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It was all rights to Other Productions from The Exit List.

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  • (The Exit List theme song)
  • Hosted by Philippa Forrester Voice of the Maze Kait Borsay Voiceover Andrew Scarborough
  • Font Writer Berlin Sans FB Demi Writer Marc Haynes
  • Format Agency Absolutely Independent by The Netherlands
  • Stylists Linda Wood Composers Nick Foster Ken Bollam Make-up Supervisor Annika Redford Engineering Managers Steve Hall Steve Chapman
  • Graphic Design Component Graphics Editors Scott Thomas Dubbing Mixer Simon Wright
  • Autocue Katie Broom
  • Set Designer Julian Healy Question Writers Deborah Koby
  • Researchers Jenny Springett
  • Producers Lawrie Jordan
  • Executive Producers Victoria Ashbourne
  • Series Producer Tamara Gilder
  • Series Producer Tamara Gilder
  • Special thanks to: Cyma Zarghami
  • All Rights to: Sony Pictures Television
  • Taped at: Nickelodeon Studios Orlando, Florida
  • Based on the Version in 2000 and Hosted by Wayne Forester as Dad. Created by David Grifhorst
  • Copyright 2010 Viacom International Inc. All Rights Reserved