Goal: Research and technical needs of community, state and nation

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Goal: Research and technical needs of community, state and nation Provide unique opportunities for students supervised, hands-on research academia to work force transition Training for work force of the 21st century interdisciplinary applications teaming approaches Ten centers/laboratories/institutes prominent centers growth centers

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Applied Research and Technology Program. Goal: Research and technical needs of community, state and nation Provide unique opportunities for students supervised, hands-on research academia to work force transition Training for work force of the 21st century interdisciplinary applications - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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  • Goal: Research and technical needs of community, state and nationProvide unique opportunities for studentssupervised, hands-on researchacademia to work force transitionTraining for work force of the 21st centuryinterdisciplinary applicationsteaming approachesTen centers/laboratories/institutesprominent centersgrowth centers

  • Applied Research and Technology Program

  • Applied Physics InstituteGoal: Application of Research to Industrial Problem Solving.Developed non-invasive, non-destructive chem. Characterization and testing system.Neutrons, gamma, x-ray probe; scattering profilescharacterization by chemical profiles.Designed and developed instrumentation.

  • Applied Physics LaboratoryApplications

    Characterization of nuclear weaponsAnalysis of elements (coal)Detection of explosivesAnalysis of mixed toxic and nuclear wastesDetection of contraband (drugs)

  • Materials Characterization LabsGoal: provide applied research and services to industry.Promote educational and public services activities for Ogden College depts.Research/servicescombustion, surface chem.Polymer characterizationfood chemistry

  • Materials Characterization LabsEstablished/ staffed laboratories : students essentialInstrumentation :elemental analysisstructural/ surface analysisthermal analysis methodologyfluid bed combustorgas chromatographymass spectroscopy

  • Technical Assistance Center for Water QualityCongressionally - fundedSDWA; University basedSponsor: Sen. McConnellTeaming Partner-KRWAObjectives:Complement KY DOWDevelop Technical Assistance Center for USEPA Region 4Funding- $4.0M / 5 years

  • Technical Assistance Center for Water Quality1998 Program:Assistance in Capacity Development ( management and financial capacity)Technical assistance ( Circuit Rider Program)Source water protection ( identification, assessment, management practices)innovative technology applicationsdata base management system developmentOther Centers

  • Technical Assistance Center for Water Quality

  • Environmental Health and Safety Resource Laboratory

  • Environmental Health and Safety Resource LaboratoryGoal: To provide students with fundamental skills in industrial hygiene Risk Assessment.Provide research and solutions for occupational and environmental problems in industry.Computer network established to allow students on-line capabilities for EH&S information for industrial processes and chemicals.Provide technical EH&S information to regional industrial representatives.Information exchange system operated by students.

  • Agricultural Research and Education CenterGoal: To provide scientific agricultural education to students in fields of agribusiness, plant, animal and soil sciences; pre-forestry and pre-veterinary medicine.753 acre Univ. farm for hands-on lab experiences and student projects in farm activities

  • Agricultural Research and Education CenterThe Leonard D. Brown Agricultural Exposition Center is a major public service facility for community.More than 150 annual events; 100,000 people (4-H, FFA)Community and student utilization of animal science labs.Cooperative Programs:leaf composting ( City of Bowling Green)golf course, turf management ( local community)biotechnology ( Biology Department)

  • Cave and Karst CenterGoal: To provide scientific assessment and research for karst problems40% of eastern US is karst terrain.Karst affects surface and ground water pollution, land use, environment.

  • Cave and Karst CenterProgram:Research to solve environmental problems affected by karst.Conduct cooperative educational programs ( Mammoth Cave)Provide service to public, private firms and governmental agencies.

  • Kentucky Climate CenterTo provide climatological data and information to public.Director is State Climatologist for Ky.Oversees state-wide programassists researchers in meteorology.

  • Kentucky Climate CenterAssists commercial and state agencies in economic development ( incorporation of meteorological data)Added focus of program- packaging of data for commercial uses.

  • Applied Technology Transfer CenterGoal: Facilitate knowledge and technology exchange among industry, academy, research institutes and governmental agencies.Organize workshops, conferences and seminars.Provide hands-on assistance to industry.


  • Biotechnology CenterGoal: To train students in recombinant genetic methods for post-grad studies and competition in the work place.Biotechnology: New innovative field in biology with vast industrial and research opportunities.

  • Biotechnology CenterCooperative Educational OpportunitiesBiology/ AgricultureGenetic expression applications (plant growth and production)Marketing capabilities to Biotechnology Companies.Working ties with 2 regional and 1 international companyFuture attraction for biotechnology companies to relocate to Bowling Green.Significant opportunities for students, faculty, staff and city of Bowling Green.

  • Biodiversity CenterTo establish understanding that economic health depends upon the biological health of the environment.Ky is unique for a variety of biological communities and ecosystems.Concern for quality of our lakes, rivers, productivity of forests and farmland utilization

  • Biodiversity CenterProgram:Establish biodiversity information clearing house at Western.Develop outreach program ( public schools, museums, civic groupsConduct baseline research studies ( establish standard methods)Provide biodiversity information to the public ( economic development, environmental assessment/ management)

  • Applied Research and Technology ProgramOpportunity to showcase the wide variety of expertise at Western.Opportunity to provide students with hands-on training and experience. Opportunity to expand the transition of students from academia to post-graduate studies and the work place.Opportunity to apply Westerns capabilities to needs of the regional and national communities.