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Transcript of PawPrint - Bairnsdale & District Dog Obedience Club PawPrint Term 1 2017 WELCOME CLUB RULES...

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    PawPrint Term 1 2017


    CLUB RULES 1. All dogs must have a current vaccination certificate and be over 3 months of age.

    2. Dogs must be fitted with a lead and collar appropriate to the size and type of dog.

    3. Dogs must be under effective control at all times.

    4. No dog shall be off lead unless authorized by an instructor.

    5. Bitches in season are NOT allowed on the training ground.

    6. All handlers must use the bucket and scoops provided to clean up any mess left by their dog, or carry a plastic bag for this purpose.

    7. The training panel reserve the right to order any dog from the ground if in their opinion the dog is uncontrollable or a hazard to other dogs or people. The committee also has the right to insist that dogs be muzzled.

    8. Club badges must be worn during training.

    9. No corporal punishment to be metered out to dogs by handlers/members whilst on the club grounds or participating in club activities.

    10. Verbal or physical abuse by a member toward any member or visitor will not be tolerated under any circumstances.

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    Committee & Positions Holders 2015-16

    President Pearl Findlay-James Trial Secretary Lorna Piper Vice Pres Marlene Hardy Catering Officer Maida Marriott Secretary Linda Wilkinson PawPrint Lorna Piper Treasurer Vicki Jerrett Grounds Manager Scott Dizais Committee Maida Marriott Grounds John Jeanes Committee Scott Dizais Fundraising Committee Tamara Stephens Agility Co-0rdinator Tamara Stephens Committee Amy Hooper Life Members Honorary Members Pauline Stewart Kerrie Piper Lynne Brehaut Karyn Blythman Ian Cameron Sue Brown Lynette Burrage Lorna Piper Rocky Furnell Maida Marriott

    Club Contacts . . . President. Pearl Findlay-James 04088 91246 Vice President. Marlene Hardy 5152 1204 Puppy Enquiries Lorna Piper 04131 09921

    All correspondence directed to: The Secretary PO Box 335

    Bairnsdale 3875 Email: Website FaceBook Bairnsdale & District Dog Obedience Club

    CLUB CALENDER ……... 2017.

    January 28 Classes resume

    February 25 Committee meeting

    March 4/5 Agility/Jumping/Games Trial (no classes)

    May 21 Million Paws Walk

    June 10-12 Gippsland Riviera Trials (obedience, rally obed at all 3, agility/jumping/games at Gippsland)

    Bairnsdale & District Dog Obedience Club 10th East Gippsland Dog Obedience Club 11th Gippsland Obedience Dog Club 12th

    Avoid tethered dogs!! They like their own space.

    Handlers must clean up after their dogs.


    If there is a tethered dog please do not encroach on its space or let your dog get too close.

    Be aware of how close your dog is getting to other dogs, don't allow contact without the other owner being aware.

    Space too, if you see a dog on the grounds wearing a yellow bandanna. This means that the dog needs space. It may be over friendly and is in training to be calm, may be fearful of dogs/people, may have poor eyesight/hearing.

    Space please, is what the owner is asking from us.

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    President's Message


    Garden Centre 151 Main Street Bairnsdale 3875

    Phone:(03) 5153 0325

    A touch of heaven within your reach, Body Bath & Beauty and not to mention Bairnsdale's biggest range of Candles and Harmony Products.

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    A Massive Thank you to our Sponsors!

    Please remember to shop with them and to let them know that we as club members appreciate their support

    Class times

    Agility Obedience

    Commenting on 28 Jan Commencing 28 Jan Advanced 7.30 am- 8.20 am Puppies/Transition/Class 1 9.30 - 10.10 am Intermediate 8.30 am – 9 am Class 2 10.30 - 11.10 am Class 3/4 11.10 - 11.50 am Commencing on 18 Feb (must be signed up) Foundation 8 am- 8.30 am Baby Puppies Sunday 9.00 - 10.00 am

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    Lorna's Soapbox

    WE'RE BAAAACK!!!! Just some reminders as everyone is usually pretty excited to be back on Saturday mornings. Please understand that the first day back may prove a 'little' distracting for your doggy friend, employ your patience and down grade your expectations a degree. Some suggestions:

    Let your dog 'do its own thing' for a little while - in fact get to club earlier than

    usual and spend some time walking your dog around and letting it 'suss' out the grounds and look at the others on the ground

    Work on getting and keeping your dog's focus before going into class. This is the time to use your 'marker' word and get the yummy rewards into action. Take your dog off and begin some focus training, start by just having the dog look at you then mark and reward, don't tell the dog to look, be ready! Begin with a very short interval between marker and reward when the dog looks at you and after a few repetitions delay the marker and then delay the reward. (If you are standing still in a quiet spot hopefully the dog will check in with you to see what you are thinking).

