI Integrated microfilter Rotating delta platefor economicalusage of sandingpaper and plate

    PST 18 LI 4 step orbital actionfor faster cutting

    CutControl for precisefollowing of cutting line

    KRD 05/14 RBNZ 3309

  • Outdoor14 all decked out

    Enjoy your outdoor room all yearby revamping it for cold weather

    22 winterwarmersMake cafe-style hot drinks tokeep the chill at bay

    25 deck fixesSimple maintenance and repairsto make the timber look like new

    30 Garden tool cabinetBuild a mini slimline shed andattach it to the house

    photography chris l jonesstyling gema beneitezinset picture thinKstocK










    This issue9 Handy stuff

    Light your way and clean thehouse with these clever products






  • Decorate58 SmartwayStoStoreSpiceS

    Caddies to hold your seasonings

    64 upcycled utenSil holderTurn cans into wall storage

    Renovate36 affordablearchitecture

    Clever homes built on a budget

    45 brilliant bookcaSeSStorage solutions for any space

    54 diy careerSMake a living being handy

    Build68 rack it up

    Sort the garage with wall shelving

    74 bringin it homein your uteKeep your load safe and secure

    79 how to be heatwiSeWarm your home efficiently

    82 deSigner heaterSArtistic radiators that stand out

    84 inSulation made eaSyReduce heating and cooling costs

    Garden102 growing muShroomS

    Raise a crop indoors in justthree weeks using a kit

    106 backyard SuperfoodSGive your diet a boost withhome-grown berries

    112 5 top compoStingtipS and trickSTurn kitchen wasteinto plant food




  • 5handymanmagazn.co.nz JULY 2014

    Tuck it all awayMany houses get cluttered as theresminimal storage space, or the spacesare not used efficiently. This issue ofNew Zealand Handyman has projectsfor storing spices, making bookshelvesand building a shed for hand tools.

    Theres also a project to put thegarage in order. So get everythingsorted now! Were here to help.

    Transporting big objectsI had a dangerous experience oncewhen moving furniture. I felt Id tieda bench on my car securely, but thewind got under it, ripped off my ropeand flung the bench into the air. Itcollapsed in pieces on the road behindand missed another car by just metres.

    I shudder to think what mighthave happened had it been a little bitcloser. Ive since transported lots oflarge, awkward-shaped items andalways ensure theyre safe. On page 74,we show you how to tie bulky itemson a ute and get them home safely.

    Enjoy the issue,

    managing EditorLEE DASHIELL

    this issue

    Get out and stay out! Thatswhat we tell our kids whenthey race around the housescreaming and shouting, makingthe walls feel even closer together.

    Well, this is what were suggestingNew Zealand Handyman readers dothis winter, too. It may be chilly, butwhy not embrace outdoor living?

    Weve come up with multiple ideasto keep toasty, from outdoor heating,ways to create heat traps and evenbeverage ideas to warm your insides!

    For inside the house, weve puttogether a buyers guide to heaters.Whether you have a small flat,townhouse or large country home,there are choices to suit every space.

    Plus, check out the weird andwonderful heaters, on page 82.

    Need ore bookshelves in yourhoe? Pinterest lets you create andorganise boards of your favouritepictures. Its a great way to find andshare ideas for your next DIY project.

    Check outHandyan atpinterest.co/diyhandyan orscan this codewith your phone.

    More inspiration

    Win$100!Lots of very clever DIYersread Handyan, so whenwe asked you to shareyour best DIY tips, we hada great response. Eachone wins $100. Heresa few of our favourites.

    W lko arfromyo

    Wn yor movngfrnr on xpnvfloorboard, p old ockon lg o proc bo frnr and floor.Kristopher EvansMak a pan pal by cng opqarr off a clan 3Lmlk bol oppo andl. Carry by andl andwp panbr on nd of bol form-fr panng.Kenny HoWn planng a nw plan, c o ba of po, nvr poand plac ovr plan o craa war rrvor and a barrr ocrawlng nc. t gv plan b canc o abl lf.Teresa Roberts

    Get organised in the livingroo with novel bookshelves.

    Want to share your best DIYtip for a chance to win $100?Visit handymanmagazine.co.nz


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    rEadErS diGESt aSSoC. iNC.chaIRman Of ThE BOaRD roBert e GutHPRESIDEnT & cEO BonnIe kIntZerVIcE PRESIDEnT & cOO InTERnaTIOnal BrIan kenneDyEDITOR-In-chIEf InTERnaTIOnal magaZInES raImomoysaEDITOR-In-chIEf ThE famIlY hanDYman ken coLLIer

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    Total peace of mind. In your oasis of calm.

    The Philips Aquat LED collection, turns your bathroominto a relaxing experience.

    The range is made from premium materials, with high care for aesthetics, details and forms.You also rest easy knowing that this collection is designed according to the most stringentsafety standards for water and moisture resistance.

    Aquat LED Range

  • 9Handymanmagazine.co.nz JULY 2014 9

    Lighting the way and cleaning the house are allpart of thismonths round-up of nifty products


    Big brighThe Iron Horse TripodWorklight, $259, is made forlighting up large workspaces.Its two 40-LED lamps throwout an impressive 3000 lumenswith a beam spanning up to240. Sitting on a heavy-dutytubular metal tripod, the unitcan extend up to 1.7m high.You wont miss it with its vividgreen powdercoated finish.bunnings.co.nz

    Pen powerThe Arlec 6-LED UltraBright Stick Light, $6,fits neatly in your pocket,glove box or toolbelt,providing a compact lightsource wherever you go.Shaped like a pen, it hasa moulded pocket clip,is water-resistant andcomes with batteries.arlec.com.au

    E reHave your own personal light whenreading at night with the EvereadyEnergizer Flexible Booklite, about$21. The bendy neck projectslight in any direction and thesuper-bright white LED neverneeds replacing. Youll getmore than 30 hoursof light betweenbattery changes.energizer.com

    shie lighIdeal for when youre working inthe shed or garage is theEiger 20-LED Worklight andTorch, $12. It comes witha hook and a magneticbase so its always easy tofind a place to put it. Thehead swivels to givethe best light. Batteriesare included.bunnings.co.nz

  • JULY 2014 Nw Zaland handyman10

    This issue

    Quick tidy-upThe Vax Mach Gator 10.8V HandheldVacuum, $70, is just what you needfor a speedy clean-up of animalhair or breadcrumbs beforeyour visitors arrive. It featuresa built-in retractable crevice toolfor vacuuming in tight spots andthe alligator-style mouth flips

    open at the touch ofa button for easy


    Mop dont mopeIf the mop never wrings properlyand the water sloshes everywhere,solve the problem with a SabcoBulldozer Ultimate Pro WringerBucket, $99. The mouth fits allmops and three agitators at thebase help dislodge dirt. The footpedal is ergonomically designedand the 16L bucket runs on castors,positioned so it wont fall over.bunnings.co.nz

    Citrus scentSkip that ghastly garbage smellpolluting the cabinets with GruntLemon Scented Kitchen Tidy Bags,$8 for 50. Each bag can hold27L worth of waste, featureseasy-to-tie carryhandles and is madeof a strong plasticmaterial thats toughto break. Storageis simple, as thebags tear easily offa compact roll.bunnings.co.nz

    Clean sweepGet to all those hard-to-reachplaces with the Oates SqwivelSqueeze Mop, $25. The head hingesfor easymanoeuvrability aroundcorners, into restricted spaces andunder low furniture. A heavy-dutywringingmechanism ensures thesponge is well rinsed and a simpletwist-and-release actionmakesreplacing the sponge easy.icbclean.co.nz

  • Shock blockDid you do a mad dash round thehouse during the last big storm toturn off all your electronics? Skipthe stress with an Arlec Plug-InPower Surge Protector, about $7.Suitable for use on householdpower points, it protects everythingfrom the laptop and TV to thetoaster from irreparable electricaldamage next time lightning strikes.arlec.com.au

    Baby blockerKeep those curious little handsaway from sharps or chemicalswith the Dream Baby Flexi-LoopLock, about $10. Designed foruse with mushroom-style knobsor D-shaped cabinet and cupboardhandles, its easily unlocked byadults in three simple steps.dreambaby.co.nz

    Rodent removalFeeding a few more pests thanfamily members lately? Take outeven the most tricky mouse withthe poison-free Kiwicare No MiceNooski Mouse Trap, about $11.A tiny rubber latex ring snaps overthe animals neck for a fast, no-messand environmentally friendly fixto your critter problem.kiwicare.co.nz

    High lightLight up a whole roomor just the pages ofa book with a Mother& Child Lamp, $75.The contemporaryuplight design has anattractive satin nickelfinish and stands 178cmtall. The reading lightis adjustable and bothlights have independentdimmer controls.bunnings.co.nz

    Hose and hookSet yourself up with a hose thatsmade to last. The Pope Tricoflex30m Garden Hose, $50, is madefrom UV-treated PVC and reinforcedbraiding for extra strength. Itstap ready with leak-free Perma Fit

    connections and is the ideal lengthfor both medium and large gardens.When youre not using it, store itout of the way with the wall-mountedGarden Mate Hose Hanger, $7.popewatering.co.nz

    Handymanmagazine.co.nz JULY 2014 11

  • The right stuff

    WET WEATHER ESSENTIALSKeep your feet safe and dry with theTroppers Safety Steel Capped MensGumboots. Made from Reinforced PVC,Troopers are steel capped and are NZSafety Approved. The mid sole is reinforcedwith full steel for added strength and arepolyester lined for comfort. $29.98.

