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April./May 2011 Pawprint

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  • La Mariposa Elementary School Pawprint Newsletter Page 1

    La Mariposa Pawprint Member of Camarillo PTA Council, Twelfth District PTA, California Congress of Parents, Teachers, Students, Inc. and the National Congress of Parents and Teachers

    La Mariposa School 4800 Corte Olivas, Camarillo, CA 93012 (805) 987-8333 www.LaMariposaTigers.org



    April / May 2011


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  • La Mariposa Elementary School Pawprint Newsletter Page 2


    TEACHERS I love teachers. If I listed my top 10 favorite people, half of them would be teachers I had growing up. Mr. Olson, who taught me to

    love science and that more can be learned from doing than from reading. Mrs. Ayersa who taught me that with hard work and dedication I could change my world. Mr. Buddhu who bridged the words of classical novelists to the lyrics of modern music. Ms. Craig, who helped me discover my voice and taught me to consider the context of an authors life and the bias it brings to what they write. And finally, my fifth grade teacher, Mrs. Rueckert, who never put limits or labels on what we could learn and made everyday and every subject something we wanted to dive into and swim around in. My guess is most of these people will never know the impact they made on my life or the person Ive become because of them. The economic crisis in the last few years has put a great burden on both school staff and teachers. Recent cuts mean they get paid less, work fewer hours, and handle more students. Yet, every morning, they greet our children with a smile and exceed the ever growing expectations of parents, administrators, and state standards. They are consummate professionals that certainly rival my Top Ten List of Favorite People. Each May the La Mariposa PTA sponsors Staff Appreciation Week. Its a time to show not only our teachers, but also the support staff of La Mariposa, how much we love them. Your children will have the opportunity to write special notes and bring in flowers. They will be treated to breakfast and a luncheon with a menu prepared by parents. Im sure our committee also has a few other surprises up their sleeves. I encourage that we parents also take a few minutes from our day to jot down a note of appreciation for someone that has made a difference in our childrens lives. I am forever grateful to my teachers and to all the teachers that follow in their foot-steps and stand on their shoulders. Someday my children will look back to their youth and count their teachers as some of their favorite people. Sincerely,

    Kamala Nahas

    STAR TESTING: 5 Ways to Set Your Child

    Up for Success by Kamala Nahas

    1. Make sure your child gets to school and stays at school...at least until lunch. STAR Testing week is not a week to schedule dentists appointments or family trips. 2. Make sure your child gets a good, balanced breakfast--toast and cereal is not enough. They need some protein and a little fat to make that food stick with them and get their brains focused. And while you're at it, pack 'em a good snack, too. 3. Make sure your child gets enough rest. Yup, that means no late practices that week and no staying up late reading books. Most experts agree school age children need about 10-11 hours of sleep per day. So get 'em to bed before 9:00.

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    On the Cover: Brinley discovers a bird skull during owl pellet dissection at the 4th Annual Science Night! More Science Night Photos on Pages 6 & 7.

    Parent Survey is available from 4/4 - 4/15. Click here to complete the survey.

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  • La Mariposa Elementary School Pawprint Newsletter Page 3

    MESSAGE FROM THE PRINCIPAL In the wording of many school and district mission statements, youll hear about developing students into lifelong learners. The goal for most teachers, especially at La Mariposa, is to instill in students a desire to learn even when they dont have to. In the classroom, engaging activities and meaningful content help create a learning environment that builds this love of learning. It is important to note, however, that La Mariposa teachers also have a desire to continue learning. I believe that teaching is a craft, and one that requires continuing learning and reflection. Thankfully, opportunities abound for our teachers to grow as professionals. This growth and learning for the teachers results in improved learning opportunities for our students. It is my goal and responsibility to make sure that teachers have the opportunities to learn and grow. Some of the learning opportunities for teachers are multi-day conferences. For instance, our Kindergarten team recently attended the Kindergarten Conference, a yearly meeting focused exclusively on teaching and learning in the California Kindergarten classroom. Our team returned from their weekend conference full of new ideas and practices ranging from the use of technology to assess students to creative ways to keep the class focused during instruction. They shared their ideas with the other primary grades, and are already using their new skills and strategies. Other grade level teams attend classes together, such as our 1st grade team, which has been attending SMART board classes one evening a month at the Ventura County Office of Education. Over the summer, they also attended a 2-day class in a neighboring district to learn about their new technology. The team has used the class as a launching point for their innovative lessons and ever-growing repertoire of skills in the classroom. Members of our 2nd grade team have attended math workshops on evenings and weekends, while one of our 2nd grade teachers has attended a series of Saturday classes on how to infuse the arts into the content areas. This teacher received a scholarship for this series from the Ventura County Arts Council, which means she is able to attend the courses at no cost to the school. Our 2nd and 3rd grade teams have used their expertise to increase the knowledge of other grade level teams in the District. They have lead meetings throughout the year focused on writing, assessment, and technology. We are very proud of the leadership shown by La Mariposa staff. Teachers in the 4th and 5th grade have participated in various classes and workshops as well. While some teachers have attended classes on visual thinking, one 5th grade teacher is participating in a year-long program Called Teachers of American History, which focuses on creating a deeper understanding of our nations history. Our entire 4th and 5th grade team has also visited a neighboring district to learn more about the use of technology in the classroom. The path of learning does not end once someone graduates with a degree. As professionals, La Mariposa teachers continue to grow their skills and develop new ideas to make their classrooms engaging and unique. I am proud of their desire to learn, and I hope that you find the time to recognize their hard work as they strive to give your children the best learning opportunities possible. Mr. Jay Greenlinger

    4. Create a stress-free morning. It happens in my house, too: Where's your shoes? Why are you wearing your little brother's jacket? Rush, rush...too late to walk...get in the car...GET IN THE CAR. When my family is on the top of our game, we prepare for the morning the night before. I call it mitigating the mad-ness. Pack lunches, lay out clothes, locate shoes...kinda like the first day of school. Maybe this is a good idea for everyday? ...and finally 5. Walk to school. Studies show that twenty minutes of moderate physical activity, like walking to school, i n c r e a s e s a t t e n t i o n s p a n , concentration, and specifically the ability to answer tougher questions accurately. No surprise this increased focus leads to higher achievement (equivalent to as much as a full letter grade) on standardized tests. Live too far away? Park at Pitts Ranch Park or a friends house and walk from there. Click here full article.

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    La Mariposa is having our very

    1st Talent Show!!! Do you play an instrument? Do you love to sing or dance Are you a poet? Do like to give speeches?

    Important Dates April 15: Permission Slips Due April 27: Act Preview (Auditions) May 26: Dress Rehearsal June 2: TALENT SHOW, 6-8pm

    Sign up for the Talent Show today!!!!

    Click here to sign up.

  • La Mariposa Elementary School Pawprint Newsletter Page 4

    TOGETHER WE RAISED $34,500! The La Mariposa dinner dance and auction was a HUGE success. Thank you to our teachers, parents, and friends who so generously donated their time, money and talents. All who participated had a great time for a great cause. We could not have had such an amazing event without all the hard work of everyone who volunteered to help. We would like to thank the following parents for all their help. Business Solicitations: Romy Henderson, Natalie Swarts, Kelly Widerburg,

    Katherine Gregory, Cindy Laudato-Wong, Kamala Nahas, Kerri Bowers and Beth Sassower

    Basket Assembly: Sheryl Chan, Romy Henderson, Pam Holtorf, Kathryn Masci, Beth Sassower, Denise Bolish, Staci McSkimming, Kelly Widerburg, Lisa Carrawy, Keiko Chun