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This is the University School's Pawprint Newspaper May 2011 edition

Transcript of University Schools Pawprint MAY 2011

  • awprintUniversity High SchoolP Volume IV, Issue 9 May 19, [email protected] West 18th Street Greeley, CO 80634 (970)-330-2221

    When I entered high school, I was most defi nitely full of expectations. I was full of nerves, full of excitement, and full of breakfast. One thing I was not full of was life experiences. The kinds of experiences that I went through in high school were ones that began to shape the person I am slowly becoming. High school is broken up into four obvious parts; freshman, sophomore, junior, and of course senior year. For me, different experi-ences were gained during each one of these years and now that I am a senior, I can see how all of these experi-ences are tied together. Lets go ahead and start off in year one: fresh-man year. This is probably the second most exciting year of high school directly behind senior year. The transi-tion from middle school to high school appealed to me in a way that is hard to describe. I was, as I said, full of excitement. However, the nerves that I felt almost over-shadowed all of that excitement. What I am trying to say is that nerves are completely normal. I once had a teacher tell me that if you werent just a little nervous, it meant you werent really invested in what you were doing. I think the most important thing to remember about fresh-man year is that you are still trying to fi gure out what you want your identity to be. When I was a freshman I, at times, got so caught up in trying to be cool, trying to fi t in, that I forgot about the values that were very dear to me. Trying to fi nd yourself is ok but dont try to make yourself into something you werent meant to be or some-one that YOU really dont want to be. Freshman year was awesome. Were there bumps in the road? Yep, there absolutely were but that made it all the more enjoyable.

    Sophomore year of high school is alets say, unique time. All teachers swear that when a kid goes from being a freshman to being a sophomore, they get a little, wild. When I was a sophomore I didnt notice really anything so I thought teachers were just full of it. Looking at some sophomores now though, I realize that something does truly happen to all of us. Whether we be-come more comfortable with being ourselves because we are no longer the lowest on the totem pole or whatever; I promise something changes inside of us all. Dont read this and think hes full of crap. Im not going to change at all. One, you are wrong and two, if you just accept it, you will have an absolute blast making a fool out of yourself. Trust me, I do it all the time! Another piece of advice for sophomores, if you get your license dont speed. I swear it isnt worth it. Get to class late because I promise the speech you will get from Mr. Wagner or the push-ups you will have to do for Mr. Kintz are nowhere near as bad as trying to explain to your parents why you were going 15 mph over the speed limit. The line at Wendys was really long, is not a good enough explana-tion - that you can be certain. Upper-classmen. That is usually the fi rst thing that comes to a new juniors mind followed pretty quickly by OH NO! The ACTs are this year! Just relax they truly arent that bad. Now I do not have much advice on how to prepare for the ACTs; Im sorry but I got a 24 so I am no super genius and obviously there are better ways to prepare because I am in about the middle of the pack. However, if you see that score and are thinking, Wow I hope I even come close to that! here is my

    advice: eat breakfast, dont stress, and remember that if you do poorly you can take it again, and again, and again. Junior year has the reputation for being the hardest year of high school. In my opinion, each year of high school is as hard as you make it. That being said, you get out of school what you put in to it. For me, my junior year was the year I fi nally decided to buckle down and really focus on my grades, so it seemed easier than both my freshman and sophomore years because I was getting better grades. Junior year is relatively uneventful however, Prom does occur during junior year so thats a plus. Okay; freshman, sophomore, and junior years are all great however, every kid knows that senior year is where its at. This is the year the seniors get to say goodbye to high school and complete the cementing of their legacies. Although I myself have not yet completed senior year, I still feel that I am close enough to the end to shed some light on how to enjoy it. The fi rst piece of advice I have for any incoming senior is to accept the fact that there is no such thing as an easy senior year. If you care at all about school or the future, I can promise you will not be coasting at all. Can you take an easy class schedule? Yeah, sure, of course you can! However, in case you havent heard, colleges are beginning to frown upon a senior year that is fi lled with art, PE, and underwater basket weaving. What I am trying to say is that taking those slack classes may seem easier now but it will probably be a detriment to you in the future.

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    Thoughts from a person that doesnt have all of the answersChristain Dick

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  • 2 awprintPUniversity High SchoolMay 19, 2011The end of the school year brings many thoughts to the minds of students. Most spend their classes, gazing out the window, begging summer to come upon us faster. Throughout this sea of drooling, crazed day-dreamers, there are a few students that have some motivation; an unexplainable desire to be productive, to take initiative, and to actu-ally make a difference in our school in the upcoming year. Jacob Regan is one of those people. He is a sophomore right now at UH, and he is a very involved student. Besides being in band, choir, and theater, he also saw the op-portunity to make a difference in the school. Many students here at University have seen his campaign fl yers, because he was running for treasurer for the executive board, using facial features to his advantage. Regan was a political poet, with comments on his hair color and freckles suiting him to his advantage. Such phrases as, A face without freckles is like a night without stars. and Sunshine on a ginger is like heaven on Earth. exemplify his passion for making himself appealing enough to be elected to this prestigious offi ce of the

    executive board. Regan is now the treasurer, elected to the Executive Board at University Schools on April 29th, 2011. Along with him was Becky Reeve, elected to serve as the new historian, Stephen Bradley, our new communications director, and Maggie Bau-er elected as secretary. The true leaders of our school student body will be Tori Fisher, the new vice president, and Andres Flores, our president for the 2011-2012 school year.When asked for reactions on getting elected, Becky Reeve replied, Im really excited, but I wish I had someone to run against. It feels like they are stuck with me, whether they like it or not. Reeve wants to bring a positive attitude to the student body and has many ideas about how to make next year phenomenal. Regan has a different idea. Instead, he dreams of bringing pride and self-worth to the board, but most of all he wants to change the school and bring respect to the gingers for all eternity. So, respect the leaders, but most importantly, respect the gingers.

    Respect for the Gingers

    With the year coming to a close there are no students who are affected worse than the senior class. It has been four years since the senior class fi rst entered high school. With this being the very last year that the seniors will be in high school, they are making sure they leave with a fi ght. Some of the seniors have been diligently working and just trying to wait out the year while other are just blowing their work off altogether. Then there are the ones who sit in class and complain while they fi nish their work. No matter what the symptoms, it has very profound effects on the teachers.Then there are some that have suddenly just realized that everything that they are currently working on is pointless. No collage cares if you get an A on every thing you do in high school. All that matters at this point is that the class gets passed with a decent grade. The teachers are handling this in any number of ways. Some allow their classes to watch movies. These are the teachers that everyone likes. Some give busy work that is easy to fi n-ish. Still others keep pilling the work on. Determined to keep their students working up until the end of the year. No matter what keep up with the work. Remember seniors fi nish strong this is the last few weeks of school.

    Each year, no matter what the class is, from math to English to AP sleeping, one or more students always manage to fi n-ish with an F. Because failed classes can obviously not count for anything, students that fail are required to make up the credits to graduate. According to teacher Justin Boyd, who is running the summer school program, this year, a total of 80 students have failed: 31 freshman, 37 sophomores, and 12 juniors.Each year a signifi cant number of students fail, and it is becoming a problem, says Donna Gonzales, the high school counselor. When students fail, it affects the sc