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2. PREFACESummer Internship Programme is a part of MBA Programme, which is very helpful in getting practical knowledge in this globalization world. Now-a-days only theoretical knowledge is not enough to success in life but most important we must have practical knowledge. With the help of this training, I came to know how to apply theoretical knowledge in practice. Main purpose of this training is to have awareness about industrial environment and to know about function of different functions of an organization like Human resource, Finance., Production and Marketing.I got an opportunity in KAIRA DISTRICT CO-OPERATIVE MILK UNION LIMITED, Anand, Gujarat to undergo Summer Internship Programme as a part of MBA Programme. I consider myself privileged that I got a chance to work with reputed company and can upgrade my knowledge related to practical aspect of business world which is very helpful in my career building. .- Patel Sneha2 3. ACKNOWLEDGEMENT I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude toward Mr. Mr. J. K. Joshi [G. M.] the chairman of the AMUL, who gave me permission to do my Summer Training Project in AMUL. Also I would like to convey my sincere thanks to Mr. Mr. Cyril parmar (Training in charge)who supported me in acquiring practical knowledge throughout guiding me in my project. I am deeply thankful to Prof. G. K. Krishnamurthi, Principal, Indukaka Ipcowala Institute of Management for permitting me to do Summer Training Project and encouraging me to complete successfully. I would also like to thank my faculty guide Mrs Sujatha Krishnamurthy, for her keen interest, valuable guidance, inspiration, immense zeal for hard work and positive outlook towards the subject. Her intellect, persuasiveness and insistence on a good work were a guiding light in the darkness of my ignorance. I would also like to express my sincere thanks to the other faculty members and administrative personnel who have helped me in carrying out my summer training. Lastly, I would like thank all the persons who have helped me directly or indirectly in completing my project successfully.3 4. DECLARATIONI , ____________________________, student of the FIRST-year MBA programme at Indukaka Ipcowala Institute of Management (I2IM) hereby declare that the report on summer training and project work entitled ___________________________________ is the result of my own work. I also acknowledge the other works / publications cited in the report. (Signature) Place: Changa Date:(Name of the student ) 4 5. INDEXSr.No.PARTICULARS Page No. 1PREFACE 22ACKNOWLEGEMENT33PART A6 INTRODUCTION 4COMPANY PROFILE 95MARKETING MANAGEMENT206PRODUCTION &OPERATION MANAGEMENT277SUPPLY CHAIN MANAGEMENT 418HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT 439FINANCE MANAGEMENT52 PART B CASE STUDY ON HUMAN RESOURCE 65INFORMATION SYSTEM OF AMUL 10 ANNEXURE 7011 BIBILOGRAPHY 715 6. Executive summaryAMUL is a co-operative sector. It is the institution of the farmers, for the farmers and from the farmers. The AMUL gives pleasure to the farmer to charge the own price, which was not possible in earlier years. This union was born on 14th December 1946. The union provides facilities to its members like more return, satisfactory price, insemination, first aid, group Insurance, cattle food at confessional price etc. I have done case analysis on HRIS of AMUL and from that I have come to know how organization operates and how the functions have been carried in the organization . From this is case I have come to know how a wide organization like AMUL manages its Human resource .AMUL dairy has five main departments like finance, personnel, commercial, milk procurement and production. The finance department does the clerical work and takes care of inflow and outflows of the cash. The other work of finance Department is to audit of annual work. The personnel department handles the work regarding personnel like appointment, recruitment, promotion, transfer, dismissal, demotion, performance appraisal etc. 6 7. PART - AORGANSATION PROFILE7 8. 8 9. Symbol of Amul is a ring of four hands, which are coordinated each other .The actual meaning of this symbol is coordination of hand of different people by whom this union is now at top.First hand is for the farmers (producers), without whom the organization would do not existed. Farmers are the inspiration of the AMUL the taste of India. Second hand is for the representatives of processors by whom the raw milk processed into different finished products. Third hand is for marketers without whom the product would have not be able to reached to the customer. Fourth hand is for customers without whom the organization could not carry onbecause they are the people who consume the product. The union of Amul would nothave been the second biggest successful company in the world without thecoordination of the above four hand. 9 10. ORGANIZATION PROFILE NAME : KAIRA DISTRICT CO- OPERATIVE MILK PRODUCERS UNION LIMITED, ANAND. FORM: Co-operative sector under the co- operative Society Act. REG.OFFICE: Kaira District Co-operative Milk producersUnion ltd, Anand -3881001.Gujarat, India. PROMOTERS(1) SHRI TRIBHUVANDAS PATEL (2) SHRI MORARJI DESAI (3) SHRI VALLABH BHAI PATEL (4) Dr. VARGHESE KURIEN BANKERS : 1. Kaira District Co-operative Bank. 2. Axis Bank. 3. State Bank of India. 