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Ask your CEO this question, before times get tough. To learn more, watch this LinkedIn webcast with Bruce Kasanoff, J.T. O'Donnell and Lou Adler: or visit

Transcript of Gross Profit

  • Making prots by cu2ng people is
  • by developing talent!
  • Ask your CEO: In tough
  • (insert CEO answer here)
  • Downsizers see employees as commodi
  • Dont wait un
  • In tough
  • Unlike light bulbs and paper clips, people have ideas. People can grow, adapt and make giant leaps forward.
  • Teamwork rings hollow at downsizers
  • does NOT mean run as fast as you can
  • or else you will be sacriced!
  • These rms deserve the loyalty of employees, customers and investors. They deserve your loyalty. Renewers
  • Research shows you cannot shrink your way to prosperity. Source: Strategies for Responsible Restructuring by Wayne F. Cascio
  • Treat people as people Treat people as costs
  • Walk away from cold, impersonal business strategies
  • Grow through creaIvity, passion, loyalty and iniIaIve.
  • Value human relaIonships Help others Never stop learning Seek long-term (not short-term) prots
  • What did your CEO say?
  • Credits Inspired by Strategies for Responsible Restructuring by Wayne F. Cascio. Thanks to Adam Grant for sharing this research with me. Except where otherwise noted, images by IdeaStepConceptStock/ ShuUerstock. Created by Bruce Kasano. Visit