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Can analysis of 200 tweets reveal your personality? How can you adjust your social footprint to drive your personal or corporate brand? Hear Sandy Carter, Social Business Evangelist, Forbes Top 40 Social Marketing Master, and award-winning author of marketing books including the best-selling “Get Bold”, and Dr. Michelle Zhou, Sr. Manager at IBM Watson Research Group and a gifted computer scientist in intelligent human-computer interaction, reveal how analyzing just 200 social media posts can reveal your intrinsic personality traits, including motivation and beliefs. Use social analysis to discover your strengths and weaknesses. Adjust your social footprint to reflect your true self or traits you admire. Businesses benefit from social analysis too. They can determine if their social personality reflects their brand intent, and make adjustments. They can also pre-screen candidates to ensure a good cultural fit, and make sales recommendations based on personality traits. See a live demo!

Transcript of 200 tweets reveals personality and brand

  • 1 200 Tweets Reveals Personality and Brand with Sandy Carter Forbes Top 40 Social Marketing Master and Dr. Michelle Zhou Intelligent Human-Computer Interaction Expert
  • Big Data and Social come together! 2 IBMs Almaden Research Center Accelerated Discovery Lab Psycholinguistic analysis of 52different personality traits Determining personality in 200tweets Analyzed 500,000people and did not find anyone whos exactly the same
  • The premise: Intrinsic traits impact everything 3 How do you learn someones intrinsic traits? You cant ask a customer something like Those intrinsic traits include what motivates you, what you believe, and your fundamental needs. Welcome to my store, would you like to take a personality test?
  • Big data and Social come together! 4 That hasnt been widely applicable before, because where do you get those linguistic footprints? Now, you can do that with social media and digital communications we have the big data we need! Computers can derive peoples traits from linguistic footprints.
  • How this could be used 5 1 2 3 You share these attributes with the people who read this. You might want to take a look at it. Pre-screening candidates based on cultural fit Assigning tasks based on what you like to do New type of purchasing recommendation: Instead of behavior-driven, if you buy this, buy that because others did
  • My Social Personality! What does it say about me? 6 Dont necessarily think its important to stick to tradition or conformity. A rebel! Very friendly: high agreeableness Very open: to experiencing new things and a love of novel things An idealist: a very picky perfectionist who wants things to be done just right Value cooperation, harmony, and others and their opinions
  • 7 My Social Personality! What does it say about me?
  • 8 VOTE FOR OUR SXSW 2015 SESSION http://panelpicker.sxsw.com 200 Tweets Reveals Personality and Brand with Sandy Carter and Michelle Zhou