4. Bank of Maharastra. 5. Corporation Bank.6. Bank of Baroda. 7. Bank of Saurastra. AUDITORS: Special Auditors (Milk), Milk Audit Office Anand. SOCITIES: 1113. MEMBERS : 6, 31,333. OFFICE TIME : 1O:00 A.M TO 06:00 P.M. PREMISES: 49.55 Acres. REGISTRATION : 14th December, 1946. 10 11. The Amul Meaning AMUL means priceless in Sanskrit . A quality control expert in Anand suggested the brand name AMUL from the Sanskrit word Amoolya variants, all meaning priceless are found in several Indian languages. Amul products have been used in millions of home since 1946 . Amul butter Amul milk powder Amul ghee Amulspray Amul cheese Amul chocolates Amul Ice- cream Today Amul is a symbol of many things . of high quality products sold at reasonable prices . F triumph of indigenous technology . Of the marketing savvy of a farmers organization . And proven model for dairy development .MOTTO, VISION, AND QUALITY POLICYMOTTO The main motto of AMUL is to help farmers. Farmers were the foundation stone of AMUL. The system works only for farmers and for consumers, not for profit. The main of AMUL is to provide quality products to the consumers at minimum cost. The goal of AMUL is to provide maximum profit in terms of money to the farmers. VISIONVision of AMUL is to provide and vanish the problems of farmers (milk producers). The AMUL apparition was to run the organization with co-operative of four main parties, the farmers, the representatives, the marketers, and the consumers.11 12. QUALITY POLICYWe the motivated and devoted work force of AMUL are committed to produce whole some and safe foods of excellent quality to remain market leaders through deployment of quality management system, state of art technology innovation and eco- friendly delightment of customer and betterment of milk producerHISTORYIn early 1940s a farmer in Kaira district, as elsewhere in India, derived his income almost entirely from seasonal crops. The income from milk was paltry and could not be depended upon. The main buyers were milk traders of Polson Ltd.-a privately owned company that enjoyed monopoly for supply of milk from Kaira to the Government Milk Scheme Bombay. The system leads to exploitation of poor and illiterate farmers by the private traders. 12 13. However, when the exploitation became intolerable, the farmers were frustrated. They collectively appealed to Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel, who was a leading activist in the freedom movement. Sardar Patel advised the farmers to sell the milk on their own by establishing a cooperative union, instated of supplying milk to private traders. Sardar Patel sent the farmer to Shri Morarji Dasai in order to gain his Co-operation and help. Shri Dasai held a meeting at Samrkha village near Anand, on January 4, 1946. He advised the farmers to from a society for collection of the milk.These village societies would collect the milk themselves and also decided prices for that which would be profitable for them. The district union was also from to collect the milk from such village cooperative societies and to sell them. It was also resolved that the government should asked to buy milk from the union.However, the government did not seem to help farmer by any means. It gave the negative response by turning down the demand for the milk. To respond to this action of government, farmer of Kaira district went on a milk strike. For 15 days not a single drop of milk was sold to the traders. As a result the Bombay milk scheme was severely affected. The milk commissioner of Bombay then visited Anand to assess the situation. Finely he decided to fulfill the farmers demand.Thus their cooperative unions were forced at village and district level to collect and sell milk on a cooperative basis, without the intervention of government. Mr. Verghese Kurien had main interest in establishing union who was supported by Shri Tribhuvandas Patel who convinced farmers in forming the cooperative unions at thevillage level. The Kaira District Co-operative Milk Producers Union was thus established in Anand and was registered formally under section 10 of Bombay Act VII of 1925 on December 14, 1946. Since then farmers are selling all the milk in Anand through cooperative union. In 1955 it was commonly decided the sell milk under the brand name A