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  • All Rights Reserved. This material is confidential and property of Talent Corporation Malaysia. No part of this material should be reproduced or published in any form by any means, nor should the material be disclosed to third parties without the written consent of Talent Corporation Malaysia.

    Talent Corporation Malaysia Berhad USA & Canada Outreach September 2012

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    1. Talent Roadmap 2020

    2. Programme Details

    3. General FAQs

    Table of Contents

  • People First, Performance Now

    New Economic Model

    10th Malaysia Plan

    National Transformation Policy 2011




    We are well on our journey towards Vision 2020


  • ISSUES Insufficient


    Education System

    Talent Availability

    Productivity and Wages

    Quality of Life

    Constrained growth and investments

    Fewer jobs

    Talent leakages

    We want to avoid a vicious cycle of fewer talent and a weakened economy


  • and instead catalyse change to spur a virtuous cycle of investments, jobs and talent.

    Education Review (MOE) &

    Employability Blueprint (MOHE)

    New Economic Model (NEAC) &

    Strategic Reform Initiatives (PEMANDU)

    Labour Law Reform (MOHR)


    Increased growth and investments

    Malaysia as talent hub

    Government Transformation Programme

    Enhanced talent availability

    High income jobs, careers & quality of


    Drive interventions and build partnerships with public and private sectors to enhance talent supply in critical areas

    Achieve high-income status by building upon policy directions, strategies and programmes of the 10th Malaysia Plan


  • Established in January 2011 to catalyse enhanced talent supply in the critical areas of the ETP

    Acts as focal point on talent issues and develops

    interventions for critical skill gaps

    Mediates between private sector and Government

    agencies for policy change

    Focus on building collaborations with

    employers to engage top talent

    Implements catalyst initiatives, and refines policy

    based on experience





    * Global Talent Index

    3 1 4



  • TalentCorp aims to address the talent shortages via 3 Strategic Thrusts

    TalentCorps Mission Build effective partnerships and make a difference in addressing Malaysias talent needs to enable the country to

    reach its aspiration of a high-income nation

    Strategic Thrust 1 Optimise Malaysian Talent

    Strategic Thrust 2 Attract & Facilitate Global Talent

    Strategic Thrust 3 Build Networks of Top Talent

    TalentCorps Aspiration Malaysia as global talent destination

    Top 20 by 2020*

    * Global Talent Index


  • Enhance school-to-work


    Build platforms to optimise talent

    Guidance for young talent to make informed decisions on career options aligned with

    industry needs

    Early exposure to real work environments

    for a smooth transition to industry

    Scholarship Management

    Latent Talent

    Human Capital Community

    Raise career


    MyLinE4E, e-Careers, Sector Focused Career Fair

    Structured Internship Program, Upskilling

    STAR, TAPS Retention & recruitment of women

    HC Exchange

    To ensure home-grown talent secure fulfilling careers

    Strategic Thrust 1: Optimise Malaysian Talent


  • Optimise Malaysian


    Structured Internship Programme Encourages companies to plan meaningful internships for local students. Endorsed programmes are eligible for double tax deductions. Aims to offer 12,000 internship placements in ETP sectors to local undergraduates. A total of 175 industry partners have been endorsed including Sunway TES-UM-ACCA for Financial


    Upskilling Accelerate the development of talent pool for high value added jobs and make them industry ready Upskilling programmes trained over 1000 graduates for careers in the E&E, Oil and Gas, Telco and IT

    sectors. Programs include FasTrack, High Income Talent Research Engineers (HITRSE) and and Technology

    Specialist In Specific Domain Expertise (TeSSDE).

    MyLinE4E Collaboration with MoHE on MyLine, an online self-directed learning portal that is administered by

    UTM. TalentCorp will aggregate content from leading employers that aims to up-skill young Malaysians for

    the workforce Received cooperation and commitment from 10 companies namely, Accenture, Axiata, CIMB, EY,

    Intel, Maxis, Maybank, Motorola, Telekom and PWC.

