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Our Vision A Community Transforming Lives Our Values Grace, Inclusion, Dignity, Faith and Hope Uniting Church in Australia 27th September 2015 Parramatta Mission: Congregational [email protected] Westmead & Parramatta & Hospitality, Community and Mental Health Services across Greater Sydney and beyond Our News
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Transcript of Uniting Church Our in News - Parramatta Mission · 2017. 9. 26. · Uniting Church in Australia...

  • Our Vision A Community

    Transforming Lives

    Our Values Grace, Inclusion, Dignity,

    Faith and Hope

    Uniting Church

    in Australia

    27th September 2015

    Parramatta Mission:

    Congregational [email protected] Westmead & Parramatta

    & Hospitality, Community and Mental Health Services across Greater Sydney

    and beyond

    Our News

  • Mark 9: 38-50. ‘In my name’.

    Back in 2005 Archbishop Peter Jensen was asked to deliver the prestigious Boyer Lectures on Radio National. The theme of his six lectures was the future of Jesus in Australia. The actual delivery of the fifth lecture coincided with the first night of the Cronulla race riots. The causes of that explosion of violence have now been well researched across many disciplines. It was not, of course, a conflict between rival religious claims – but it is evident that those participated in the riots made occasional use of the religious difference between the Christian faith and Islam. Jensen did not address the theme of the future of Jesus in a multi-faith Australia. His audience was more one of a secular Australia which was ‘once Christian’. One of Jensen’s most insightful comments had to do with how quickly the narrative surrounding the name of Jesus is disappearing from Australian culture. Jensen argued that Jesus was fast becoming an anonymous character in this country and something of a footnote in the telling of its history. He described an encounter with two highly intelligent men who ascribed well-known sayings to Abraham Lincoln rather than to Jesus. For Jensen this lack of familiarity is one of the signs of the times. Jensen’s line of argument is not entirely accurate, of course. The name of Jesus Christ often features in the mouths of people but perhaps, more often as a swear word (an expletive) than as an act of confession. “For Christ’s sake” is, strictly speaking, a plea, the ending of a prayer, an act of invocation, praise and worship. That it should become so widely used as an expletive is an episode in the evolution of the history of swearing.

    The name of Jesus has meaning. It means “he will save his people from their sins”; Christ refers to the “the anointed one”; “Emmanuel” means “God with us”. It is thus a name which effectively represents both the humanity of God and the purposes of God for us. It has a meaning and significance far removed from expletives or casual neglect. It is also a name which has meaning in Islam. Jesus is Isa ibn Maryam: Jesus the son of Mary. He he is al-Masih ( a messenger of God). Sometimes the name of Jesus can be obscured through the best of intentions. We carry out our tasks often in the name of Parramatta Mission or Leigh Memorial or Leigh Fijian or Westmead. Our reading this morning concerns the way in which the disciples try to carry out acts of healing and care on their own terms. Jesus directs their attention back to what is done in his name. Clive Pearson. The Assembly has set aside this month as “Interfaith September”. For further reading and resources, see: http://assembly.uca.org.au/rof/resources/int-sep


  • THANK YOU to Rev. Deborah Suk for preaching this morning and to William Mateo for leading the service. Thanks also to Robyn, Malcolm, Darlene and Neil for their assistance. Prayers for Rev. Manas & wife Nita as they embark on a month of leave, both here and overseas. Please direct pastoral care and other congregation matters to the Leaders team: Bruce (Chairperson), William, Ken, Liz, Robyn, Malcolm, Darlene & Samantha. MANY THANKS - PEACE SERVICE Last Monday's International Day of Peace/ Inter-faith Prayer Service at the Fellowship Centre was a very positive and meaningful experience for all involved. Many thanks to Manas for his leadership and hard work over many weeks and months - and for his depth of commitment to this important event. Thanks also to the congregation leaders' team, congregation members and PM staff who helped behind the scenes/ with tech matters - and/or generously donated food for afternoon tea in order to bring about such a successful afternoon for the over 200 attendees. Photos from the afternoon are included in this newsletter. "Peace Always!" PARRAMATTA LANES - 6 - 9 OCTOBER @ Leigh Memorial This special event will involve 4 nights of unique art and musical contributions inside our church! Featured installation artists will be Australian Ella Condon and New Yorker, Magali Duzant - with some music/ comedy provided by maverick funnyman, Barry Morgan. Various other sites - incorporating food/ entertainment and drawing in considerable numbers of locals and visitors to Parramatta - will also be operating around us during the week, This is an exciting opportunity for our congregations to engage in local community presence and interaction. General Enquiries: Ian & the Parramatta Lanes Working Group. Additional information: 1) Volunteers from the congregation will be needed to help supervise the church and welcome visitors. Please see Margie or Norma if you would like to join the roster; 2) In addition to artists from the Parramatta Artists' Studios exhibiting their work in Leigh Memorial during 'Parramatta Lanes', we are also seeking contributions from our own congregation members and staff. All ages & levels of ability are invited to exhibit. LEAP (Leave Everything and Pray) - CHANGE OF DATE Please note that the LEAP meeting scheduled for Wednesday 7 October has been re-scheduled to Wednesday 14 October. Thank you. Further information: LM Leaders.


