WP Parramatta Feb Housekeeping

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1. PARRAM ATTA W ORDPRESS MEETUP # W P P A R R A 2. USE THE HASHTAG & PROMOTE OUR GROUP Please promote our small meetup on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. Use the hashtag #wpparra. Dont forget to take photos and upload them to Meetup.com 3. WPNORSYD & WPSYD The next North Sydney Meetup is Thursday, Feb 12 at Cammergal Building, North Sydney College of TAFE (213 Pacific Highway, St. Leonards). The Next Sydney Meetup is Monday, Feb 23 at Fishburners (608 Harris St, Sydney). The topic is Hosting, Schmosting. 4. NEXT MONTHS MEETUP Next Month (March) the Meetup hasnt been scheduled yet. This room is booked at that time, so the date will have to be adjusted to the second Monday of March - March 9th. 5. WELCOME TO THE PARRAMATTA COLLEGE Please help keeping the location clean, and our hosts happy to have us! 6. WE ARE ALWAYS LOOKING FOR SPEAKERS Send Scott or Mitch a message on Meetup.com if you want to speak next! If you want a topic covered, contact us as well! 7. UPCOMING EVENTS Phunconf - The 5th Annual SydPHP Phunconf will be held Thursday, Feb 5th (This Thursday!) There are still tickets available. http://www.phunconf.org 8. UPCOMING EVENTS PHP Australia Conference - The 1st ever PHP conference in Australia will be held March 12 - 13. There are still tickets available! http://www.phpconference.com.au