    STAR & TAPS Launched in August 2011 to enable JPA scholars to build careers in priority sectors of the GTP & ETP. In 2011, 157 (+60) JPA scholars from top overseas universities secured placement with over 100

    leading employers in private sector; 84 top JPA scholars were placed in key Government agencies.

    Strategic Thrust 1: Accomplishments


  • Optimise Malaysian


    Sector Focused Career Fairs A platform that brings industry and students together. Aims to educate the public on career paths in NKEA sectors namely: O&G, E&E, IT, Telco, Biotech,

    Finance, Accounting, Healthcare, Tourism, FMCG and Education. Career Fairs organised for 2012 include collaborations with Jobstreet, IIUM, Sunway U, Graduan and


    Latent Talent To develop policy interventions and / or public private collaborations towards promoting the return

    and retention of women in the workforce.

    Strategic Thrust 1: Accomplishments (contd)


  • Facilitate returning talent

    Enhance expatriate facilitation

    Greater awareness of opportunities and collaborations via outreach and career fairs

    Support for returning Malaysians interested in local career and business opportunities

    Facilitate policies and top-notch services to top foreign talent

    Returning Expert Programme (REP), Facilitating Returning Doctors

    Residence Pass-Talent (RP-T), Employment Pass II (EPII)

    Outreach, Career Fairs, MyWorkLife

    To facilitate best global talent to complement the Malaysian talent pool

    Strategic Thrust 2: Attract & Facilitate Global Talent


    Outreach to Malaysians abroad

  • Attract & Facilitate Global


    MyWorkLife An online guide on living and working in Malaysia has reached around 750,000 unique hits, with 50%

    of visitors from US, UK, Aus, SG, since its launch on 17 January 2012.

    Returning Expert Programme To encourage more Malaysian professionals abroad to return & contribute to Malaysias economic

    transformation. 680 REP applications approved in 2011 with 1200 targeted for 2012 (900+ as of July) REP profiles include senior management positions in leading Malaysian companies & MNCs in O&G,

    Finance, ICT, Healthcare and Business Services sectors.

    Facilitating Returning Doctors MoU signed with MOH on collaboration in various areas, including facilitating registration of

    returning doctors and joint outreach with private sector to engage with doctors abroad.

    Career Fair Incentives 39 Malaysian companies have participated in overseas career fairs attracting about 2,300 unique CVs. 2012-2015 target is to have 70 companies participating, and attracting 4,000 CVs.

    Residence Pass-Talent Introduced in April 2011, offers top foreign talents a longer tenure of 10 years to reside & work in

    Malaysia and contribute to ETP Also extended to spouses, enabling them to work in Malaysia Over 670 RP-Ts have been issued to top expatriates in leading companies like Shell, CIMB, Technip,

    IBM, Petronas Carigali, Intel, Shell, Siemens & Standard Chartered, with 80% of recipients as top management / technical experts.

    Over 500 i-Pass offered to RP-T in October 2011 to ease their mobility.

    Employment Pass II (EPII) Employment Pass policy liberalisation enables longer tenure of top foreign graduates in local HEIs to

    work and contribute to critical skill gaps in Malaysia.

    Strategic Thrust 2: Accomplishments


  • TalentCorp connects top talent to leading employers and to each other

    Strategic Thrust 3: Build Networks of Top Talent


  • Build Networks of Top Talent

    Cross Fertilisation To enhance model for subsequent batches for cross fertilisation / cross assignments in terms of

    expansion of participating organisations, introduce cross mentoring; towards developing network of potential future leaders.

    Global Diaspora Network Directly engaged over 1,500 Malaysian professionals and students currently living abroad through its

    outreach programmes. Tap on network & experience of Malaysia diaspora to link overseas-based Malaysian investors and

    professionals to ETP opportunities. TalentCorp-Silicon Valley Nexus Workshop successfully connected Silicon Valley-based Malaysian

    entrepreneurs with Malaysian businesses.

    REP Club To be launched in 2012.

    PR-T and RP-T Community Introduced in 2011.

    Strategic Thrust 3: Accomplishments


  • Malaysia as a global talent hub

    Talent Roadmap 2020 is about the intended outcome.





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    1. Talent Roadmap 2020

    2. Programme Details