  • LEIGH congregation cont…………………..


    Early last Saturday morning, 19 September, a large 'boom lift'/ cherry picker was brought into Macquarie Street outside Leigh Memorial and set-up for an inspection of the 130 year old church tower. This was necessitated by damage to the tower roof caused during the severe hail/ rain storm which took place on ANZAC day this year - and which led to water damage in the tower stairwell. During the workers' inspection of the tower, they kindly took some photographs for us, including close-ups of the tower's stonework and some birds eye views from the church to the street. A few photos taken on the day by Mario (safely on the footpath) and included here, include views of the boom lift above the tower and of Ed, Andy and Paul who kindly facilitated the job. Thanks to Melrose Design Build & the PM Property team, esp. Sharon, who always give our congregation a lot of support.

    Further details about the inspection's findings and proposed repairs will be forthcoming - Liz, on behalf of the Heritage & Property Committees.







    Westmead saw flags flying on Tuesday and Wednesday. We have 3 new ‘Open’ Banners that declare to the world we are open. The first flying saw a number of people come in to Time Out Café- and it is another step in increasing our visibility. The church was a busy place during the week with a conference in for 4 days, many meetings apart from the busyness of our usual activities. This is such a joy to have the church vibrant and busy, and speaking to people through the hospitality we offer. Thank you to all who work to make it this way. We have another bus trip coming up on October 6

    th and we will be travelling to

    go on the Hawkesbury Riverboat Postman. We are now booked in and are very excited as we start counting down the weeks. Don’t forget that we need to be at Westmead Car Park by 8.15 so we can leave promptly. We are also very grateful for our wonderful driver Parriss, who is driving us in the bus. NB As a number of us are away on this day on the bus trip, and others are away on holidays so we will cancel TOC for the Tuesday only. The residents and staff of Mayflower nursing home were very grateful for their new crocheted and knitted blankets. The Chaplain, Pastor Lyn Graham, and two of the pastoral care workers came up to TOC- and had a delightful time with the volunteers and congregational members at TOC. We are starting to collect things for our Munch’n’Brunch (mini- fete) on 7

    th November. Please book the date and we look forward to providing food, fun

    and a good morning out! And speaking of collecting things we are also taking donations of quality women’s clothing. Please bring all donations to the Office. Christine’s Office is looking a little like a store room but we have plenty of storage upstairs- so don’t hold back! The ‘health challenge’ affects so many of us but especially our musicians at present. Our prayers are with Don as he undergoes further treatment. And we are also very aware of Soo Ling’s father back in Malaysia. We pray for Soo Ling and her mother as they are in Malaysia as a family. This leaves Flora, Bruce and Rev Christine as our musicians- so we are very glad we have technology to assist us with music.


    People matters:

    Robyn, who was staying at Wesley Lodge, has asked for continued prayer for her husband George and their family, as George has now had surgery and is recovering well. He went home on Tuesday and Robyn sent a message of thanks to the congregation. ‘I continue my prayers for the wonderful people at the church’.

    Fran, who has also been staying at the Lodge, has asked for prayer for her son- in his recovery from significant surgery. We are delighted to see Fran at church and hear her son is recovering well.

    Please pray for Michelle’s family in the lodge with a child in the children’s hospital- who need some extra assistance in finding a home.

    Robyn H has also been facing some really difficult medical issues. She and Greg really need extra prayers at this time, especially while they wait for the results of different tests.

    We have many people who are not well or have particular medical conditions and our prayers are with each of them.

    Lorna and Lyn are having a bit of a break so we hope they enjoy their time away, although Lyn did pick up a bit of a cold. We pray she will recover well. Please remember to pray each day around 9.00 am if you can for God’s Spirit to bring more opportunities for offering hospitality, sharing faith and offering care and compassion in the name of Christ. Especially pray for more able-bodied people to come and engage in the many tasks of the congregation in mission and ministry.

