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Blake Davis: Electrical Engineering Luke Haberkern: Electrical and Computer Engineering Brian Hacsi: Electrical and Computer Engineering Chris Kircher: Electrical and Computer Engineering



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Blake Davis: Electrical EngineeringLuke Haberkern: Electrical and Computer EngineeringBrian Hacsi: Electrical and Computer EngineeringChris Kircher: Electrical and Computer Engineering

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Project OverviewGlove capable of

encoding hand motions into generic instructions

Vehicle with controllable camera that can travel via Bluetooth communication using instructions from glove

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Purpose of the Glove

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Purpose of the Vehicle

Fully controllable vehicle using Bluetooth inputs to specify and direct speed, direction and a camera.

Simple obstacle avoidance

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System Block Diagram

MSP430 Microcontroll


PWM Motor Controllers

PWM Camera Controllers

IR Obstacle Avoidance

Accelerometers Flex Sensors Force Sensors

MSP430 Microcontroll


Bluetooth Module

Video Feed

Host Computer

Bluetooth Module


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Real World Applications

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The Glove

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Block Diagram

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AccelerometersMMA7260Q Triple Axis Accelerometers

located on the base of the wrist and the top of the hand.

By comparing accelerometer outputs from each, we will be able to effectively deal with ambient movement by the person controlling

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Flex Sensors4.5 inch Flex Sensors for

each digit of the glove.Act as variable resistors

with Straight (unflexed)

resistance: ~9000 Ohm90 degree bend

resistance: ~14000 Ohm180 degree bend

resistance : ~22000 Ohm

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Force sensorsOne located at the end of each digit on the

gloveAllows for additional user inputs for further


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Custom Designed PCBBluetooth SMD Module - Roving NetworksMSP430F169Inputs from accelerometers, flex and force


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The Car

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Block Diagram

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Physical constructionSheet metal

ChassisCamera mount

WheelsPolyolefin Hub Moldon Wheel 8”2” Ball Casters

DC motors7.2V 444RPM 206oz-in Planetary Gearmotor

Power System

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IR SensorsSharp gp2d12Fail-safe control

interruptAvoid running into

people and other obstacles

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Vehicle ControllerCustom designed PCB

Bluetooth inputs for camera panning and rotation output

Bluetooth inputs to PWM output for motor control

IR sensor interrupt handlerMSP430F169 microcontroller

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CameraLinksys Camera

Pan and Tilt Platform

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Block Diagram

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PCB’s designed, Vehicle built, sensor reading1st milestone

Glove can provide output via Bluetooth Vehicle can take inputs via BluetoothCollision protection

2nd milestoneVehicle glove integrationCamera controller to camera integrationCollision interrupt

ExpoComplete camera and vehicle control using glove inputUser friendly interface

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TimelineID Task Name

1 Glov e

2 Glove MCU Coding

3 Accelerometer

4 Flex sensor

5 Force sensor


7 Power

8 Glove Construction

9 Vehicle

10 Vehi cl e construction

11 PCB design

12 PWM

13 IR sensors

14 Colli si on i nterrupt

15 Camera

16 Camera interface

17 Camera ti lt and pan control

18 Camera control ler

19 Controll er construction

20 Network/Bluetooth

21 Glove to Vehicle

22 Camera control ler to cam era

23 Testing and Debugging

24 Glove

25 Vehi cl e

26 Camera

27 Integrati on

28 Documentation


30 Preliminary User's Manual

31 Final Technical Reference

32 User's Manual

33 Weekly Report Due

46 Deadlines

47 PDR Presentati on

48 CDR Presentati on

49 1st Mil estone

50 2nd Milestone

51 Expo

52 Rest and Relaxation

53 Halloween

54 Thanksgiving






W S T F M T S W S T F M T S W S T F M T S W S T F M T S W S T F M T S W S T FAug 23, '09 Aug 30, '09 Sep 6, '09 Sep 13, '09 Sep 20, '09 Sep 27, '09 Oct 4, '09 Oct 11, '09 Oct 18, '09 Oct 25, '09 Nov 1, '09 Nov 8, '09 Nov 15, '09 Nov 22, '09 Nov 29, '09 Dec 6, '09 Dec 13, '09

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Division of Labor Blake Chris Luke BrianGlove        Glove MCU Coding   X    Accelerometer X      Flex sensor X      Force sensor X      PCB X X X XPower X X    Glove Construction X X    Vehicle        Vehicle construction     X  PCB design X X X XPWM      X XIR sensors     X XCollision interrupt       XCamera        Camera interface     X  Camera tilt and pan control     X XCamera controller X X    Controller construction X X    Network/Bluetooth        Glove to Vehicle X X X XCamera controller to camera X X X XTesting and Debugging        Glove X X    Vehicle     X XCamera X X X XIntegration X X X XDocumentation        UROP/EEF X X    Preliminary User's Manual     X XFinal Technical Reference X X X XUser's Manual X X X X

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Budget Description Units Cost Per Unit Total Cost


Triple Axis Accelerometer MMA7260Q 5 $19.95 $99.75

Force Sensor .2" 10 $5.70 $57.00

Flex Sensor 4.5" 10 $11.66 $116.60

MSP430F169 development board 3 $40.95 $122.85

Bluetooth SMD Module - Roving Networks 3 $34.95 $104.85

Half Arm Gloves (Pair) 2 $42.95 $85.90

Battery 1 $40.00 Donated PCB 2 $30.00 $60.00

Rover   PCB 1 $30.00 $30.00

MSP430F169 microcontroller 1 $10.00 $10.00

Bluetooth SMD Module - Roving Networks 1 $34.95 $34.95

MP-101 Pan and Tilt motorized platform 1 $124.99 $124.99 Analog IR Distance Sensor 4 $12.50 $50.00

DC Motors 2 $30.95 $61.90 Wheels 2 $49.00 $98.00

Hubs 2 $8.00 $16.00 Sheetmetal 1 $50.00 $50.00 Ball Casters 2 $9.54 $19.08

Batteries 2 $80.00 DonatedMiscellaneous

  Miscellaneous parts 1 $400.00 $400.00 Total $1,541.87 

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Future AspirationsGlove


Robotic armHazard control for communication lossOn-board diagnosticsOutput voice

CameraOutput to portable screen (helmet system)360 degree panning ability

NetworkLong range (Perhaps 3G or EDGE)

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Risks and AlternativesUnfamiliar technology

Bluetooth Wired communication

Microcontrollers (MSP430) LabView interface

PCBsSchedule Uncertainty

Due to the level of unfamiliar technology in this project, our schedule is very tentative

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