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description Travel agencies come in varied purposes. There are agencies that deal only with ordinary tourists; some have other departments for business travelers, while others specialize in commercial travels. The main function of a travel agency is to act as an agent. It sells travel services on behalf of a supplier. In general, there are two approaches of travel agencies. However, there are different types of agencies in various countries. Say for example the United Kingdom where there are three and United States has four.

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  • Travel For Fun Travel For Pleasure
  • Get Paid To Travel Tell others about travel and get paid for it.
  • Build A Team Help others to build a team and get paid to do so
  • Take your family on vacation And get paid
  • It is easy to start As low as $5 per day Price of a cup of coffee a day
  • Training online Webinars, you tube Mentor available 24/7 access to training
  • Your own travel website Access to all suppliers Air, Train, Airlines, Bus, Car Rental, Hotel, Cruises and more
  • Choose a niche in travel Honeymoon niche Cruise Marketing Corporate Travel Leisure Travel Or do it all
  • Cheap Fam Trips Trip Incentives Bonus
  • Part-time or Full Time Make as much money as you like it is up to you
  • Get started is easy
  • Book your own travel If you do not want to own a travel business Book your next travel through
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