    CUT SOME SHAPESThe Ryobi RJS750-G 500WJigsaw, with its tool-free bladechange, shapes wood, steel oraluminum with ease. Its ush-cutcapability allows cutting up tovertical surfaces and an in-builtdust blower ensures a clear viewof your cutting line. The base alsoadjusts from 0 to 45 degrees forright or left angle cuts. $79.

    BRIGHTEN UP YOUR HOME FOR WINTERThese Flair Young Shaggy Rugs will add a splash of colour and cheerup any room on a wintery day. With a choice of 4 fresh colours, theyare made from allergy-free non-shedding hard wearing yarn, are softon your toes and come in two sizes to enable you to mix and match.110 x 160cm and 70 x 130cm. From $49.99 each.

    LET THE SUN SHINE INEzyLite Domes can make your home a much brighter place to be in the depthsof winter. The 300 or 400mm diameter domes are made from impact resistantmoulded acrylic with ceiling ring, diffuser and all the xings you need for simpleinstallation. Suitable for either tile or corrugated rooves. Available in 2 sizes300mm $147 & 400mm $199.

  • SAFETY IN ALL WEATHERSRated IP33 weatherproof, the HPM 10A Power Centrewith RCBO Protection and Dual USB Charger provides afast power cut off to reduce the risk of electrocution andprotects the power centre from damage if overloaded.Ideal for construction sites or workshops, it featuresdouble pole shuttered outlets and heavy-duty highvisibility lead for extra safety. Two 2.1A charging USBports complete this all weather performer. $199.

    SPACE SAVERSFinally a range of bolt cutters that t into your toolbox! Simply ick thelatch and the Kincrome Compact Bolt Cutters unfold in seconds for use.Made from Chrome Molybdenum to cut high tensile materials, they arealmost half the length of standard bolt cutters with the same strength.Available in 3 sizes 350mm $59.90. 450mm $69.90 & 600mm $99.90.

    Not all products featured are available in all stores, but may be ordered. Shelf pricesmay be lower than advertised to ensure lowest prices every day. We reserve the

    right to restrict the purchase of commercial quantities. All prices quoted areinclusive of GST. Prices valid until Sunday 27th July 2014, or while stocks last.

    POWER TOOL ESSENTIALSThe Ozito 5 Piece 18V Kit has all the basicsyou need for D.I.Y. jobs around the house. Itincludes an 18V Drill, Detail Sander, Jig Saw,Trim Saw and super bright torch plus two 18VLi-Ion Battery Packs all in a handy storagebox. $249.

    REDUCE CONDENSATION BUILD UPThe EzyLite Roof Vent passively reduces heat fromthe roof cavity of your home to help prevent dampand mould. Its modern, low prole design is simpleto install and is compliant with Australian Standards.Suitable for tile and corrugated rooves. $99.

    Being equipped for wintermakes your home somuch easier to live in andD.I.Y. jobs easier to do.This month we look at awhole bunch of new ideasand products that will bejust what you need.

  • 14 JULY 2014 new Ze H

    Make the most of your garden and enjoy outdoorliving even when the weather cools down

    W up the wte eck wth tbehete, ceht cuh.

    All decked outWords sita simonsmain PiCTUrE chris l jones sTyling gema beneitez

  • 15Handymanmagazine.co.nz JULY 2014





    Anyone who has gone househunting knows that propertieswith a deck, outdoor livingarea or garden come at a premium.

    This is because a usable outdoorspace can add significant value andbuilding a deck is one of the simplestways to increase that value.

    Its estimated that budgets forlandscaping and hardscaping havetripled in the past 15 years, with the

    rough average for a reno costing upto 10% of the value of the home.

    With such a good return oninvestment, the deck or patio is nowseen as an extra room, with designand functionality top priorities.

    No longer just a warm-weatherpleasure, heating, screening andlighting options provide lots of waysto enjoy your outdoor space in styleand comfort all year round.

  • 16 JULY 2014 New Zealand Handyman


    Fire it upA source of warmth is the way toentice people onto the deck in thecold months, with fireplaces one ofthe biggest outdoor trends in the pastfive years. Whatever the budget, sometype of heat source can be included.

    Portable gas-fuelled braziers arethe ideal choice for small groups, asthey provide good ambient heat ina limited radius. Costing from $50to $400, they are economical to run.

    Another budget-friendly optionis a fire pit. A camp-style pit in theground with a stone circle and gravelin the base is an informal solutionthat can fit into any scheme.

    A real fire creates a classic ambiencewhile providing heat on a winter deck.

    A more sophisticated stainless steelfire pit is still inexpensive and can bemoved to where the heat is required,making it a good choice for smallspaces or gatherings on dry, still days.

    Chimineas are a different takeon a fire pit and are better suited towithstand wind, as they have properdraughting and the fire is contained.

    If the budget allows and the spaceis large enough, a built-in fireplaceadds instant appeal and will becomea focal point of the space.

    The location should take intoconsideration privacy needs,prevailing wind direction andproximity to other structures.

    Remember to check localcouncil regulations about whereoutdoor fireplaces can be locatedand if consents are required.

    They could be freestanding at theedge of a patio, built into a retainingwall or attached to an outdoor kitchen.

    For a small fireplace, youll needat least a 4 x 4m deck or patio andfor a large one at least a 6 x 6m area.Make sure there is enough room forfurniture in front of your fireplace.

    Safety is tantamount whenlighting a fire, particularly on a deckor patio. Check what the New ZealandFire Service (fire.org.nz) recommendsabout lighting fires outdoors.



    To discover what you can do withPorta timber and mouldings,

    visit www.porta.co.nz

    ARCHITRAVES & SKIRTINGSPut your DIY skills to work with Porta PinePanels, timber mouldings and dowels

    available from any Bunnings store.

    Big or small ... whatever yourproject, youll find a Porta

    product to help youget the job done.

    Gasmate DecorativeGas Fire Pit, $899.gasmate.co.nz

    Chapala Sun God Fire PitWith Screen, $135.chapala.com.au

    La Hacienda Vigo Chimineain Antique Red, $249.riverleagroup.co.nz

    Get the look





  • 18 JULY 2014 New Zealand Handyman

    Sceen i ffTurning an outdoor area into a roomcan be as easy as installing blindsto enclose the space. Its also a simpleway to provide shelter from theelements all year round.

    At the top end of the scale aremotorised systems with rain-sensitiveshutters, or vertical screens andawnings. Costing upwards of $1000,they are a very good permanentoption, if the budget allows.

    Caption inset2 lines





    Simple and cost-effective solutionsalso work well. There are two basictypes of outdoor blinds, bistro andshade, both of which can be used toprotect against wind and rain.

    Made from high-quality PVC,bistro blinds are transparent, so theviews are maintained. Tinted blindsare also available for greater privacy.

    Standard sizes are available offthe shelf for under $200, but blindscan be customised to fit any space,

    with some systems allowing panels tobe secured together to fit larger areas.

    Operation is via a rope-and-pulleyor a framed zip-fastening system thatcan completely enclose the space.

    They can be installed DIY and arelow maintenance. Some blinds haveup to 95% UV resistance, makingthem good for summer, too.

    Shade blinds, such as a bambooroman types, have the addedadvantage that no-one can see in.

    Screen out the sun or open upto the breeze with outdoor blinds.

  • O32CTLThe Longreach blade32mm wide and a reach of 67mm long, thisblade goes the distance thanks to theheat treated hard pointed teeth

    035HCTThe Fang Blade35mm wide and only 0.8mm thickwith heat treated teeth, theSMART Piranha blade cutstimber like no other.

    044BMT 44mm wide Bi-metal BladeNail Buster ExtremeSuitable for timber with nails,non ferrous metals,54mm depth of cut.Why is Titanium coating so good?It is designed to reduce friction which reduces the heat build-upduring the cutting process, signicantly increasing the life of theblade. This even makes the New Nail Buster Extreme Gold bladecapable of cutting deck screws, an application notpossible with any other brand of blade.

    Suitable for timber with nails, nonferrous metals, 54mm depth of cut.

    THE SMART ADVANTAGE The most universal tting blades in the world....

    The new SMTX shanks suits all the common brandsAEG RYOBI Bosch Craftsman FeinMakita Icon Milwaukee OzitoPredator Rockwell Worx

    Made in the USA, top quality and with SMARTour blades are guaranteed against breakage.

    Blade range like no other with over 30 optionsso you get the right blade for the job.






    Windoware 2.4 x 2.4m Bistro Blind,$269, from Bunnings.

    Windoware 1.5 x 2.1m Bamboo RomanBlind, about $79, from Bunnings.

    Get the look


  • 20 JULY 2014 New Zealand Handyman

    Get the look

    Ligh i ighTo maximise outdoor living duringthe colder months, it is crucial toget the lighting right.

    In winter, days are shorter andwhile the sun is often high and brightin the daytime, early nightfall canprevent you from using the deck forrelaxing or socialising.

    Planning the illumination addsa feeling of warmth and creates anatmosphere that makes you wantto spend time outside.

    Have a couple of differentoptions to change how the spacelooks and feels. A main overheadlight is necessary, but fit a dimmerso it can be diffused.

    If the space is large enough, uselamps around the perimeter and thesofter glow of candles in the centre.

    Feature lights over alfresco diningareas look good and are practical,while strings of fairy lights can makeany space feel festive and inviting.

    To get the best results and formaximum safety, only buy orinstall lighting products that arespecified for outdoor use.

    When it comes to the garden,use lighting for practical reasons,such as to illuminate a path andto create attractive views.

    Downlighting features andrecesses highlights the landscaping,while uplighting garden beds andtrees gives shadow effects.

