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3 steps to reduce workplace presenteeism A healthy workplace leads to better business performance

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  • 3 steps to reduce workplace presenteeismA healthy workplace leads to better business performance

  • Q: What is poor health and happiness costing your business?

    A: Poor workforce wellbeing typically accounts for more than a 25% reduction in productivity

    Congratulations on taking the first steps to understand how to improve your teams wellbeing and productivity. You would be surprised how many business leaders are in the dark regarding the impact of employees health and unhappiness on their teams productivity.

    The cost of ill health in the workplace Is high and is rapidly becoming an issue that employers can no longer afford to ignore 1.2 million people suffering from work related illness 27.3 million lost working days 14.3billion estimated cost of injuries & ill health

    (HSE Report 2014/15)

    Musculoskeletal disorders Musculoskeletal disorders(MSDs) were responsible for 9.5 million

    lost working days in 2005 (Source: HSE) The average days lost, per MSD case, weighs in at between 15-17

    working days Each MSD case costs companies an average of 1400 - 1600

    Mental HealthThe Centre for Mental Health calculated that presenteeism from mental ill health alone costs the UK economy 15.1 billion per annum, while absenteeism costs 8.4 billion

    If you run a business and employ people, staff wellbeing should be your top priority. If you fail to give it the attention it deserves morale, productivity and profitability are likely to suffer. Wellbeing is a combination of the physical, personal, social, cultural and economic effects of the workplace on its employees.

    (Source: Forefront Group) x

  • The first step assess and analyse your employees issues

    In todays widget-sparse economy, in which so little of what we produce can be counted, how can you

    measure lost productivity?

    A lack of information about the impact of health on workplace productivity will hamper the efficiency of your employee health care purchasing.

    Prior to engaging in activities to prevent or limit work loss, getting a data driven insight of how large the health impact, is required. An accurate estimate of the value of lost output due to poor health is needed to assess the value of programmes and improvements (VOI).

    Monitoring only the cost of absenteeism will not give you a full picture and a true estimate of cost, which go far beyond that of sickness benefit costs. Employees may be substituting sickness absenteeism with sickness presenteeism days.

    To get a true picture of cost it is essential to review the cost of presenteeism as well.

    You need these crucial pieces of information: What kinds of health problems do your team have? How commonly occurring is each of these problems? What are the effects of these health problems on work

    performance, sickness absence, etc.? What is the financial cost to you, the employer, of these

    negative performance indicators?


    due to Absenteeism

    and Presenteeism

    What is the

    business impact

    Why is is happening

    How can we tackle


    Who is most


    The Markland Consultancy 2015

  • The second step diagnosis and reporting

    The detrimental effect that poor health has on your team should not be underestimated.

    Now you have a good understanding of the major contributors of lost productivity within your organisation. You understand: The most prevalent illnesses and issues amongst employees The relationship between employee health and its impact on

    on-the-job productivity The financial impact of employee health

    Before implementing changes to manage employee wellbeing effectively it is important to next establish the priorities for investment to maximise ROI. This will ensure your wellbeing programme is directed and optimises utilisation of resources.

    To do this ensure you know the following: How effective are available interventions in reducing key

    wellbeing concerns? Will this reduce the effects of your teams absenteeism and

    presenteeism? What is the expected ROIs of these proposed interventions?

    Healthy employees are an asset meriting investmentyou may see a greater improvement in efficiency if you treat workers back pain than if you install a new phone system

    Better management of employee health can lead to improved productivity, which can create a competitive business advantage

    (Source: Sean Sullivan, Institute for Health and Productivity Management)

  • The third step source and deliver

    You can now design a successful wellbeing programme that is specifically designed to meet your employee needs.

    If well designed and effectively implemented, wellbeing interventions save money in both the short and longer term, having a positive impact on employee health outcomes and business productivity.

    Sound procurement planning to meet your businesses specific needs will ensure optimisation of the intervention in terms of employee engagement, cultural development, ROI and VOI.

    The Markland Consultancy 2015

    Based on your agreed priorities we will manage the sourcing journey :

    Plan Write the wellbeing RFQ specification


    Manage the RFQ process Follow an SQI scorecard process for selection Consult with companies to ensure compliance

    Appoint Propose options for agreement Final tender award

    Manage Implement the stratagem

    Report Account management of solutions KPIs and reporting

    When employers focus on managing employee wellbeing, their employees health can be transformed from a cost burden to a competitive advantage

    (Source: The Markland Consultancy)

  • Workplace wellbeing makes commercial sense

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