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This presentation was created as part of Clemson MBA in Entrepreneurship Enterprize Awards, which were held in Charleston, Atlanta, and Greenville. Each candidate in the program presented his or her presentation to an audience and panel of judges. My presentation in Charleston, SC landed me in the top 5 for that night, where I went on to do a Q&A with the panel of judges. Palladian Positioning is a product idea created in the program intended to provide premature infants in the NICU with products that can better imitate the feeling of being inside the mother's womb. The presentation is intended to display the viability of the idea and how the product could eventually be marketed to the elderly segment as well.

Transcript of Enterprize Awards Presentation

  • 1. 3 Year ProjectionsYear 1Year 2Year 3Positioners Sold at 140 $408906,050Sales ($)5,60035,600242,000Expenses ($)40,15085,300118,600Operating Margin-641%-165%26%