    LED technology has madelighting more multifunctional thanever, while solar lights come in arange of designs and are free to run.

    Make themost of an outdoor spacewith the right lights to set themood.





    SolarMagic LEDSolar SpotlightWithRemote Panel, $28,

    from Bunnings.

    Nelson 12V Superbright LED PondLight, $24. hpmlegrand.co.nz

    Crompton 12V HoodedGarden Spotlight, $27.gerardlighting.co.nz


  • 22 JULY 2014 n Zd hd

    Winter warmersCosy up and sip on cafe-style hot drinksat home with these three traditional recipes

    PreParation time 5 s

    Cooking time 10 s

    SerVeS 4



    750 dy d w

    220 w su

    125 dy

    125 w

    2 s, y sd

    1 , y sd

    2 s sks

    9 w vs

    2 s-s

    P d u


    1 Combine the reD wine w

    su, dy, w, , d

    sps sup v w .


    2 bring to a Simmer d k,


    sy, f 5-10 us

    u su dssvs.


    3 Pour themixture u s

    p. Sv w.

    main PiCture chriS l joneS Styling gema beneitez

  • 23Hndmnmgzine.co.nz JULY 2014





    INGREDIENTS125ml low-fat milk125ml low-fat evaporated milk1 teaspoons sugar3 teaspoons unsweetened cocoa powderWhite and pink mini marshmallowsGrated chocolate


    1 COMBINE THE MILKS and sugar ina small, heavy-based saucepan and heat,uncovered, over low heat for 5 minutesor until the mixture bubbles gently.


    2 MEaNwHILE,mix the cocoa powderwith 1 teaspoon of water in a 250ml teacupor mug to form a thick paste.


    3 pOuR THE MILK MIXTuRE slowly intothe cocoa paste, stirring until smooth.Top with marshmallows, sprinkle withgrated chocolate and serve.

    INGREDIENTS250mlmilk250ml water3 cardamom pods, bruised1 cinnamon stick teaspoon ground ginger4 cloves4 peppercorns2 tablespoons tea leaves2 teaspoons honey


    1 COMBINE THE MILK and water withthe cardamom, cinnamon, ginger, clovesand peppercorns in a small saucepan.


    2 BRING THE MIXTuRE slowly to theboil over medium to low heat. As soonas it boils, turn off the heat and add thetea leaves. Leave to stand for 10 minutes.


    3 STIR IN THE HONEy and strain intoa jug. Pour into serving glasses.

    pREpaRaTION TIME 5 minsCOOKING TIME 5 mins

    SERVES 1

    pREpaRaTION TIME 5 mins plus 10 mins standingCOOKING TIME 5 mins

    SERVES 2

    Heavenlyhot chocolate



  • Where chisel and knife combine to formthe ultimate multi-purpose tool

  • 25Handymanmagazine.co.nz JULY 2014

    P roviding it receives regularattention, a deck is one buildthat keeps on giving, addinglifestyle benefits and value to the home.

    Decks are constantly exposedto the weather and foot traffic yearround, and can deteriorate quickly,if not properly maintained.

    Quality outdoor timber lasts forup to 15 years if cared for so it paysto look after your investment.

    Giving the deck a good once-overat the start of summer and at the endof autumn prepares it for use andresolves any potential problems.





    K yo mb lookng lk nwwh smlmannan and as

    Deck fixes


  • 26 JULY 2014 New Zealand Handyman

    Oiling the deckDecks finished with oil should becleaned and re-oiled twice a yearto keep the timber protected.

    If decks arent refinished regularly,the surface will become rough andappear discoloured and dirty.

    Check if a deck needs refinishingby splashing water on the boards. Ifthe water soaks in instead of beadingoff, then resealing is required.

    Wash the deck prior, then applytwo coats of quality oil, selectinga formula that resists abrasion anddoesnt fade when exposed to UV light.tip Stained decks need to be lightlysanded and re-stained every two years.

    1Clean the deckSweep the deck with a stiff-bristledbroom, then hose the boards down.Apply deck cleaner to a square metreat a time, choosing a cleaner that suitsthe timber and the finish.tip The cleaner is activated by water.

    2Scrub the surfaceUse a stiff scrubbing brush to workthe cleaner into the timber, then leaveit to soak for 15 minutes withoutletting it dry completely. Hose the areadown to rinse, then clean the rest ofthe deck and allow to dry.

    3Finish the deckApply two coats of decking oilusing a lambswool applicator witha long handle to apply it evenly.Leave the oil to dry between coatsand use less for the second coat, asthe timber wont absorb it as easily.







    Cabos Naural Deckng Ol,$69 for 5L. cabos.co.nz

    Sealng a deck sos waerenerang and exends s lfe.

  • 27Handymanmagazne.co.nz JULY 2014

    Replace old boardsBroken or split timber boards posea safety hazard and should be repairedor replaced as soon as possible.

    If hardwood or treated pinesuffers from rot and decay, or the nailshave rusted, then individual boardsor whole sections of a deck may needto be replaced to keep it safe.

    Leave new decking boards forat least two months before oilingor staining them to allow thetannins to be released.

    Timber that is cleaned and sealedregularly is more resistant to rot.tip If a screwdriver penetrates soft,spongy timber, this indicates rot.

    1Remve he amage barUse a pry bar to lift and removethe damaged section, then priseout remaining nails using a clawhammer. Fill any splits in the joistswith two-part epoxy filler to preventfurther moisture damage.

    2Psiin he new barsLoosely arrange the boards ina staggered pattern with the endsfinishing over a joist. Cut the endssquare using a mitresaw and drill two2mm pilot holes in each board abovethe centre of the joists.

    3Secre he barsEnsure there are consistent gapsbetween the boards by tapping thintimber wedges in the gaps at everysecond joist. Lever boards into positionas required using a chisel, then securewith decking nails or screws.


    pry bAr


    nEw boArD



    trojan 375mm pry Bar, $19.rojanools.com.au

    Broken and roen boardsmakea deck unsafe for kds o lay on.




  • 28 JULY 2014 New Zealand Handyman






    Repair split postsOutdoor structures are exposed toheat, cold and rain, which causes theexpansion and contraction of thetimber, creating cracks and splits.

    Cracks continue to move withthe weather, so these areas of damageand any timber joints in the deckthat have opened up should be filledto avoid additional moisture problemsand insect infestation.

    If old posts are cracked, checkfor rot before filling or replace postsif they are not structurally sound.

    Sand and oil the area once thefiller has cured to prevent furtherdamage from occurring.

    1Apply imbe filleUse a putty knife or spatula to worktimber filler into the damaged area,levelling it flush with the surface.Choose a flexible filler specificallydesigned for outdoor use, as ordinarytimber putty will quickly crack.

    2San he sfaceOnce the filler has cured, removethe excess using a flexible sandingblock with 60 grit abrasive paper, thenfeather the edges with 180 grit paper.Wipe off any dust from the surfaceusing a clean, dry cloth.

    3Seal he epaiUse a paintbrush to apply at leasttwo coats of decking oil to the postto prevent moisture penetration andconceal the repair.tip For painted posts, apply primer,then two coats of exterior paint.






    polyfilla Exeror tmber Fller,$20 for 450g. oly.com.au

    poss ha suor overheadsrucures need careful nsecon.



    u Ultmate strength

    u Polyurethaneconstructonadhese

    u Mult-surface for a de rangeof substrates

    u For nteror &exteror use

    u Strong & durable







    L belw e urfae euree ruural eleme f yurde, ludg j, bearer adp, are gd ape.

    Replag a j r bearer abe dffiul, bu a ld framewr eeal eep a de afe.examine the joists maeure ey are ldly eaed e ager. ce e ledger aaed firmly e wallad mae ure a ere mveme e bearer r p.

    CheCk the posts are plumb adeure w exra brag, f eeded.repair the handrails f ere ay g f r, ad ge wre balurade a ave laeed.replaCe any fasteners eurge deg bard e j fey ave rrded r wred le.

    t 316 dcg scw, 50 10g,bu $84 300. z .c.z

    dgu ucu !b c

    b b " b .

  • 30 JULY 2014 n Z## H#%#

    So g# oos # sh sgo oo p# of h hos.

    time 3 daySSkill intermediate

    tOOlS circular Saw,mitreSaw, drill

    DIY $785

  • 31Handymanmagazine.co.nz JULY 2014

    Using a brad nailerSecuring the cleats, trim and fasciaon this shed is hard work if youhammer in all the nails by hand.

    A powered nailgun like the Ryobi18V AirStrike brad nailer increasesefficiency and reduces effort.

    Compatible with Ryobis ONE+batteries, this cordless pneumaticnailer is capable of driving fasteners

    Asmall steel shed is a practicaland not-too-expensive way tostore outdoor tools, but its notthe best-looking garden feature. Evenif you paint it, its always just a shed.

    Designed to blend in on thewall of a weatherboard home, thistimber cabinet is secured to the sideof the house then painted to matchthe exterior colour scheme.

    A streamlined storage solution, itstill has plenty of hanging space forgarden hand tools and theres a shelffor pots, fertiliser and other essentials.

    To withstand exposure to theelements and resist insect attack,the cabinet is built from marine-grade

    Build a mini storage shed to keep your outdoor essentialssafe from the weather but always within easy reach

    up to 50mm long without needinga separate compressor and air hose.

    The drive depth can be adjustedwithout using tools, and up to 700 nailscan be driven on a single charge.

    It has a magazine that holds105 nails, indicator windows to showwhen youre running out of ammo, andan automatic LED work light.





    garden toolcabinet

    plywood and LOSP treated pine.Cut the plywood to size using acircular saw and straightedge guide,and use a mitresaw to cut the pine.