    Remember to give all the other dogs space for a few minutes - remember the basics - see the Meet and Greet later in the PawPrint as well as Etiquette.

    Watch for stress/anxiety signs that your dog isn't perhaps having such a great time. Later in this edition

    Do not become so engrossed in catching up with the people you know that you aren't aware of what your dog is doing - is it quietly 'swearing' at another dog, is it getting 'sworn' at? (By this I mean is your dog giving a mean grumpy look at another dog or receiving one). Watch the behaviour of your dog and other dogs around you. Reward for calm behaviour.

    Above all enjoy your time with your dog and enjoy the experience of learning together.

    I have dropped some of the usual inclusions, do you know what they were?

    Do you want them back :)

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    From the Committee

    Congratulations! The following members gained qualifying scores at the recent Obedience Trials held in Bairnsdale.

    Congratulations and well done to the following:

    Kaye Veal – Community Companion Dog

    Ann Sherring – Community Companion Dog

    Pearl Findlay-James – Community Companion Dog and Rally Novice

    Cathie Preece – Rally Novice

    Linda Wilkinson – Rally Novice

    Jane Rule – Rally Excellent

    Kerrie Piper – Rally Masters

    Stacey Murphy – Rally Masters

    Lorna Piper – Rally Masters

    Agility Information Please note that there are some changes to the times and arrangements for Agility classes. Foundation class will commence on Saturday 18 February at 8 am. Those wishing to participate in Foundation Agility (beginners) will need to sign up 2 weeks before the classes start. There will be a sign up form available on Saturday 28 January and 4 February. There will be an intake at the beginning of each term; and testing at the end of each term (testing criteria will be available at the sign up). Ideally you will commit to attending the full course over the term – Term 1: 18 February to 8 April. You will be required to maintain attendance at obedience classes. AGILITY CLASS TIMES FOR TERM 1, 2017 Advanced 7.30 am- 8.20 am (Classes commence on 28 Jan) Intermediate 8.30 am – 9 am (Classes commence on 28 Jan) Foundation 8 am- 8.30 am (Classes commence 18 February – sign up 2 weeks prior to this) All agility participants will be expected to assist with set up and pack up each week.

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    A Big Welcome to our new members……

    We hope you enjoy your time with us

    Ballhausen, Elizabeth and Warwick Max GBD

    Davison, Ray and Wendy Jessie BC

    Royce, Tim and James Hunter GSP

    Schreuder, Rachel Kodie Bear Lab

    Sukera, Maggie and Sam Noah and Possum Shih Tzu

    Warnock, Melanie Guinea ACD

    White, Carly Amber Staffy

    Dr Sara Bailey Maisie Dalmation

    Brenton Clements and Tim McKone Artemis Golden Retriever

    Debbie Hiscock Abbie Maltese/Shitzu

    Jeanette McKenzie and Ivan Whittle Willow Greyhound

    Clare Veenstra and Jacob Ellis Zeus BCx

    Kristine Wearne Daisy Golden Retriever

    Ann and Neville Prowse-Brown Oakey Red Heeler X

    Heather and Adjan Foster Summer Husky X

    Emmi Andrew Sabine Vizsla

    Karen Murphy Jax Eng Staffy

    Bree Schaeche Ruby Lab X Kelpie

    Amanda White and Darren Thompson Jack/Sarah Chihuahua

    Rebecca Musgrave-Evans Charlie Lab


    Remember for the meet and greet between dogs don't let them approach head on, try to curve them towards each other - as illustrated below, don't yank them back from the other dog, move smoothly forward past each other. Also it doesn't have to be for 3 seconds it can be for less time. You can always have 'another go'. Watch for 'stillness' in a dog - that is sometimes the warning that things aren't going so well - move them on and out of the situation.

    Thanks to Lili Chin and Boogie - clip from her Signals page

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    Stress Signals and your dog Below is one very unhappy dog, it is practically screaming to be saved