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  • 8/4/2019 Summer 2011 DZ


    Welcome Back!








    DZ Around

    the World!






    Blast From

    the Past!



    Rush and




    The Delta ZetaS U M M E R 2 0 1 1V O L U M E 3 I S S U E 1

    Hey all,

    I hope that this summer has given

    us all a much-needed rest, so thatwe can redouble our efforts forthe upcoming year. Last year, ourbrotherhood became more unitedthan ever, and we all pushed our-selves to do more service, and toattend more fellowship and mem-bership events. Our beloved VPService Matt Lanza found out thatboth as a collective and individu-ally, we improved the amount ofcommunity service we did dra-

    matically, which is greatly high-lighted by both his and KaitlinDouglass efforts with over 70hours each, as well as the manymembers with over 50 hours. As abrotherhood, we established manyways to improve involvement andhad very active participation in thedifferent committees. By havingsomewhat of a friendly, yet com-petitive feeling in APO, we allhelped each other help the com-

    munity. We can all be proud forthe work we did last semester.eager to start working to makeAPO even better this semester.But the semester is in the past,and we have a very strong execboard, In Kaitlin, Gurbani andDavid Bautista we have great VPs.Kaitlin has already done an amaz-ing job this summer getting serviceprojects in line for us, and I knowthat she will bring fun and new

    ideas to the table, such as aKindergarten Reading Day, ormore hands-on projects.Gurbani is currently lookinginto another laser tag event,skiing, high-ropes courses andas a collective well help herdecide which to choose. AndDavid is opening up a fellow-ship spreadsheet where wecan brainstorm for differentevents. Im sure he has greatthings planned for us. Wealso cant help but feel ex-

    cited about Jason Lees big/little ideas such as Big/LittleAssassins, Snowman building,and Water pong tournament.Dan and Nini have also beenplanning long and hard for theAlpha Omicrons, theyll need

    our enthusiasm to keep mak-ing APO a better fraternity.

    Matt Cat has already dona phenomenal job as histrian over the summer an

    Im sure hell continue doing so. There are clearmany ideas to talk abouand many other eagmembers of exec that wbring all of their excitment with them, but weget to that as the semeter gets underway. As fome, as President, I wcontinue to try to improvthe transparency betwee

    the executive board anthe brotherhood, and wdo my best to get everone involved in one wor another. Lets pick uwhere we left off last smester; lets push eacother to always do morechallenge you all, as well myself, to do even moservice than last semesteand always try to he

    your fellow brother, anhuman being througLeadership, Friendship an


    Cant wait to see you a

    and to get the semest


    Omar Khan

    The official

    newsletter of

    Alpha Phi


    Delta Zeta





  • 8/4/2019 Summer 2011 DZ


  • 8/4/2019 Summer 2011 DZ


    T H E D E L T A Z E T A

    Summer Friendship!

    (Left) Nothing says APO Fellowship likeKaraoke!

    Brothers at a SEPTA station on their wayto go sing their hearts out!

    (Front): Jen Kwok, Khoi Vo, Steven Chen,Dan Kim (Back): Matt Catalano, Brian Lee,Christian de Luna, Emily Xue and HarrySubramanian (Photo by Steph Huang)

    (Right) Brothers Brian Garcia and Simone Gadpailleknow that the best fun is edible! Here they are making a

    cake before shipping Brian off to China!

    (Left) Brothers enjoying a meal togetherin Philly!

    From left: Brittany Atuahene, GurbaniChawla, Tiffany Tan, Lori Luo and Steph


    P A G E 3

  • 8/4/2019 Summer 2011 DZ


    V O L U M E 3 I S S U E 1 P A G E 4

    DZ Around the World!

    Many Brothers spent the summer adventuringaround the globe!

    On this page: Vincent Qi of the Alpha Nu class visitedover 20 cities in China in the span of 40 days. Hewas gracious enough to share some of the beautiful

    pictures he took on this journey!

  • 8/4/2019 Summer 2011 DZ


    T H E D E L T A Z E T A P A G E 5

    DZ Around the World!

    (Above) Alpha Nu Rita Shen (right) submitted this photoof her and Yang Hu hanging out together in Beijing,China!

