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Young Professionals Session Young Professionals Session Pipelines 101 (Th L Y Did ’t G t i Sh l) (The Lessons You Didn’t Get in School) Texas Water 2010 Corpus Christi Texas Corpus Christi, Texas April 14, 2010

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Young Professionals SessionYoung Professionals SessionPipelines 101

(Th L Y Did ’t G t i S h l)(The Lessons You Didn’t Get in School)

Texas Water 2010Corpus Christi TexasCorpus Christi, Texas

April 14, 2010

Anne Carrel, P.E.David Bennett P EDavid Bennett, P.E.

Freese and Nichols, Inc.

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Piping Systems Overview Piping Systems Overview

Planning / Route Selection



Lessons Learned

Standards References Training Standards, References, Training

Pipelines 101

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Piping SystemsPiping Systems

Pressure Piping Systems Pressure Piping Systems Raw Water Transmission Treated Water Transmission & Distribution Wastewater Force Mains Reuse Water Systems

Gravity Piping Systems Wastewater Collection & Conveyance

ll Storm Water Collection & Conveyance

Pipelines 101

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Planning / Route SelectionPlanning / Route Selection

Typical Pipeline Design Schedule Typical Pipeline Design Schedule

Pipelines 101

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Planning / Route SelectionPlanning / Route Selection

Data Gathering Data Gathering Aerials, Maps (roads, contours,

floodplain, landowner, zoning,d l t il t )development, soils, etc…)

Record drawings/exist. Utilities

Environmental Issues Environmental Issues USACE 404 Permitting / Waters of US Texas Historical Commission (THC) Texas Historical Commission (THC) Endangered Species – US Fish & Wildlife Service TPDES (SWPPP)( )

Pipelines 101

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Planning / Route SelectionPlanning / Route Selection

Alternative Route Development Alternative Route Development Topography & Preliminary Hydraulics Land use (existing/future development) Crossings (roads, creeks, RR, utilities) Constructability & Accessibility

Route Evaluation & Selection Field investigation

( / l l f l ) Costs (ROW/easements, capital, life cycle, O&M) Schedule (construction, permitting delays) Land acquisition (cost & schedule) Land acquisition (cost & schedule)

Pipelines 101

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Surveying Surveying Right-of-Entry for survey Topographic survey Tie-in existing features Aerial & tree survey Subsurface Utility Engineering (SUE)

Land Acquisition Permanent & temporary easements Easement widths (installation & O&M) Landowner coordination Landowner coordination

Pipelines 101

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Pipe Materials Pipe Materials Pressure Pipe - Steel, Ductile-Iron,

PVC, HDPE, Concrete Cylinder( t d b d)(pre-stressed, bar-wrapped)

Gravity Pipe – RCP, PVC, HDPE, Fiberglass Pipe Coatings Cement Mortar Tape Pipe Coatings – Cement Mortar, Tape,

Polyurethane, PE Encasement,Epoxy (fusion bonded, hot-applied)

Pipe Linings – Cement Mortar, Polyurethane, PVC, Glass,Epoxy (fusion bonded hot-applied)Epoxy (fusion bonded, hot applied)

Pipelines 101

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Hydraulics Hydraulics Pressure systems (HGL, pipe class, wall thickness) Gravity systems (velocities, slope, capacity) Pipe size optimization (costs, future flows)

Thrust Restraint Pipe Deflection Trench Design Buoyancy Tunnels, Boring, Directional Drilling, g, g

Pipelines 101

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Appurtenances Appurtenances Valves (isolation, control, air, blow-off) Manholes, junction boxes & connections Flow meters

Geotechnical Study Creek / River Crossings

Open-cut Aerial / Bridge crossings Siphons

E i t l id ti Environmental considerationsPipelines 101

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Corrosion Design Corrosion Design External corrosion (concrete & metallic piping) Internal corrosion (gravity wastewater systems)

Surge Control & Analysis Permits

Road Permits (TxDOT, counties, cities) Utilities (gas/petroleum, electric, etc…) Environmental (USACE, TCEQ, NPDES/SWPPP,

floodplain, archeological, mitigation) Other (railroad ADA other local requirements) Other (railroad, ADA, other local requirements)

