The Driving Sales Program

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¨The Driving Sales Program¨ Presented to July, 2011

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A presentation presented to Food4Less by Brand Alliance Media (BAM)

Transcript of The Driving Sales Program

  • 1. The Driving Sales Program Presented to July, 2011

2. Who is BAM?

  • Brand Alliance Media LLC, BAM, is a company dedicated to the design, development, operation and management of high-impact, non-traditional media.
  • BAM provides synergisticadvertising for market leaders.
  • BAM is headquartered in El Paso,Texas and Southern California, withnational and internationalpresence.
  • BAM has an extended and valuablenetwork of strategic partners, in theUnited States and in Mexico.

3. Where is BAM?

  • OnBIGSurfaces where products and consumers Meet Face-to-Face!

4. BAMs framing system

  • BAMowns a revolutionary patent-pending media frame, which makes attaching full-color vinyl media simple, safe, and cost-effective.
  • Constructed of light weight, heat treated aluminum,our system could be installed quickly, transformingnearly any flat surface into a billboard.
  • Allows the use of non-adhesive vinyl media, generatingsignificant savings in time, materials and installationcosts.
  • Easy installation, change-out, and reuse of graphics.Allows versatility and flexibility for seasonal andsegmented advertising campaigns.
  • Gives walls and Semi-Trailers the Extreme Makeover,creating a Team of Giants to promote products andservices.

5. BAMs Truckside Advertising

  • What is it?
  • Its one of the most powerful and effective formsof outdoor media available today, with98%RECALL RATE,the highest in the AdvertisingIndustry.
  • Especially effective forBRANDING . Fullymanaged graphic displays. Does not generate visualpollution. Visible from any direction.Dynamic
  • MASSIVE size, at eye level...Just cant miss em!

6. BAMs Truckside Advertising

  • Absolute Versatility!
  • BAMsone-of-a-kind framing system provides 100% versatility and flexibility to the advertiser: quick Change-outs allows temporary, seasonal and new product-release campaigns.
  • Flexibility - Advertisers can keep their marketing messages fresh by changing them as needed, and at very little cost!
  • BAMtransforms trucks and trailers into high-impactMOVING BILLBOARDS!

7. BAMs Truckside Advertising

  • Quality at its best!
  • Best printing quality and highest resolutionavailable in the market.
  • BAM prints in one piece - seamless - without wrinkles, or mismatched colors.
  • BAMs system covers corrugated surfaces and trucks imperfections including screws, rivets,etc...
  • And even more: art can be replaced fast and at minimum cost when damaged or obsolete!

8. Before After 9. BAMs Truckside Advertising

  • BAMssystem permits the use of regular vinyl, at a fraction of the cost of adhesive materials.
  • Installation and Change-outs are handled quickly and efficiently, avoiding costly downtime.
  • Graphics wont be destroyed when removed and are re-usable:BAMsaves you money and protects the environment.
  • The U.S. Traffic Audit Bureau (TAB) reports the average box truck, driven at peak times in selected areas of Southern California, will be seen by a monthly audience of 4 million; nationwide stats on Big Rigs exceed1 million impressions per month.
  • Considering the above, truckside advertising is the most cost-effective advertising available.

The SMARTEST investment, at the lowest cost! 10. BAMs Wallscapes

  • On Walls too!
  • BAMcan transform almost any flat surface into a SPECTACULAR BILLBOARD, with the best quality, versatility, and low-cost operation, as in out truckside advertising program.
  • Every wallscape is unique. It is designed according to the size, locaton, orientation, and traffic of each wall.

11. BAMs Wallscapes

  • Why BAMs Wallscapes are better than any Billboard?
  • Unlike traditional billboards our wallscapes createmassive brand awareness - strategically -at eye level,right at the Point-of-Sale!
  • Consumers drive, walk and park next to them:Cantbe missed!
  • BAMs wallscapes are consumers last sight beforeentering your store.
  • Ecologicaly friendly,totally safe.

12. Our proposal to Food4Less

  • BAMproposes Food4Less to be your strategic partner in:
  • Creating and offering a powerful, new Point-of - Sale advertising media.
  • Transforming exterior walls and distribution fleetinto high-impact billboards.
  • Increase brand equity and sales.

13. Our proposal to Food4Less

  • Provide High-Value Advertising Space on existing surfaces: building walls and truckside surfaces.
  • INCREASED SALES for Food4Less as Advertiser .
  • NEW REVENUE STREAM for Food4Less asMedia Provider.
  • Grant select vendors major exposure and privilege, unavailable with other retail chains.

Benefits of Strategic Alliance: 14. Our proposal to Food4Less Benefits of Strategic Alliance:

  • Turn non-productive assets into CASH FLOW.
  • COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGEfor Food4Less and its vendors.
  • $0.00 investment, INFINITERETURN
  • With this type of Synergistic Advertising everybody wins.
    • Food4Less wins.
    • Food4Less vendors wins.
    • BAM wins .
    • Consumer wins.

15. Our proposal to Food4Less C O N T R I B U T I O N S BAM

  • Provide the BAM Advertising DisplaySystem
  • Installation and maintenance
  • Pursue, negotiate and execute advertising contracts with vendor allies
  • Turnkey Complete Project Management
  • Existing exterior walls Total Cost: $ 0.00
  • Existing distribution fleetTotal Cos: $0.00
  • Play a key role and assitin establishing vendor/partener relationships and contracts

Food4Less 16. Our proposal to Food4Less BUSINESSPOTENTIAL

  • Average Wallscapes monthly revenue to Food4Less is estimated at $2.00/sqft
  • and $400 - $500/mo per truck!

17. Next steps... Shall we do business?

  • Bret Mileski
    • Ph.1-800 GreatAd
    • Cell.(951) 255-2066
  • Salvador Almeida
    • Ph.(915) 239-8131
    • Cell.(915) 630-4402
  • Javier Vazquez
    • Ph.(915) 239-7660