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  1. 1. PRESENTCITY| KUALA LUMPUR Capital city of Malaysia that act as the centre of the parliament activity and also for business purposes. Kuala Lumpur also hold for other activities such as entertainment ex: Pavillion, Berjaya Times Square. The public transportation in kuala lumpur can be consider as moderate because it does not cover all of kuala lumpur just towards the major parts in the city. The road traffic in kuala lumpur is also consider to be dreadful especially during the peak hours. This is cause by the incapability of the public transport provided by the government to supportthe need of the people there to reach their destination. The layout of the city is to be consider as unorganized compare to other major cities around the world becausekuala lumpur is contructed during the world war II era when british invade Malaysia during the war. The result of the war cause the construction of the city to be out of place for the most part of the capital where everything is centre towards the middle of the city from business to entertainment purposes.
  2. 2. PRESENTCITY| PUTRAJAYA Putrajaya jaya is used to serve as the federal administrative centre of Malaysia. Putrajaya is constructed due to the overcrowded of kuala lumpur. Putrajaya is thought out to be a planned city with the latest communication technologies and progressive infrastructure. The streets are elegantly designed with a European feel, along with well-paved roads while the government buildings are a blend of modern architecture with Islamic arts. Commercial, authoritative and residential areas have been divided into precincts that blend into each other cohesively. The setback of this city is the transportation. The only railway it has is the transit to KLIA. It was planned a monorail to be constructed but it was suspended due to insufficient funds.
  3. 3. SUMMARY: From what I have gather between this two city is that both have their advantages but it also has it flaws Between the two city one has a good transportation system the other is a well thought out city. with this I can take the the pros and cons of both city to inspired me to start on the planned of my city.
  4. 4. FUTURE CITY AIM The type of city that I was assigned is a floating water city. From the research that I have gather from the other cities I took the pros and cons of the city to be used in the city that I will developed. I decide to create an eco-friendly and also a self-sustainable city that can accommodateall the need of the residents living inside the city. CONCEPT The conceptthat I proposeforthe city is by le Corbusier where the main capital of the city is located in the middle of the city surrounded by commercial and residential area. This to avoid the traffic and transportation problem. I will focus on more on public transport so that the citizens will not be bother by traffic jam. Furthermore, I will separate the city into a few section which to accommodate the needs of the citizen such as I will provide building from the low cost, mid costand high end residents. This able the any resident to afford living is such a city. I will have a few spherical shape district surrounding the major city. It also is provided with about 48%-80% greenspace to suffice the oxygen need and also climate of the city.
  5. 5. TRANSPORATION I have research a few cities and other soonto build city such as venice, Italy where the city is surrounded by water. I have took this as and inspiration to the transportation that I will provide to the citizens. The city is mostly surrounded by water, in conjunction to that aspectI consider to build a water transportation system where I will provide a boating system and also submarine system for underwater transport. For travel to other countries I proposeto use air transportation. To sum up the city will have: Water transportation (boats/submarine for domestic purposes) Air transportation(airport to travel outside of the city) ENERGY The type of energy that the city will be mainly focus on is tidal and solar energy. I chosethis sources becauseit suits to the city surroundings. The city can be generated by hydroelectric that is provided from surrounded sea waves.
  6. 6. INSPIRATION In japan, they have plan to build a floating city. I took this idea as an inspiration to my city. The 3 Parts of Ocean Spiral: 1. The first part is the floating surface, which will be topped by a 500-meter sphere. 2. the central part is a spiral 15km long with room for business zones, apartments, residential areas and hotel rooms for 5000 people. 3. At the very bottom at about 3000 to 4000 thousand meters under the sea the spiral will be linked to an earth-factory a research center for developing energy sources. I will incorporate the main concept that I will be using into the final design of the city.