    Deepening Faith

    Bible Study from 2.00- 3.30pm

    Hospitality and Support

    Time Out Café Tuesday and Thursdays 11.00-1.30

    Open Door Wednesday 1.00-3.30pm

    Tai Chi Fridays 10.00-11.00

    Save the date

    7th November – Munch’n’brunch


    November- donations of food for Meals’ Plus

  • Practical Ministry Workshops

    Beecroft Uniting Church

    Praying Public Prayer Saturday 17 October 2015—2.00-4.00pm

    Praying in public is very different to our personal prayers. This workshop will

    explore practical tips to make our public prayers more meaningful and connect better

    with the congregation

    Sound Desk and Audio-Visual Workshop Saturday 24 October 2015 - 2.00-4.00pm

    The development of technology in church has made it increasingly difficult for

    smaller churches to keep up. This workshop is designed to strip back the

    requirements and utilise technology more effectively.

    Reading the Bible Confidently in Church Saturday 31 October 2015 - 2.00-4.00pm

    The bible reading is an essential part of the flow of the service and important in

    setting up the preaching. This workshop will offer some tips and processes to

    enhance the reading of Scripture.

    Cost $10 per person per workshop

    Lay Preacher Intensives In association with the Alan Walker College of Evangelism

    Tanakh (Old Testament) Intensive Saturday 7 November 2015 - 9.00am to 4.00pm

    This intensive explores the world of the Tanakh and services as the first module of

    the Tanakh course. It seeks to help Christians have a sense of the Jewish roots of the

    Bible and what impact this has on interpretation of the Scriptures

  • New Testament Intensive Saturday 14 November 1015 - 9.00am - 4.00pm

    This intensive takes a broad look at the development and scope of the New

    Testament. It is also the first module of the New Testament course.

    Knowing What We Believe Intensive Saturday 28 November 2015 - 9.00am - 4.00pm

    This intensive is an introduction to theology. It examines how we move from the

    biblical witness to the practical application of doctrines in the life of the Church.

    It is also the first module of the Theology course.

    Cost $25 per person per intensive (Full course $125.00)

    BYO Lunch. Morning Tea provided.

    Other Events at BUC

    Art Exhibition—Jesus: Laughing and Loving 37 Paintings from around the world exploring the theme of Jesus as the loving and

    laughing Saviour.

    Launch Sunday 15 November. Open to Public Monday 16 to Sunday 22

    November 2015. Public lecture: Saturday, 21 November, 7.30pm.

    Check website for opening times - www.beecroftuniting.org

    Proceeds to help rebuild a school in Gaza, Palestine.

    Anniversary Celebration 100 year Anniversary of the Church Building and 125 years of continuous worship in


    Sunday 22 November 2015 Celebration Service 9.30am

    Morning Tea and Musical Presentation 11am to 12 noon

    Luncheon 12 noon to 2pm

    RSVP to [email protected]

    Evening Worship Service Commences - Sunday 25 October 2015 at 6pm

    This service will be contemporary in worship and interactive in style.

  • Parramatta Mission projects supported in the Uniting Church

    Please pray for: Living as a multicultural church

    Ministry with people in prison

    Ministry with hospital patients living with a mental illness

    Hospital chaplaincy with patients, staff & families

    Foster your faith this week as you read:

    Jb 1:1;2:1-10 Ps 26 Heb 1:1-4;2:5-12 Mk 10:2-16

    Pastoral message for this week…..

    Be like salt to the world,

    bring out the best in others.

    To our gracious volunteers who gave up part of their Saturday to sizzle 35 kilograms of sausages at Bunnings North Parramatta and raised over $650 for Thelma Brown Cottagees.

    Saturday 19th September


    Have you been saving your 5c pieces? Or, you can begin now.

    The world-wide collection of each country’s LEAST COIN of their

    currency to be given to the needy, is on again. Australia’s least currency is the 5c piece.

    Think of, and pray for those less fortunate than yourself as you place your 5c in a little bag. Beverly will happily give you a bag.