    The tops of the sides are cut ata 60 angle to match the fall of theroof, with the side trim pieces andrafters also cut to match.

    Finish he cabineAttach the cabinet to the wall studs,then refit the doors and roof. Fill overthe nail and screw heads, apply twocoats of exterior acrylic, then add thedoorhandles and latch.

    Attach mounting clips, bracketsand hooks to the interior and doors.

    Ryobi ONE+ Brad Nailer, $249,excluding battery. ryobi.co.nz

    Clad the roof in shingles to matchthe house or paint the plywood. Dontuse clay or concrete roof tiles, as theyare thicker than shingles and may betoo heavy for the cabinet.

  • 32 JULY 2014 New Zealand Handyman

    1Assemble the carcassMark the shelf location on thesides and prop them upright, thenposition the shelf on offcuts betweenthe sides. Drill pilot holes andsecure the shelf using screws, thenposition the back on the carcassassembly and secure to the sides andshelf with screws at 150mm centres.

    4Secure the roofUse a circular saw to bevel theback edge of the roof panel to matchthe side panels, then secure the rooftrim using adhesive and galvanisednails. Position the roof on the rafterswith an even overhang on each side,then temporarily secure it with screwsdriven into the rafters.

    2Attach the rails and raftersPosition the top and base frontrails, then secure with screws. Clampthe outer rafters to the sides, flushwith the angled tops, and positionthe centre rafter between the toprail and the back. Secure the rafterswith pairs of screws through theback and the top front rail.

    5Add the side trimDrill 10mm starter holes and cutout the vent holes in the sides usinga jigsaw. Cut the top of the side trimpieces at 60. Clamp the front sidetrim to overhang the edge of the sideby 19mm. Secure the front side trimusing adhesive and screws, thenattach the top and base fascia.

    3Install the floorUse exterior PVA adhesive andnails to secure the cleats around theinside of the carcass, 19mm downfrom the top of the front base rail.Secure the first two floor slats, centredon the cleats with a 10mm gap inbetween, working outwards to securethe remaining slats with 9mm gaps.

    6Attach the hingesClamp the hinges to a piece ofscrap timber and countersink thesquare leaves to allow for the insethinge design. Drill pilot holes onthe inside face of the front side trim,then use timber screws to secure thehinges, aligning each hinge withthe centre of the three door rails.

    Build the cabinet






    fronttop rail











    frontbase rail








    frontside trim









    frontside trim


    7 Tim the sApply adhesive to the back of thestiles and secure to the door panelswith bullethead nails, overhangingthe hinge sides by 22mm. Positiontwo rails between the stiles, flushwith the edges of each door panel,and the third 310mm down from thetop, securing with adhesive and nails.

    8Hang the sSecure doorstops to the centreof the top and base front rails. Positionthe doors against the hinges witha 3mm gap at the centre, top and base,securing with the supplied screws.Attach the hanging rail with screws,then the door shelf and its mitrededging. Remove the doors and roof.

    9Sece the cabinetAttach steel angle 100mm fromthe base of the wall with coachscrews,then secure the bearer. Secure thecabinet to the studs with coachscrews.Scribe the back side trim to match theweatherboard profile, then attach withscrews. Snap 100mm vents into thesides and seal with silicone.

















    frontside trim





  • 34 JULY 2014 n Z hym





    Garden tool cabinet







    frontbase rail



    fronttop rail


    sideroof trim

    frontroof trim




    backside trim

    frontside trim


























    doorstoptop view of

    front corner



    frontside trim



    door shelfcleat

  • Cutting listPART SIZE No.M pywoodSides 2285 x 330 x 18 2Back 2285 x 1220 x 12 1Rf 1524 x 556 x 18 1Drs 1864 x 584 x 18 2lOsP d pShelf 1184 x 240 x 19 1Frnt rails 1184 x 90 x 35 2Side cleats 295 x 40 x 18 2Frnt/back cleats 1148 x 40 x 18 2Slats 295 x 90 x 19 12Rafters 384 x 90 x 35 3Side rf trim 556 x 40 x 18 2Frnt rf trim 1560 x 40 x 18 1Tp fascia 1220 x 135 x 19 1Base fascia 1220 x 90 x 19 1Back side trim 2285 x 90 x 19 2Frnt side trim 2130 x 90 x 19 2Dr stiles 1864 x 90 x 19 4Dr rails 426 x 90 x 19 6Dr stps 115 x 40 x 18 2Stp spprt 115 x 35 x 55 1Hanging rail 1184 x 90 x 19 1Bearer 1220 x 90 x 35 1Shelf brackets 100 x 90 x 19 2Dr shelf 510 x 90 x 19 1Dr shelf cleat 510 x 19 x 19 1Side shelf edges 126 x 40 x 18 2Frnt shelf edge 546 x 40 x 18 1gvd Angle 1220 x 50 x 50 1

    fastenersTyPE uSEExterir screws, 30mm x 8g side trimExterir screws, 40mm x 8g back, flr, frnt railsExterir screws, 50mm x 8g shelfExterir screws, 75mm x 8g raftersExterir screws, 20mm x 8g hinges

    Galvanised bllethead nails,30 x 2mm

    cleats, fascia,rf and dr trim

    Galvanised cachscrews,75 x 10mm

    angle, cabinet

    Handymanmagazine.co.nzDownload the tools, materialsand costs tomake this project.

  • 36 JULY 2014 New Zealand Handyman

    Three innovative houses prove that buildinga designer home doesnt always need a big budget

    The design of this home is a 21st centuryinterpretation of a traditional style.

    A bi-fold screen gives a sense of theoutdoors despite the blocks small size.



    For many people looking to buildtheir dream home on a limitedbudget, luxurious and modernarchitect-designed houses can oftenbe prohibitively expensive.

    However, the best architectswill always work to the budget andfocus on what the client wants ratherthan what they would like to design.Clever thinking can make anarchitect-designed home a reality.

    Limited space and heritagerestraints were two challenges facedby the architects when designingthis inner-city family home.

    With a tiny 159sqm block anda budget of $350,000, the twobedroom home needed to reflect thecharacter of the street, which waslined with centuries-old terraces.

    Responding to this challenge,the architects designed a perforatedaluminium screen featuring an artisticoutline of a Victorian era cottage.

  • 37Handymanmagazine.co.nz JULY 2014


    Clever design creates amodern terracehome on an old suburban street.




  • 38 JULY 2014 New Zealand Handyman

    The screen is set apart froma layer of black glass behind it,allowing people to see out but not in.

    Sections of this screen can beretracted to open up the house tothe outside. This increases the senseof space and also incorporates thestreetscape as a design element.

    Its a small site, so it was importantto get a sense of the outdoors, saysarchitect Billy Kavellaris.

    The combination reading roomand entry reinforces this idea. Itsa sanctuary for relaxation with thehum of the street just metres away.

    The main bedroom is also at thefront of the house and screened onlyby a curtain and glass wall.

    A single shared bathroom can beaccessed by both bedrooms, savingspace and reducing plumbing costs.

    Although the compact block facessouth, the architects have includeda north-facing sundeck on the firstfloor that seamlessly connects to theopen-plan kitchen and living area.

    The rear wall of the outdoorroom is covered with a mural ofan alfresco scene by artist EmmaBurmeister, eliminating potentiallyexpensive landscaping costs.

    These clever ideas have createda highly liveable, modern family homethat works within the context of theneighbourhood while maintaininga unique architectural character.

    The streetscape is an importantfeature of the open-plan living area.

    Building to a budgetTight budgts oft lad to moiovativ dsigs, as achitctsad clits wok togth to cutcosts i pactical ways withoutsacificig asthtics.

    Simpl buildigmatialsca b tud ito uiqu dsigfatus that add chaact, valuad stt appal.

    Limitig th scal of a pojctca sult imultipupos ooms,such as a op-pla kitchad livig aa, whil a smallbuildig siz willmak th hommo gy fficit.


  • 39Handymanmagazine.co.nz JULY 2014

    Glass walls in themain bedroom let inlight from the front of the house.




    A vibrantmural gives the sundeckcharacter without a high price tag.

    The artistic take on Victorian-stylearchitecture extends to the ensuite.

  • 40 JULY 2014 New Zealand Handyman


    When presented with the brief fora simple and inexpensive homewith only a $300,000 budget,architect Sharif Abraham designedthis impressive timber house.

    The 125sqm home is constructedfrom blackbutt milled to a profilethat resembles a log cabin.

    Plywood is used for both interiorand exterior walls while the side ofthe house not visible from the streetis covered in black corrugated steel.

    We originally wanted to useblack rubber, but the budget didntallow for it, says Sharif.

    Inside, the house is simple, but itfeatures obvious designer flair witha spacious, elliptical-shaped livingarea leading from the kitchen.

    The curved timber wall seemsto be suspended between the paintedceiling and white terrazzo floors.Massive windows allow views of theocean or the adjacent golf course.

    We decided from the outsetto allocate a significant part ofthe budget to the living spaceswhere the family spends most ofits time, says Sharif.

    Off the living areas are thebathroom and three bedrooms, onewith bunk beds for kids sleepovers.

    The house was built on a fairlytight budget. We made it clear fromthe beginning what could be achievedand what wasnt possible. Our clientswere quite happy to be guided by oursuggestions, says Sharif.

    Small budget, big impact

    Built of blackbutt, the house isdesigned to look like a cabin.

    The compact bathroom canbe accessed from outside.

  • 41Handymanmagazine.co.nz JULY 2014

    A seamless kidney-shaped deckcontinues the natural theme.