    (Right) Brothers Melanie Lei and Will Leung having fun

    in Ocean Park, Hong Kong! Photo submitted by Melanie


    (Left) Brother Seulgi Choi of the Alpha Xiclass was in South Korea this summer,where she spent most of her time defacingpriceless artwork!

    Actually, its a picture at the 2011 Trick

    Art Exhibition in Seoul! Thanks for thepic Seulgi!

  • 8/4/2019 Summer 2011 DZ


    V O L U M E 3 I S S U E 1 P A G E 6

    DZ Around the World!Thanks to Michelle Luong for submitting

    these great summer photos!

    Left: Brothers David Bautista, Jane Cheng,and Michelle Luong enjoying Coney Island

    in New York City!

    Note Michelle rocking her super-fly AlphaNu Class T-shirt!

    Right:Two non-APO friends, along with Michelle andBryan Cheung of the Alpha Xi class having fun

    at Ocean Park in Hong Kong!

    Left: Jane and Michelle posing at the harborin Hong Kong!

    **You too can have pictures featured infuture newsletters!**

    Submit them to:[email protected]://

    mailto:[email protected]?subject=Picture%20Submission![email protected]?subject=Picture%20Submission!
  • 8/4/2019 Summer 2011 DZ


    T H E D E L T A Z E T A P A G E 7

    New Website (CHECK IT OUT)!Its a great day for the Delta Zeta chapter! We now have our VERY OWN website domain name! Check

    it out now at http://www.upennapo.orgFor consistency, the Historian Tumblrs domain name has also changed: it is now:

    Many thanks to our new Webmaster Nikila Dandapani for putting in the time and energy to design a web-site which will hopefully last for years to come!

    Below: A preliminary screenshot from the new website:
  • 8/4/2019 Summer 2011 DZ


    V O L U M E 3 I S S U E 1 P A G E 8

    Blast From the Past!

    In 1947, only two years after chartering at Penn, the Delta Zeta chapter snapped these photographs.Above is a rush event, below is that years initiation ceremony. Both likely took place in Houston Hall,

    where our chapter held its meetings and had its own office at the time.

    The face of our Brotherhood has certainly changed, but at least we still use the same goats head at all ofour Rush events!

    (Source: Penn Record, 1947)

  • 8/4/2019 Summer 2011 DZ


    P A G E 9

    Mark Your Calendars!

    Rush Schedule:September 13-15: Rush Information Sessions

    September 17: Rush Service ProjectSeptember 20: Dessert PotluckSeptember 23: Rush Fellowship

    September 24: Final Mixer

    September 30: Pledge Retreat

    Stay tuned to our wonderful Pledge Eds DanKim and Nini Lee for more Rush details!

    Dont forgetwe need a strong Brotherhoodpresence at ALL Rush events!

    DISCLAIMER: This newsletter is intended for public viewing and is provided solely for personal reference. It should not be consid-ered an authoritative source nor an official publication of Alpha Phi Omega. Inquiries regarding Alpha Phi Omega and its officialpublications should be directed to: Alpha Phi Omega, 14901 East 42nd Street, Independence, MO 64055-7347, USA. Alpha PhiOmega is a copyrighted, registered trademark in the United States of America. All rights reserved.

    Major September Service Projects:September 11th: UC Green

    September 17th: Rush Service ProjectSeptember 18th: Rock and Roll Philly Half-

    MarathonSeptember 18th: Rubyes House Birthday Party

    September 24: Saturday AcademySeptember 25th: Yardwork at KIPP School

    September 25th: First PAWS EventPlus lots of soup kitchens and any projects that you

    (YES YOU) want to create and lead!

    Thanks for reading the first newsletter! Send any questions or comments to:Matt Catalano, Historian

    [email protected]

    T H E D E L T A Z E T A

    ***Service and Rush dates are tentative and subject tochange, find out the most up-to-date information at Broth-

    erhood meetings and in the weekly minutes!***

    mailto:[email protected]?subject=Newsletter%20Feedback!mailto:[email protected]?subject=Newsletter%20Feedback!