7 Mobile Stats to Help You Win on Facebook

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7 Mobile Stats to Help you Win on Facebook presented by brandnetworks

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From the comfort of the couch, to the break room at work, mobile phones have become the gateway through which people connect to family, friends, and brands. For many people, 654 million to be exact, this mobile migration involves at least one daily visit to Facebook's mobile app. Facebook's mobile moment has arrived, bringing with it a number of challenges and opportunities. Marketers must now understand how to combat smaller screen sizes, multi-tasking users, and increased competition in the feed. Defeat these challenges and the payoff is immense, as mobile campaigns can bolster brand awareness, m-commerce revenue, and customer loyalty. We've compiled 7 stats to help you make the most of this shift. Take a look and for more info, be sure to download our full free ebook: http://info.brandnetworksinc.com/mobileguide

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  • bn.1 7 Mobile Stats to Help you Win on Facebook presented by brandnetworks
  • bn.2 With 1.07 billion mobile monthly active users, 654 million of whom are logging on daily, its safe to say Facebooks mobile moment is here. Are you ready to make the most of it?
  • bn.3 Mobile advertising grew 47% this year, raking in roughly $18 billion dollars. On Facebook in particular, mobile accounts for 62% of ad revenue. EVERYONE WANTS A PIECE OF THE ACTION1
  • bn.4 Competition in Facebooks mobile News Feed has never been more fierce. Make the most of your money by analyzing audiences and keywords before creating targeting segments, to reach your most engaged users.
  • bn.5 Over 1 million apps exist in the Apple store and Android market. THERES AN APP FOR TH...EVERYTHING2
  • bn.6 Help your app get the attention it deserves with Facebook app install ads. Need proof that they work? Over 350 million app installs have been driven by Facebook mobile ads to date. 1,253 likes
  • bn.7 Revenue attributed to social traffic has increased over 11% in the last year alone. PEOPLE ARE SPENDING ON SOCIAL3 SHOP NOW!
  • bn.8 Drive m-commerce with Facebooks Website Custom Audiences, a targeting option that lets advertisers create audience segments by tracking people who have visited their site, then retargeting them with ads.
  • bn.9 A one second delay in page load time can result in 11% fewer page views, 16% decreased customer satisfaction and 7% lost conversions. PATIENCE IS A (RARE) VIRTUE4
  • bn.10 For ads that drive to a mobile site, keep load times as short as possible using Responsive Web Design. Leave out the fireworks and frills and just focus on including what you need, then optimizing that minimally viable product.
  • bn.11 By the year 2018, video will represent 69% of mobile traffic. LIGHTS, CAMERA, ACTION!5
  • bn.12 Ensure your videos are optimized to be mobile-first. Mobile First Video: aKeep em under 1 minute aGrab peoples attention within the first 5 seconds aUpload directly to Facebook for optimal in-app experience aFilm with mute in mind, as many people listen to music or have sound off while on their phones
  • bn.13 Over 40% of consumers expect a response within 24 hours after posting to Facebook. LISTEN UP!6
  • bn.14 Mobile Facebook ads now allow users to like, share, and comment, just like traditional Page post ads. Have a moderation team in place to respond to users in a timely manor.
  • bn.15 Facebook serves over 15 billion photo images per day. A PICTURES WORTH A THOUSAND LIKES7
  • bn.16 Make sure you use thumb-stopping content for your mobile campaigns by selecting high resolution images that are uncluttered and render well on small screens. POST PHOTO
  • bn.17 DOWNLOAD YOUR FREE COPY HERE! Want to learn even more about creating killer mobile campaigns on Facebook? Our free ebook can help you get started. GET THE GUIDE