    Curved timber walls give the homeboth a retro and contemporary feel.

    The kitchen flows effortlessly intoan elliptical-shaped living space.

    Expansive windows on each side ofthe living room offer scenic views.

  • 42 JULY 2014 New Zealand Handyman


    With only $300,000 to work with,architect John Mercuri designedthis unique two-bedroom home.

    The land had been subdivided froman adjacent cottage, which meant thehouse would front onto the back lanerather than the main street.

    Bordered by timber and steelfences, its a stark environment thatwouldnt suit most typical houses.

    Well aware of the blocks grittyurban setting, the client wanteda house that embraced its contextrather than one that emulated thelook of the surrounding properties.

    Our client wanted somethingcontemporary that responded tothe back lane. He didnt wanta mock-Victorian style, says John.

    The property is enclosed by a fenceconstructed from tightly spaced rustedsteel posts, while an oversized number32 gives the house a sense of identity.





    The prominent timber, steel andconcrete elements of the home notonly reflect its surroundings, but alsohelped minimise construction coststo keep the project on budget.

    The black-stained Cypress pinecladding gives the home plenty ofcharacter while floor-to-ceiling glassand translucent polycarbonate wallsallow ample morning light.

    Inside, its impossible to tell thatthe sleek interior has been built toa budget. Savings included the MDFjoinery used in the kitchen and thefloors made from concrete mixed witha white oxide for a clean gallery feel.

    The small garden that fronts thelane has kept landscaping costs downwhile allowing the house to take fulladvantage of the block.

    An atrium garden gives a senseof space while also providing naturallight and ventilation.

    Challenging contextsThe central atrium gardenmaximises the natural light.

    Costs were kept to aminimum with thetimber, steel and concrete elements.

  • A bold number 32 gives the housea sense of identity and directs visitors.

    A laser-cut steel screenextends from the livingarea to the first floor.

    The central staircase isa striking visual feature

    of the open-plan interior.

    Despite itsmodest budget, the homefeels luxurious and well appointed.

  • Brilliantbookcases

    Maxms soag wh fo blds fo

    shlvs n ky o nsd sas









    45Handymanmagazine.co.nz JULY 2014

  • 1Prepare the dowel holesScribe a centreline on the ends ofthe fixed shelves with a marking gauge,then drill 8mm holes 28mm deep,centred 46mm apart, starting 25mmfrom the edge. Use dowel centres tomark the hole positions on the sides,then drill the holes 13mm deep.

    2Drill the shelf pin holesMark the 5mm holes for theadjustable shelf pins on the bookcasesides, 35mm in from the edges. Centrethe holes 50mm apart, starting 200mmfrom the base and between the fixedshelves starting at the centre. Assemblethe plinths using adhesive and screws.

    3Build the bookcasesApply adhesive to the holes andshelf ends, insert the dowels and usesash clamps to close the joints. Checkfor square, then secure the backs withnails. Attach the plinth and stationaryunits to the wall, secure the tracks,then add the blocks and castors.

    Rolling libraryThis wall shelving features a total offive bookcases arranged in two layers.The front bookcases are mounted oncastors so they can be rolled aside toaccess the shelves behind them.

    The bookcases are made fromlaminated pine with plywood backs.Use a mitresaw to cut the boardsand a circular saw with straightedgeguide to cut the plywood.

    The plinth and stationary unitsare secured to the wall studs andaluminium angle, cut to length witha hacksaw, is used for the tracks.

    Every second shelf is secured withdowelling joints forstrength and stability,with the remainingshelves supported onadjustable pins.

    To bore perfectlyperpendicular andprecise holes, usea drill guide andset the depth stop.

    Cb-Tc Potb D Gd,bot $69. cbtc.co.z

    Time 3 Daysskill inTermeDiaTe

    TOOlsmiTresaw,CirCular saw,


    DIY $800










    46 JULY 2014 n Zd Hd

  • Cutting listPART SIZE No.laa pStatinar sides 2135 x 235 x 19 6Rlling sides 2160 x 235 x 19 4Tps/bases/fixed shelves 562 x 235 x 19 25Adjstable shelves 560 x 235 x 19 20PPlinth frnt 1800 x 115 x 19 1Plinth back 1762 x 115 x 19 1Plinth retrns 195 x 115 x 19 2Inner retrns 176 x 115 x 19 4Castr blcks 235 x 25 x 25 4Spacer blcks 500 x 20 x 20 2Stp blcks 50 x 20 x 20 2P !

    Backs 2135 x 600 x 4 5A"" aStatinar tracks 1800 x 18 x 18 x 3 2Rlling tracks 500 x 18 x 18 x 3 4

    fAstenersTyPE uSE

    Timber screws,65mm x 8g

    Plinth t stds

    Particlebard screws,40mm x 8g

    Castr blcks, plinth,angle brackets t stds

    Particlebard screws,30mm x 8g

    Track blcks

    Timber screws,20mm x 8g

    Angle bracketst tps

    Self-tapping screws,13mm x 6g


    Flathead nails,25 x 1.6mm


    Dwels, 38 x 8mm Fixed shelves




    Rollng lbrarya#"%#

    u# #c%!# #c"% #aa% %ac p a a# #aa% "#, '%a %


    Aac % %ac,c% "% a# ac% ", a' a 5 ap # % .sc"% a #pac% c& "%

    a a p ac % " fi '% #aa% %ac&, # p#, aac #p c# # p %ac&.

    Securing the tracks



    PlinthreturnPlinth front










    sPACer bloCk



    CAstor bloCk














    Handymanmagazine.co.nzDownload the tools, materialsand costs tomake this project.

    47Handymanmagazine.co.nz JuLy 2014

  • 1Scu h imUse PVA adhesive and nails tosecure the horizontal trim 24mm infrom the ends and flush with the topface of the shelves. Secure the verticaltrim flush with the outer faces of thesides using adhesive and nails, thenclamp and leave to dry.

    2S u h shlsUse offcuts of 16mm MDF andcut spacers 268mm and 350mm widefrom scrap sheet material to mark theoutlines of the shelves on the sides,working from the top down.TIP The four upper intervals are268mm and the last three are 350mm.

    3Build h bkcsDrill 3mm holes in the sides alongthe shelf centrelines. Apply adhesiveto the shelf ends and secure throughthe sides with screws. Check for squarewith the bookcase face down, addingthe back with nails. Fill all holes, sandsmooth, paint, then attach the legs.





    TIme 2 DaysskIll InTermeDIaTe

    TOOls cIrcularsaw, DrIll

    DIY $195

    Stairwell bookcaseCreate a feature in an empty spaceand add storage with a narrowfloor-to-ceiling bookcase nestled inthe curve of a winding staircase.

    This shelving is made using16mm and 9mm MDF sheeting, thenfinished with a primer-sealer andtwo coats of gloss acrylic paint.

    The boards and trim can easilybe cut DIY using a circular saw andstraightedge guide or, for a small fee,have them cut by the supplier.

    As this bookcase is unusually tall,each shelf is secured with screwsthrough the sides for added strength.

    The unit is mounted on legs and,to prevent it tipping over, is securedthrough the top to the ceiling joists.

    A spacer block maybe required to bridgethe gap between theceiling and top. Uselong fasteners such asbugle screws to ensureadequate penetration.

    so Fit lg, bot$15 fo fo, fo B










    48 JULY 2014 n Zd Hd

  • New improved formula Secures material, such

    as cornices and trims,that cannot be clamped



    n Low toxicityn Water clean upn Low odourn Low VOCn Less harmful to

    the environment


    strongerinitial hold

    Stairwell bookcasem((m() mm

    Cutting listPART SIZE No.MDFSides 2274 x 230 x 16 2


    518 x 230 x 16 8

    Back 2274 x 550 x 9 1Vertical trim 2274 x 40 x 9 2Hrizntal trim 470 x 40 x 9 8

    FastenersTyPE uSEParticlebard screws,40mm x 8g


    Flathead nails,25 x 1.6mm


    Bllethead nails,25 x 1.6mm


















    Handymanmagazine.co.nzDownload the tools, materialsand costs tomake this project.


  • Display cubesmam mm

    Cutting listPART SIZE No.MDFBacks 230 x 230 x 16 4Wide sides 200 x 230 x 16 4Narrw sides 150 x 230 x 16 4Tps/bases 262 x 200 x 16 8

    Display cubes

    time 4hoursskill intermediate

    tools Jigsaw, drill,circular saw

    DIY $150

    Make the most of vertical space withthese angled boxes mounted on thewall in a single eye-catching row.

    They are quick and simple tomake from pieces of butt-joined MDFand if you have the supplier cut theparts to size, you will only need tocreate the angled fronts with a jigsaw.

    To DIY, use a circular saw andstraightedge guide to cut up to eightboxes from one sheet of MDF.

    Build the boxes using PVA adhesiveand 40mm x 8g particleboard screws,then hang them using 45 x 16mmkeyhole mounting plates.

    h bxKyh

    m a ca cd h *a h

    m md.Aach m

    a h *a c* *h *a may, avy aad.

    ky ' p vb , b' $3 .













    Handymanmagazine.co.nzd , pj.

    50 JULY 2014 n Z hy

  • 1 Ji h sids h backMark hole positions at the back ofthe sides, 40mm from the top andbase. Drill clearance holes 8mm fromthe edges, then secure the sides to theback with PVA adhesive and screws.Position the assembly on the top andbase to mark and cut the front edge.

    4Scu muig scwsDrive screws into the back of theboxes, 40mm from the top and alongthe centreline of the sides, leaving theheads protruding by 3mm. Measurebetween the screws from centre tocentre, then transfer this measurementto the top edge of a spirit level.

