Handyman Tips for Painters

Tips & Tricks For Painting Jobs -by Handyman at your service

Transcript of Handyman Tips for Painters

Tips & Tricks For Painting

Jobs-by Handyman at your service

Tip 1:

When painting over existing paint, it’s

important to know whether the old

paint is latex or oil by doing this simple


Tip 2:

Run a brown paper bag over any (dry)

painted surface that feels rough.

Tip 3:

Add a little bit of this stuff to make

your latex paint go on smoother.

Tip 4:

Wrap your brush/roller in a plastic bag

to keep it from hardening.

Tip 5:

If your tape is old and won’t roll

without peeling, place it in the

microwave for 10 seconds.

Tip 6:

To limit your mess, spray paint an item

inside of a cardboard box.

Tip 7:

If you have a very small amount of

paint, use a Slob proof! pen.

Tip 8:

Soak gunky paintbrushes in hot

vinegar for 30 minutes to clean them.

Tip 9:

To avoid roller marks on furniture, only

go in one direction.

Tip 10:

Paint will not stick to a dirty surface,

so use TSP to de-grease it first.

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