Pipelines 101

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Cost Estimating Cost Estimating Material indexes, bid tabs, local/regional trends Contact pipe manufacturers / contractors Alternate bid materials

Construction Sequencing Testing, tie-in connections, system shutdowns Coordination with other projects

Quality Control QC reviews by experienced designers

C t t bilit i Constructability reviewsPipelines 101

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General Representation General Representation Resident Representation Submittal Review Submittal Review Site Visits Conflict Resolution Conflict Resolution Final Inspection &


Pipelines 101

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Lessons LearnedLessons Learned

Pipe Embedment / Backfill Compaction Pipe Embedment / Backfill Compaction Difficult to monitor & verify in field Faulty embedment can = catastrophic failure

Pipelines 101

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Lessons LearnedLessons Learned

Field Verify Survey Field Verify Survey Check property lines Check topography/contours Check existing utilities/structures Check for other things that look “fishy”

Utility Conflicts Utilize “Dig-Tess” or “One-Call” during design &

constructionconstruction SUE can prevent many conflicts during construction

Pipelines 101

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Lessons LearnedLessons Learned

Pipe Profile Design Pipe Profile Design Consider low flow HGL Consider velocity in partial

flow sections

Temperature of fluid Creek Crossings

Analyze each creek for properrepair methods during designrepair methods during design

Add bid contingency forflexibility during constructiony g

Pipelines 101

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Lessons LearnedLessons Learned Appurtenances

Place near roads for access Make sure blow-off valves are

l d k t d iplaced near creek or storm drain

Coordinate w/ROW acquisitionBid Alt t ( i t i l ) Bid Alternates (pipe materials) Not always the same design

among pipe materialsamong pipe materials Pipe details, appurtenances,

tunnels, corrosion systems vary

Pipelines 101

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Lessons LearnedLessons Learned

Constructability Constructability Provide adequate easements

for construction & materialsd li / tdelivery/storage

Make sure roads are adequatefor big truck deliveriesfor big truck deliveries

Permitting Issues To avoid constructionTo avoid construction

shut-down - check that allpermits are acquired

Pipelines 101

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Lessons LearnedLessons Learned

Connections & Shutdowns Connections & Shutdowns Hold pre-coordination meeting w/contractor & owner Make sure materials &

supplies on-hand

Corrosion Protection Insure that pipeline continuity

testing is performed

T ti Testing Think through order of testing between sections Source and locations for filling/draining Source and locations for filling/draining

Pipelines 101

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Standards References TrainingStandards, References, Training AWWA Standards & Design Manualsg

Pipe (Concrete, Steel, PVC, DIP, PE, Fiberglass) Valves (Gate, Butterfly, Air Release, Distribution)

Pi I t ll ti & Li i Pipe Installation & Linings AWWA Standards (C-Series) AWWA Design Manuals (M-Series) AWWA Design Manuals (M Series)

Pipelines 101

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Standards References TrainingStandards, References, Training ASTM Standards

PVC Gravity & Pressure Pipe(D-Series, F-Series)

Reinforced Concrete Pipe (RCP) (C76) Reinforced Concrete Pipe (RCP) (C76) PE Pipe (D-3350, F-714)

TCEQ Standards & Rules Chapter 210 – Reclaimed Water Chapter 217 – Domestic Wastewater Systems Chapter 290 – Public Water Systems

Pipelines 101

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Standards References TrainingStandards, References, Training Reference Books

Buried Pipe Design, (A. Moser & S. Folkman) Pipeline Installation: A Manual for Construction

of Buried Pipe (Amster Howard)of Buried Pipe, (Amster Howard) Valve Handbook (P. Skousen)

Manufacturer Catalogs Manufacturer Catalogs Training, Seminars & Conferences

ASCE Design Seminars & Conferences ASCE Pipelines Conference AWWA Seminars & Conferences

Pipelines 101

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Contact InformationContact InformationDavid Bennett, P.E.

Freese and Nichols, Inc. – San Antonio Office4040 Broadway Street

Suite 600San Antonio, Texas 78209

p 210.298.3800 / f [email protected]

Anne Carrel, P.E.Freese and Nichols, Inc. – Austin Office10814 Jollyville RoadBuilding 4, Suite 100u d g , Su te 00Austin, Texas 78759p 512.617.3100 / f [email protected]

Pipelines 101