    2Scu h p ad basDrill and countersink pilot holesthrough the top and base, 40mmfrom the corners, aligned with thesides. Apply PVA adhesive to the edgesof the side and back assembly, thensecure the top and base by drivingscrews through the pilot holes.

    5Aach h plasPosition the spirit level at thepreferred height and transfer thesetout marks to the wall. Use a twistbit to drill 8mm clearance holes intothe plasterboard, then slide the boltsof the gravity toggles through eachkeyhole plate and reattach the toggles.

    3Sad ad fiishFill over the screw heads withtimber filler, then use a random orbitalsander and 180 grit paper to smoothall surfaces. Apply primer-sealer usinga small brush and foam roller. Leaveto dry, then sand lightly and finishwith two coats of gloss acrylic.

    6Scu h muig plasPush the toggles through the holesuntil they drop into position, thenpull them tight and wind in the bolts.Check the plates are level, then slot thescrew heads into the keyholes. If thebox isnt snug against the wall, wind inthe mounting screws by one turn.









    countersunkpilot holes










    51Handymanmagazine.co.nz JULY 2014

  • Corner shelvesPerfect for a modern, minimalistinterior, this open shelving systemappears to defy gravity.

    With alternating supports thatcreate the illusion nothing is holdingup one end of each shelf, the secretto this project is an extra layer ofwall framing and plasterboard.

    The extra thickness of the cornerprovides robust attachment pointsfor the supports, while also making iteasy to secure angle brackets that holdup the overlapping part of the shelves.

    For the shelves and supports,we used plain 16mm MDF boardfinished with a primer and two coatsof gloss acrylic paint. Have the MDFcut to size by the supplier or DIY usinga circular saw and straightedge guide.

    You could also use melamine boardwith iron-on edge trim or even solidtimber if you prefer a natural finish.

    time 1 dayskill intermediate

    tOOls circularsaw, drill

    DIY $380

    Bg h

    To support the shelves, buildanother wall layer from 70 x 35mmframing timber. Add a secondarystud 150mm from the corner onthe left wall for the shelf brackets.

    Secure the frame in the cornerand clad it with plasterboard. Setthe joints using jointing tape andcompound, leave to dry, thensand smooth and apply a sealer.

    Secure skirting to match theexisting trim, then paint to blendin with the surrounding walls.

    Visit handymanmagazine.co.nzfor the cutting list to make the wall.

    c 25 x 25 x 40 agB, $1, fo Bg.

    B x o o of

    oppo ovppg flog hv.

    52 JULY 2014 n Z H

  • 1Ppa h shlsCut the MDF parts using a circularsaw and straightedge guide. Use a spiritlevel to mark setout lines 400mmfrom the floor, then every 316mm.TIP The lines correspond to the basesurface of the left-side shelves and thetop surface of the right-side shelves.

    2Scu h suppsOn the left wall, mark a secondline 16mm below each setout line toshow the bracket heights, then usescrews to attach the brackets to thestuds. Position each support on theright wall with its base edge at thesetout lines, then secure with screws.

    3Aach h shlsUse screws to secure the supportson the left wall with their tops on thesetout lines. Apply PVA adhesive to thesupports and rest the right-side shelveson the brackets, clamping them underand over the supports. Attach withscrews, then add the left-side shelves.


    fastenerstype use

    pariclbard crw,40mm x 8g

    shlv r

    pariclbard crw,50mm x 8g


    Rndhad crw,15mm x 6g

    Brack hlv

    Rndhad crw,35mm x 6g


    Corner shelvesmm mm

    Cutting listpARt sIZe No.MDfshlv 1200 x 220 x 16 14sr 300 x 300 x 16 8
























    890890 80


    shelf shelf




    Handymanmagazine.co.nzDownload the tools, materialsand costs tomake this project.

    53Handymanmagazine.co.nz JuLy 2014

  • 54 JULY 2014 N( Z(alan) Han)yman

    DIY careersA passion for do-it-yourself can turn into a lucrativejob for life as these handy people have discovered

    wordsMONICA NYE

    T raining in one job doesntmean you have to stay with itfor life. If youre a hands-onperson looking for a change, thena career in DIY could be for you.

    Here are three handy peoplewho turned their backs on theiroriginal career and found successand happiness in new areas of work,doing what they love best.

    George for hireAfter leaving school at 16, GeorgeZagas found work in a TV repairshop and served an electronicsapprenticeship. He loved the workand bought the company aftera decade, then ran it for 12 years.

    But the industry was changing, andnot for the better. TVs had becomeinexpensive and extended warrantieswere more commonplace.

    Instead of getting the old TVfixed by me like they used to in

    the past, people would just throwit out, says George.

    As the work dried up, Georgealso lost the passion for it. Hedgrown tired of running a business,hiring staff and being a manager.

    He loved being self-employedbut wanted more independence.

    George had often helped outhis builder uncle on weekendsand he wanted to use the practicalskills that hed learned in his nextbusiness venture.

    In 2007, he bought a branch ofthe Hire a Hubby franchise near hishome. Since then, the business hasgone from strength to strength.

    I still enjoy being my own boss,but now I dont have the headacheof employing staff and everythingelse that goes with it, he says.

    Ive done the usual bits aroundthe house, as well as larger jobs likea bathroom renovation.

    H(lping han)Georges work rangesfrom simple jobs tobig constructionprojects.n Landscapingn Concretingn Bricklayingn Knocking down wallsn Bathroom renovationn Hanging pictures


    Depending on the job, I mightbring other people in to help, so itsalso project management.

    The little jobs bring in bigger jobsbecause once theyve used you and trustyou, theyll ask you back, George says.

    He loves his job and has just oneregret, I shouldve done it years ago!

  • 55Handymanmagazine.co.nz JULY 2014


    If youre good at fixing things, whynot turn it into a whole new career?


  • 56 JULY 2014 New Ze*/*nd H*ndym*n

    Removal firm owner operator PaulSherwood studied teaching, but hasbeen moving furniture for 25 years.

    Aside from driving a truck andlots of heavy lifting, he packs uphomes and even acts as anunofficial counsellor if the moveis particularly stressful.

    Despite long hours, Paul lovesrunning his own business andmeeting people. Luckily, hesnever had a back injury, despitelifting heavy items.

    I was shown the basics oflifting on the job years ago, ofusing your legs to lift and notyour back, says Paul.

    He charges $100 an hour fortruck hire and two men, but pooraccess can increase the price.Many removalists use Facebookand Twitter and thats where30% of Pauls jobs come from.

    For me, the best social mediaby far is still word of mouth,when someone says over dinnerthey know a good removalist. he says.

    Use cardboard, old blankets,cloths and ropes to tie everythingin. Even if youre just movinground the corner, youstill need to alwayssafely securepossessions. Theydo shift in the truckand items will getdamaged, says Paul.

    Its surprising howoften people think things willstay where they are, but theywont. They rub, especiallywooden furniture and glass,and move around, even if itsjust a small distance.

    Clearing the clutter

    P*u/s p*cking tips

    Teen di/emm*Sarah says the most common,and most challenging,decluttering request shereceives is for teenage girls.

    You need to approach withcaution, even though youretempted to swing them aroundby the pigtails, she says.

    The key to success is to tryand work out whats going onin the teens life.

    Understanding the causeof clutter is often enough tohelp you get started.

    Former financialcontroller Sarah

    Cottman couldntunderstand why her lifewas organised at work butruled by chaos at home.

    After learning that cluttercan be linked to emotionalattachment, she realised itwas time for a life change.Id had an absolute

    gutful of rushing around.Being disorganised was justcausing so much stress inour lives, admits Sarah.

    What stops you fromliving an efficient andorganised life is when youstore more and more stuff.

    Sarah ditched the corporate life,decluttered her home and startedher own business, Heavenly Order,helping others sort out their lives.

    Sarah is also president of theAustralasian Association ofProfessional Organisers.

    I swung from being chronicallydisorganised to very organised.My husband and kids havebenefited big time, she says.

    I pick on a couple of areas andask, whats the purpose of the room?We can then go in and stick to thispurpose so its no longer confronting.

    Its very clear what you need tokeep and throw.

    Just ask if each item is right forthe purpose. If not, take it out.

    Using * profession*/ remov*/istc*n give you pe*ce ofmind.




    Making the move



    Sanio gives you the exibility to create a bathroomanywhere in your home without any major plumbing work.Sanio macerator pumps are easy to install and can pumpup to 5 meters vertically. A simple and cost effective way toturn your dream bathroom into reality.

    Call 09 624 3977 or visit sanio.co.nz

    Yes. You can.

    Sanislim dimensions

    Unit: W 447mm H 270mm D 131mm.Outlet diameter: 20mm.


    From basin

    From shower

    20mm outlet pipe

    Scan andwatch tond outmore

    Nowany roomcan be a bathroom.

  • 58 JULY 2014 N Zn hnmn

    Keep dried herbs and seasonings close at handwith these budget-friendly storage ideas

    Smart waysto store spices

    projects anna bruechert pIctUres robert reichenfeld

    $25Mk w v wssps m 3.6mmpyw

    , s s s-pg qs.


    1 cUt the plywood msg g, p w w

    m ss.Mk pyw

    sg sw jgsw.


    2 Mark the crosspIeces wq spg. c 3.6mm-wss p ssps sg jgsw.


    3 cUt the dIvIder gw mg ps, k ps g m w

    s g pp.


  • 59hndymnmzn..nz JULY 2014


    1 Raise the height of the steameby sec cad aod the lp wthadhesve, hold t posto wthpapeclps tl dy. Apply decoat,the two coats of washable pat.