  • 시드니 조은 교회 Sydney Jo-Eun Church 13-40

    열 여덜 번째 성령강림주일 (18th Pentecost of Sunday)

    개회 찬송 (Entrance Hymn) 예배를 위한 묵상

    예배의 부름 (Calling) 전현구 목사

    송영 (Gloria)

    사도신경 신앙고백 (The Apostle’s Creed) …………………………….다함께

    찬양/찬송 (Chorus & Hymns)

    기도 (Prayer) 다함께


    성경 봉독 (Scripture Reading)

    말씀 (Preaching)- 전현구 담임목사

    성찬및 봉헌 찬송 (Holy Communion & Offertory Hymn)

    나눔과 알림 (Announcement & Notices)

    폐회 찬송 (Final Hymn)

    축도 (Benediction) 전현구 목사

    새 6장 통 2장

    새9장 통 53장

    새270장 통214장

    에베소서 5:15-21

    성령 충만함을 받으라

    새 635 장 하늘에 계신 우리 아버지

    새182장 통169장

    수요기도회 :오후 7시


    새벽기도회 : 오전6시


    QT나눔 & 성경공부

    주일 오후4:00

    할렐루야! 오늘 함께 예배드린 여러분에게 주님이 주시는 평안이 충만하시길 축복합니다

    성령충만함으로 주께서 주신 사명 잘 감당하는 건강한 교회로 세워지길 기도합니다

    매일 성경으로 묵상하는 QT를 하고 적용하는 훈련을 합니다.

    한 영혼을 구원하는 전도에 자원하는 마음으로 열심히 동참합니다.

    하늘에 가득찬 영광의 하나님

    변찮는 주님의 사랑과

    찬양 성부 성자 성령

    주일 예배오후 1시

    강물같이 흐르는 기쁨

    새502장 통 259장 빛의 사자들이여 어서가서(1)

  • Ini at Oceania Biblical Studies Association [OBSA] 2015 in Piula, Samoa

    with participants and the Head of State, His Highness Tui Atua Tamasese

    Fijian Congregation

    Vunau Vunau Lesi Vunau






    4-Oct Vulavou -

    Rev Clive Pearson Josefa Foiakau M.3

    11-Oct Fil Kamotu Sosi Toa Youth

    18-Oct Rooty Hill Josefa Foiakau Akisi Allison M.1 M.2

    Me tomani na noda veimasulaki vei ratou na JNC ena kena sa tekivu na

    veivosaki eso.

    Kerei tiko noda veimasulaki vei ira na malumalumu, ira era tiko leqa,


    No youth during the school holidays - Youth will return on

    Friday, October 9.

  • Worship Services at Parramatta Mission

    Mon to Fri 9.00am - 2.00pm Open Church @ Leigh Memorial

    Tuesday 1.10pm Holy Communion @ Leigh

    Sunday 9.30am Leigh Memorial Congregation @ Leigh

    9.45am Westmead Congregation @ Westmead

    11.15am Leigh Fijian Congregation @ Leigh

    1.30pm Korean Faith Community @ Leigh

    7.00pm Praise, Prayer, Cake & Coffee @ Leigh

    We pray for healing & wholeness for these people & places:

    Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia

    UC congregations of the Cumberland Zone: Dundas/Ermington, Northmead, North Rocks, Carlingford, West Epping, Centenary, Wentworthville, Holroyd, Greystanes, Grantham Heights, Parramatta Mission, Auburn.

    For the worship, witness and service of: Bidwell Mt Druitt Community Ministry Pray for John Dacey’s leadership of this important outreach. Pray for Josh and Melinda as they network, and that this ministry will continue to transform the

    community of Mt Druitt. P M Leigh Fijian: Anare Vocea, Toa Family, Dale & Silo, Kula Diqoliwasa, Niko

    Balavu and Bera family.

    PM Leigh Memorial: Frank & Lynn; Ken and Nell. Col, Julie’s aunt Winnifred

    PM Westmead: Naomi, Robyne, Doreen and David, Robyn and Greg, Deidre and husband, Rajes (Sandra), Phyllis, Billie, Vita, Satik, Nancy, Ashlee, Mrs R, Olivia, Ruth, baby James and family, Robyn and George, Fran and her husband, Michelle and family, Don, Soo Ling and her family, Caroline A.

    PM UnitingHospitality; UnitingHope; UnitingRecovery; Pray for grace for all, healing and wholeness, wisdom, patience, diligence and fulfilment in work.

    Leigh Memorial Congregation Rev Dr Manas Ghosh: 0429 892 548 Leigh Memorial Church 119 Macquarie St Parramatta

    Leigh Fijian Congregation: 9891 2277 Senior Minister/ Group CEO Rev Keith Hamilton Acting Group CEO: Karen Burns 9891 2277 Westmead Mission Worker Pastor Trish Rooney Mobile: 0478 301 698 Westmead Congregation Rev Christine Bayliss Kelly 0409 925 607 Westmead Church 175 Hawkesbury Road Westmead: 98919354 Church Office: 9891 2277 Email : [email protected]

    Prayer Points