Zeltiq Coolsculpting in Manhattan -- Non-invasive and Safe

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Zeltiq Coolsculpting is a non-invasive option which helps get rid of excess fat to achieve a well-contoured body. This treatment is clinically proven to be safe and effective and thus a reliable choice. Patients can relax or engage in light activities such as browsing and listening to music even as this non-surgical treatment is being administered.

Transcript of Zeltiq Coolsculpting in Manhattan -- Non-invasive and Safe

  • Contact Us : 1-800-282-7285 212-265-2724 Zeltiq Coolsculpting in Manhattan -- Non-invasive and Safe
  • A well-contoured body is any man/womans dream and the stumbling block in the path of achieving it is diet and exercise resistant excess body fat. Advanced cosmetic surgery solutions are now available to help people achieve their aesthetic goals. However, considerations such as pain, possible complications and the downtime involved may deter one from undergoing cosmetic surgery. CoolSculpting Zeltiq is a great option available now that does not involve invasive surgery. This non-invasive procedure helps get rid of excess fat safely and effectively with the innovative CoolSculpting device from Zeltiq Aesthetic. Zeltiq Coolsculpting is provided at advanced practices in Manhattan. The technique is simple and the fat cells are destroyed by freezing. A Natural Alternative to Surgical Procedures The device used for this aesthetic procedure is FDA approved and so there is nothing to worry about its safety side and efficiency. www.bodysculpt.com
  • This cannot be removed by liposuction. Visceral fat can be removed as follows: Merits of VASERshape and BodyFX www.bodysculpt.com It works on advanced cooling technology (cryolipolysis) and a specifically designed cooling applicator is applied to the treatment area. The procedure has the unique capability to selectively target localized fat deposits, freeze it, and naturally remove the fat. As only the fat cells are frozen, the process doesnt harm the surrounding tissues. Experienced plastic surgeons can effectively treat diverse body areas such as the abdomen, love handles, bra rolls and muffin-tops. A new refreshed look can be achieved in just a few months. Benefits of Undergoing CoolSculpting for Fat Reduction Those undergoing the procedure can feel totally relaxed, being aware of its non-invasive nature. They can remain active during treatment spending time listening to music or working on laptops. Some of the other benefits that make this procedure a comfortable one are the following:
  • www.bodysculpt.com Short procedure duration, say just 1 or at the most 3 hours No knives and suction hoses No needles and anesthetic No surgical incisions and scars Patients can resume normal activities right after the procedure Noticeable reduction of fat with a single procedure Candidates can opt for more procedures after two or four months after the initial treatment if they wish for more fat reduction. By just spending the time one may usually devote to the gym a day, you can complete this simple procedure; it is therefore often referred to as a lunch break procedure. With virtually no downtime, this innovation in body sculpting technology offers hope for busy individuals who desire an attractive body contour, but are hard pressed to find time for aesthetic enhancements. Moreover, Coolsculpting Zeltiq treatment is clinically proven to be safe and effective and thus a reliable choice.