    2 MakeasuppoRt by tac thesteame base oto 3.6mm plywood. Ctwth a jsaw, posto o the steamead se ama ae to daw a le10mm fom the ede. Ct wth a jsaw.


    3 attach fouR castoRs 20mm fom the ede of the plywood bases 3.5mm tmbe scews. Attachthe plywood base to the steamebase wth costcto adhesve.





    Tae a bamboo steame, pat t whte, add a plywood sppot base, the covet t to potable stoae wth castos.St the caddy o the bechtop fo easy access to yo favote hebs ad spces.

    Bmb ddy n r









  • 60 JULY 2014 nw Z hy



    1 mark and cut to 335 sidesad to 125 eds fro the pie,the oe 335 x 149 ase adto 135 x 85 dividers fro theplood, sig a circlar sa.


    2 draW the lines for the dividerso the ase, cttig 3.6 ide ad5 deep reates i the sides. Secrethe eds ad sides ith adhesive addoels or 30 x 8g scres.

    Create a sall ox fro 90 x 12 pie to eatl hold or packets of spices, the divide it ito three sectios sig3.6 plood. Drill holes i the eds ad add rope hadles to ake it portale.

    t p


    3 attach the base ith adhesivead ails, the drill to 6 holes ieach ed. Slide dividers ito reatesad sad, prie ad pait the ox.Tie sisal rope i the holes for hadles.





    6 HOLE


  • 61hygz..z JULY 2014





    1 mark and cut six 176mmeds, fo 200mm sides ad to300mm sides fom the pie, theoe 300 x 200mm ad to 200mmsqae acs fom the pyood.


    2 Position the sides agaist theeds, secig ith adhesive ad30 x 1.6mm ais, yig the headsith a pch. Sece the acs ithadhesive ad 25 x 1.6mm ais.

    Mae ighteight oxes fom 90 x 12mm pie ad 3.6mm pyood, to 200mm sqae ad oe 300 x 200mm, the motthem o the a to save ech space. Pait the acs to ed i ith the a coo.

    Wll- g bx


    3 sand the surfaces he theadhesive is dy, the pime ad pait.Iset a achos ad 30mm x 8gsces. Attach eyhoe pates to theac of each ox, the hag them.










  • 62 JULY 2014 new Zel Hym


    1 Mark and cut t sf adai ad t t fmt i. Di 2mm it s,t su wit adsiv ad30mm x 8 sws. Sad ad ait.


    2 PuncH tWO HOLES tu aid ad it t udsid f t sfusi a aw. Fast ids t t sfusi tw 12mm x 6 sws t st tids tui w uswi.

    Atta ad s i jas t a u s-uit sfmutd a wa aty d. T d six 65mm jas wit50mm diamt ids, us a 450mm sf ut fm 65 x 12mm i ad a ai ut fm 42 x 12mm i.

    Floig spie j shelf


    3 attacH tHE SHELF t t wausi 50mmx 8 sws div itwa studs. Sw jas it t ids.tIP If attai t sf t a atyd, us 25mm x 8 sws.



    pIloThole ShelF



  • 63Handymanmagazine.co.nz JULY 2014




    The spice of lifeMost spices are plant derivativesand can be used whole or finelyground to season or preserve food.

    Spices are best kept in airtight,glass containers in a cool, dry spotaway from direct heat and sunlight.

    Store any members of thepepper family, including paprikaand chilli powder, in the fridge,to retain their colour and flavour.

    CINNAMONThe outer bark of the cinnamontree, which grows in Sri Lanka, isdried and used to flavour sweetand savoury foods, and chai.

    NUTMEGThis seed of the nutmeg tree isencased in a hard shell with a redcovering ofmace. Both spices areused in ground or grated form.

    SAFFRONThe dried and ground stigmas of thesaffron crocus flowermake this anexpensive spice. It is often used inAsian andMediterranean dishes.

    ALLSPICEAlso called pimento, this Jamaicanpepper incorporates flavours of cloves,ginger, cinnamon, nutmeg and pepper.

    CLOVESThe dried, unopened flower budsof an evergreen tree, believed to benative to Indonesia, complement bothsweet and savoury dishes.

    PAPRIKAMade fromground dried capsicum, thispopularMexican and Spanish flavouringcomes smoked, sweet or hot, and hasa vibrant deep-red colour.

    STAR-ANISEThis star-shaped fruit is harvestedprior to ripening, then dried tomakethe aromatic spice traditionally usedin Chinese five-spice seasoning.

    CARDAMOMPart of the ginger family, it grows insouthern India. Its used in chai andis popular in rice andmeat dishes.

    CUMINThis popular spice has a distinctivearoma and flavour, and is one of themain ingredients in curry powder.

    PEPPERCORNSBlack, green and white peppercornsare all berries from the pepper plantin various stages of development.The black variety is the strongest.

    VANILLAPods are harvested from the vanillaorchid. Popular in desserts, theflavouring comes as a liquid extract,powder or in whole-pod form.

  • 64 JULY 2014 New Zealand Handyman

    Create wall-mounted storage forutensils using MDF and food cans.

    Select cans with printed insteadof paper labels. Wash empty cansthoroughly and use a half-roundsecond-cut file to remove any burrsand sharp edges from the rims.

    Mark a clearance hole on theinside back of each can just belowthe rim. Position the cans on a scrappiece of timber and drill the holes.

    Upcycled utensil holderCut a piece of 12mm MDF to size

    and mark the position of each canusing a pencil. Mark and drill pilotholes in the MDF, then secure thecans using 12mm x 8g screws.

    Locate the wall studs and drillclearance holes in a tiled splashbackusing a glass and tile bit, then drillpilot holes in the studs and the MDF.

    Secure the MDF to the studsusing 65mm x 8g screws.







  • Qiq Gnisd GgCbin, $218.

    GaraGe overhaulInvest in easy-to-assemble storage, new flooringand a fresh coat of paint for a work area worth using

    Set aside a weekend to revampthe workshop, garage or shed,to create an organised spacefor storage and DIY jobs.

    Bunnings has a huge range ofstorage solutions to choose fromto help you get organised.PrePare the area by first clearingthe room, sorting the contents asyou go and discarding or recyclingany junk or unwanted items.

    Measure the area and start to planthe layout of your space, keeping inmind the optimum distance from theworkbench to tool storage.

    Clean the space, washing thewalls, floors, doors and windows,then painting the ceiling and wallsto add a fresh, new look.

    Choose an appropriate flooringoption while the space is empty.

    how to

    Bunnings has all the products youwill need to tidy up your garage.

    Sg sins MaKe a CheCKlISt of requirementssuch as workbenches, shelves, drawersand hangers, including hooks for tools,bike racks, and even a hose bracket.aFter PaINtING install workbenchesand shelving. Where possible, usewalls to create more usable space.

    The Romak five-shelf system,$89, has adjustable MDF shelves forflexibility that can hold up to 200kgeach. The units are DIY friendly, asthey feature a screw-free locking systemthat makes them easy to assemble.

    A Romak workbench,$89, completes the newlook, providing a worksurface, plus hangingspace for tools anda storage shelf.

    roMaK GaraGe WorKBeNCh

    hndy Sg t Sysm,950 x 900 x 270mm, $296.

    t s incdd in pic.

    hndy Sg B PsicSg t, fm $2.76 c.

    t rck I sysm incds 1800mmdb pig, $49.98, 1800mm bm,$22.98, 900mm db pig, $29.98,

    900mm bm, $13.49, nd wi sf, $19.99.

  • a bunnings promotion

    Reclaim floorspace by using thewalls for storage. The RubbermaidFastTrack range of rails, hooks,baskets and shelving can stowalmost any item you can think of.

    The rails are quick and easyto install, working with standard450 or 600mm stud spacing.

    Everything you need to organisethe garage is in the one box. Simplyattach the rail to a wall and snapon themultipurpose hooks usinga lever-operated lock-on system.The large hooks can hold up to 22kg.

    Use the wall space

    The Qiq Fix system includes shelving,$78, hook dual storage, $9, workbench,

    $89, and garage cabinet, $229.

  • 68 JULY 2014 New Zealand Handyman


    Sort the garage with wall-to-wallstorage shelves for all your gear

    Constructing a specialised storagesystem with shelves, tool racksand hooks can be expensive,but building DIY wall shelving givesyou versatility without a hefty price.

    Materials for this system alonga 4800mm wall add up to about $300,but it can cost less if you use scrapplywood and other offcuts.

    Each storage module hangs froma framework of vertical battens thatare secured to the wall studs.

    Brackets or hooks can be securedto the sides for extra hanging space.

    Install the battensCut the battens from 45 x 32mmdressed four sides (D4S) pine,about $4 a metre, adjusting thelengths to suit the wall. It doesntmatter if the battens are positioned450mm or 600mm apart.

    Find the wall studs, then usea spirit level to check the battens areplumb to them. Secure the battenswith 75mm x 10g self-drilling timberscrews, spaced about 400mm apart.TIP If youre using hardwood battens,drill 2.5mm pilot holes.

    Mark batten positions with tape and flicka chalkline to align the top of the battens.Drill pilot holes and secure with screws.



  • 69Hnnzn.o.nz JULY 2014


    F up floo p n h huo pn n p oo hvn.

    time 2 daysskillbasic

    tOOlsmitresaw,drill, jigsaw

    DIY $290

  • 70 JULY 2014 N! Zalan Hanyman

    Han a!hlba!

    Create a hose winder

    Secure lengths of PVC guttering,about $10 ametre, to the battensas a storage solution for anyworkshop or garden essentialsthat are impractical to hang.

