2011 product launch

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As our innovative products enable more and more people to take a healthier, more balanced approach to life, together we’re witnessing the Nikken vision of every home a Wellness Home come to life.

Transcript of 2011 product launch

  • 1. FULL SPECTRUM LIGHT Dr. Ott Father of time-lapse photography Shooting plants indoors was problematic Artificial lighting to blame Devised lights with spectral outputs similarto sun Prisons, business offices Mal-Illumination: mal-nutrition

2. RHYTHM & BLUE Research at University Surrey(England) Showed humans have unique eyesensing cells Neither rods nor cones Special cells that track only blue light Blue light sets biological clocks 3. INTRODUCINGTHE NEW KENKOLIGHT 4. KENKOLIGHTFEATURES Full-spectrum illumination a naturalbalance of wavelengths (and additional blue)that create a natural-light environment indoors,at any time. Simulates solar light without UVA & UVBBenefits of sunlight without negative exposure. Advanced LED technology Eliminatesflicker cycles that can cause eyestrain 5. KENKOLIGHTFEATURES Folding support with light diffuser For usingKenkoLight as a lamp (open) or nightlight/accent light(closed). Sunrise timer that gradually increases illuminationhelps support natural waking cycle. Energy efficient Uses less than 30% of the powerrequired for a standard incandescent bulb. Environmentally responsible Long component life,no heavy metals for improved recyclability. 6. KENKOLIGHTCOMPARATIVE LIGHT SPECTRA Every student should haveKenkoLight at desk Ambient source all day Reading light in bedroom Gentle, productive way towake up 7. PIMAG WATERFALL 8. DISPOSABLE BOTTLED WATER-THE COST TO OURPLANET 28 BILLION Number of throwaway plastic bottles per year 17 MILLION Barrels of oil used to manufacture 100,000 Cars that could be fueled for 1 year on this oil 2,500,000 Tons of CO2 released during production 9. INTELLIGENT ALTERNATIVE TO BOTTLED WATER Advanced technology Turn tap water into great tastingPiMag water Stay healthy, save money, save theplanet 10. PROVEN FILTRATION, MINERALS &ALKALINITY Proprietary, patent pending design Meets or exceeds standards for taste,odor, aesthetics, contaminants pH and Redox adjustments Adjusts pH to ~ 8.5 to 9.5 Lowers Redox values by up to 200 mV 11. INTRODUCING THE NEW PIMAG WATERFALL NEW patent-pendingdesign NEW patent-pendingtechnology NEW certified waterquality 12. INTRODUCING THE NEW PIMAG WATERFALL Certified by U.S. Water Quality Association Internationally recognized standards ANSI/NSFStandard 42 & 53 For chlorine, chloramine, taste and odor Class III particulates For VOCs and heavy metals Exceeds required specifications 13. PIMAG TECHNOLOGY Pi materials in filter Adds trace minerals Balances pH to make morealkaline Helps balance an acidic diet,environment Reduces ORP 14. GREEN TECHNOLOGY Made exclusively with recyclable andbiodegradable materials Contains no BPA (bisphenol A) No concerns over chemical leachinginto water Recyclable, reduced environmentalimpact 15. NEW FEATURES NEW Stylish and compact, patent pending designthat requires minimal space and complements anysurroundings NEW exceptionally efficient filtration system,certified to reduce a wider range of contaminants NEW more precise pH(acid/alkaline) balancing, toprovide water consistently within the 8.5 9.5 range NEW LED indicator display to monitor filtrationefficiency NEW Recyclable components to reduceenvironmental impact 16. NIKKEN POWERCHIP 17. NIKKEN POWERCHIP Patent-pending DynaFluxTechnology Provides 100% magnetic coverage Far-Infrared Technology Negative-Ion Technology Gauss strength 900-1,000 18. NIKKENPOWERCHIP 19. NIKKENPOWERCHIP