10 Blogging Commandments

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New Bloggers Guide: Blogging 101 By Luvvie of AwesomelyLuvvie.com

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A mini rule book to give new bloggers basic rules and etiquette to know. Any questions, email [email protected]

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  • 1.New Bloggers Guide:Blogging 101By Luvvie of AwesomelyLuvvie.com

2. What do People Blog About?Beauty Politics TechnologyEVERYTHING! Entertainment Personal life Health/Fitness Science 3. The 10 Blogging Commandments 4. I. Thou Shalt Decide On a Platform That Is Right For You 5. Blogger Easy and fast to setup FREE! Yourdomain.blogspot.com 6. Wordpress (.org)Free but hosting costs Super customizable Full website capability Like buying a house as opposed to renting (Blogger) 7. II. Thou Shalt Not Have Awful Design 8. Whats Awful?Crazy colors Lots of clutter Glitter and sparkle Most MySpace pages 9. III. Thou Shalt Make Site Easy To Remember supercalifragilisticexpealidocious.wordpress.com= FAIL 10. Buy A Custom URL Instead of yoururl.blogspot.com, just yoururl.com Great branding Shows commitment to site Less characters people have to type 11. IV. Thou Shalt Measure and Track Traffic 12. Google Analyticswww.google.com/analytics 13. Clicky www.getclicky.com 14. Google Analytics vs. Clicky Google Analytics Clicky Free for basic account but one can FREE! upgrade Shows traffic, pageviews, and Shows traffic, pageviews, and referring sites referring sites Updates every 24 hours Updates in real-time. Shows amount of people CURRENTLY on site Doesnt count traffic from people who dont allow cookies on their browsers Counts everyoneUse both! G-analytics is great for overall look. Clicky is great for those who need constant updates. 15. V. Thou Shalt Make Content Easy To Receive 16. RSS Feeds Allow people to subscribe to your blog to receive viatheir Reader of choice or email. 17. VI. Thou Shalt Promote Thine Blog 18. Make Your Site VisibleTwitter, Facebook etc. Comment on other blogs Guest post 19. VII. Thou Shalt Have GoodContent 20. Be...ONE of these. Or more: INTERESTING! Useful Informative Funny Current 21. VIII. Thou Shalt Engage Thine Readers 22. Create Conversation When readers comment, REPLY. Leave blogs open- ended (ask questions) 23. IX. Thou Shalt Show Love toOther Bloggers 24. Share Your Space Link to others bloggers in posts Create a blogroll Accept guest posters sometimes 25. X. Thou Shalt Write In YourOWN Voice 26. Have Muses But DontDuplicate Imitation can flatter, but it can also be plagiarism Be Authentic Blog what you know Give credit when its dueTo thine own blog be true! 27. Questions? Email me: [email protected] @iLuvvit