    Cut the guttering to about485mm long with amitresaw, thensecure gutter stop ends onto eachend usingPVC cement or silicone.

    Secure the guttering tothe battens using 40mm x 8groundhead screws with washers.TIP Cut longer pieces of gutteringto store items like corner bead,dowel or fishing rods instead ofstanding them on end.

    Cut th uttin t fitacss t! battns anattach 300mm apat.

    Attach t! sta h

    s t th !allabut 100mm fm th fl.

    Scu a nin acss t! battnst suit th hiht f th !hlba!.

    Keep garden hoses and electricalcords tidy by winding them arounda 20L bucket, which is secured totwo noggins attached to the battens.

    Use a jigsaw to cut a circle from19mm plywood to fit the base ofthe bucket. Position two 45 x 32mmpine noggins across the battens

    Add storage bins

    Keep the wheelbarrow off thefloor using storage hooks, about$8 each from hardware stores, ortimber cleats attached to the battensabout 100mm above the floor.

    Add a 45 x 32mm noggin betweentwo battens, adjusting the height tosuit the wheelbarrow, then drilla pilot hole and secure a screw hook.

    To store, tilt the barrow onto thehooks, lean it against the noggin andturn the screw hook to hold it.

    150mm apart, then secure with50mm x 8g timber screws.

    Drill and countersink 2mm pilotholes through the plywood base,then use 50mm x 8g timber screwsto secure the bucket to the noggins.TIP The inside of the bucket is a goodspot for a sprinkler or powerboard.

    NoggIN ANdSCrew Hook



  • 72 JULY 2014 Nw Zaland handyman



    Mount t top slf

    Build a rack to hold bulky toolssuch as a leaf blower. The rackis 865mm long with a 300mmwide shelf and 200mm wideback. All the parts are cut from19mm structural plywood.The BRACKeTS are cut to280 x 200mm and securedto the shelf and to the backusing 40mm x 8g screws.The SheLF has cutouts about70mmwide and 200mm long.

    To determine the best shape,measure the diameter of the toolsandmake cutouts using a jigsaw.Adjust the shape for a snug fit.

    Position the rack, thensecure it to the battens throughthe back using PVA adhesiveand 40mm x 8g screws.

    Hang long-handled tools either sideof a horizontal rack for easy access.

    Cut two 400 x 100 x 19mm piecesof plywood, rounding one end, andsecure 45 x 32mm pine between them.

    Add 75 x 3.75mm bullethead nailseither side of the rack, leaving 50mmprotruding, then secure 1800mm highto the battens using 40mm x 8g screws.

    Drill countrsunk 5mm diamtrols into tool andls for anging.



    Cut slots in t slf, modifyingt sap so t tools fit scurly.




    Mark up t brackts on squar-cutpics of 19mm plywood offcuts, tncut using a jigsaw wit a timbr blad.



    Store garden tools

    Make a sturdy, adaptable shelf andbracket system using plywood.The BRACKeTS aremade froma 2400 x 1200 x 19mm plywood sheet,about $125. This ensures a strongstructure that easily holds 50kg.The 19mm thickness provides awidesurface for securing the shelves.

    Cut the ply into 340 x 200mmpieces, mark L shapes with roundedends, then use a jigsaw to cut themout. Secure the brackets to thebattens with 50mm x 8g screws.The SheLVeS can be cut fromeither 19mm structural plywoodor 300 x 19mm laminated pine.

    Us two offst timbr scrwson ac sid to scur t rack.

    Make a tool rack

  • 74 JULY 2014 New Zealand Handyman

    Bringin it homein your ute

    Invest a little extra time and effort to makesure your load stays safely in the tray

    Most DIY jobs involve shoppingfor materials, but overloadingyour ute to transport themhome could be a recipe for disaster.

    Traffic police get several calloutseach week to remove debris fromNew Zealands motorways, which iscaused by poorly secured loads.

    If something falls off your ute andinjures a person, its your responsibilityand you could be hit with hefty fines.

    We checked with experts to findthe best way to secure a load. Its notjust about ensuring it gets home, itsabout getting it all there safely.

    You can use these methods to movefurniture, too. If it flies off your ute andcauses harm, youll be just as liable.

    Secure the loadThe first rule in securing a loadis to use suitably rated tiedownsthat comply with New Zealandsafety standards.

    The total lashing capacityof the tiedowns must be at leasttwice the weight of the load.

    Aerofast tiedowns are madefrom UV-resistant yarn andwont weaken even after extendedexposure to sunlight.Wrap flimsy items

    DIY jobs can involve hauling lengthsof flimsy materials like gutteringor conduit. To stop it floppingaround or getting damaged on theway home, wrap both ends withshrink wrap, about $15 for a roll.If buying timber as well, bundle itwith the load for added support. Aerofast 50mm x 6m Light CommercialRatchet Tiedown, $45. aerofast.co.nz

  • 75Handymanmagazine.co.nz JULY 2014


    bne ong oarsIf youre carrying a large load of longtimber, dont rest it on a raised gate,as it cant hold that kind of weight.

    Start by laying out two or moreratchet straps along the bottom ofthe ute bed, then load the longestand heaviest pieces of timber over thestraps. Stack shorter lengths on top,

    then secure the cab end, the middleand the trailing end with the straps.

    Next, anchor the bundle tothe ute bed with two ratchet straps.Crisscross the straps across theload, attaching one end to the cabanchor rings and the tailgate endto the farthest bundle strap.

  • 76 JULY 2014 New Zealand Handyman

    When you need to transport bundlesof lightmaterials such as insulation,it shouldnt be just thrown in theute tray in the hope that it willstay put. It needs to be securedas well. The best way todo this is with a cargonet, available fromhardware stores.Simply attach theretainer clips tothe anchor pointson your tray.

    1st Gear Trailer Net,about $16, from Bunnings.

    Netting bulky goodsSupport plasterboardIf you have a standard-sized tray, youllhave to haul a large load of sheet goodswith the tailgate down.

    To safely secure 3000 x 1200mmplasterboard in a 1800mm tray, layout two ratchet straps across the tray,then check the load limit of your uteand the weight of each sheet.

    Next, to help support the overhangand protect the plasterboard from anywater or dirt in the tray, lay out at leasttwo 3000 x 90 x 45mm timber lengths.

    To protect the plasterboard edges,use scrap cardboard or cardboardcorners. Tighten the base straps, thenrun two straps from the trays anchorrings around the back edge of thesheets and down to the bumper.

    Ensure the load overhang is within roadcode rules and attach a warning flag.

  • Fy a warnng flagAfter youve secured your load,attach a warning flag to the end.

    If the load extends more thanone metre beyond the back of the vehicle, then you mustattach a suitable warning device to it, according to theNew Zealand Transport Agency (nzta.govt.nz).

    During daylight, attach a flag thats at least 40cm long.It can be coloured white, fluorescent red, orange or yellow.At night, you must have red lights on the load.

    Tailgate loadingIts safe to rest light it


    on the tailgate, but they

    still have to be held in

    position even though

    the longest portion ofthe

    load is inside the tray.

    Use ratchet straps onthe

    bundle in two places and

    secure each end to the

    anchor rings on the tray.

    Tiedowns are available with either camlock or ratchettensioning in varying strengths from 300 to 5000kg, andare ideal for securing loads on roof racks and trailers.

    More uses for tiedowns

    Aerofast 3m Roof Rack Camlock Tiedown, $17 for two.

    Aerofast 6m Ratchet Tiedown, about $42.

    77Handymanmagazine.co.nz JULY 2014


  • 79Han#ymanmagazine.c.nz JULY 2014


    Keeping your home toasty inthe winter means creatingan effective heating strategy,working with the orientation andarchitectural style of your home.

    Installing insulation in your roofwill help retain heat, as up to 40%of the warm air can be lost through it.If your rooms are carpeted, this willalso hold heat in, and where you havetimber floors, adding large rugs isanother easy solution.

    When youre selecting a heater,consider the size of a room, therequired heat output and your budget.

    Make a checklist of the must-havefeatures on a new heater beforepurchasing to ensure essential safetyfeatures such as a tip-over cut-outswitch, a timer and a child-proof lockare included in the design.TIP If choosing a gas system, ensure itis flued for safety reasons.

    Wam yo hom hs hlly sason whhs ffv solons o hang hallngs


    words ashleigh perriott

    How to beheat wise

  • 80 JULY 2014 New Zealand Handyman

    The challenges faced in heatingthis style of home start with thelack of winter sunlight reaching theapartment due to its southern aspect.

    The often large windows or doorsdesigned to let in more light canalso let more heat escape. Sharedwalls and the compact size do helpwhen heating the space.

    The northerly aspect of this housemeans that during the day thewindows on the front receive thewinter sun, allowing lots of light in.

    And, leaving these windowsunshaded during the day enables theheat to be absorbed by the walls andfloor. The common wall also addsa degree of insulation to this house.

    Caption inset2 lines

    Goldair 7-Bar Ladder HeatedTowel Rack, $249. cdb.co.nz

    Arlec Olwen 2400W CeramicTower Heater, $179.

    Click Upright 2000WFan Heater, $20,from Bunnings.

    Cowdroy 915mmWeatherproof Door Seal,about $43. cowdroy.co.nz

    South-facing, one-bedroom apartment

    North-facing, terrace house

    To make a one-bedroom apartmentin a high-rise block cosy, cover largewindows or doors with blockoutblinds. Select a small portable heaterto warm yourself for shorter periodson the low-wattage setting.

    For longer use, opt for a heaterthat has a thermostat and timer toprevent hefty power bills.

    Add seals to the doors to lock i