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Transcript of Success story nuturitious peanut cookies ppt presentation1

  • 1. Product Formulation, Process Development,and Commercialization of Nutritious PeanutCookies- HomeTech Foods, Uganda

2. GP3M Team Members, Dr. Manjeet Chinnan,Dr. Wojciech Florkowski and Dr. AnnaResurreccion with NARO Investigator, Ms.Margaret Masette; and Industry Partner, Ms. Grace Aluoch, HomeTech FoodsHomeTech Foods- Research Planning Meeting Manufacturing Facility Visit with Dr. Dr. Florkowski, Grace Aluoch, MargaretChinnan, Grace Aluoch, Margaret Masette and Dr. Anna V.A. ResurreccionMasette and Dr. W.J. FlorKowski 3. It is estimated that 38% of the children are stunted in Uganda and45.5% of Ugandan children below 5 years of age were stunted,while 23% were under weight. The formation of a public-private partnership involving the USAIDPeanut CRSP GP3M Team and the National Agricultural ResearchLaboratory of the National Agricultural Research Organization(NARO) together with Industry Partner, Hometech Foods inUganda, resulted in the development of a Nutritious PeanutCookie targeted toward improving the nutritional status of school-age children in Uganda. Hometech Foods is a small enterprise established and managed bythree female-entrepreneurs. The enterprise is engaged in themanufacture of baked goods but also includes fruit juices andjams in their product line. Baked goods, with limited nutritionalvalue, have been part of the companys product portfolio. 4. The GP3M Teams household survey identified cookies as a product withmarket appeal. The research was on development of a suitable formulation and processoptimization, focusing on selection of peanut varieties, the incorporationof peanut testa to result in a more nutritious product, and the effect ofincreasing the proportions of peanut meal in the formulations. A commercial oven and infra-red temperature gauge were purchasedwith project funds to be used in the cookie trials. Peanut testa resulted in a darker color that was unfamiliar to consumersand was not incorporated in the final formulation. In addition, sensorytests indicated that increasing the peanut meal to 40% also increasedacceptability and the cost of production. A final formulation was selected that was based on consumer sensorytests performed at central locations in Uganda. The baking parametersfor the cookie were likewise optimized. 5. Nutritious Peanut Cookies 6. The technology was transferred to Hometech Foods and the product wascommercialized. Hometech Foods reported selling 1,000 packets per week to no morethan 3 outlets selling to parents and school children generating 1 mlnUganda shillings in sales and employing three workers. The primaryNutritious Peanut Cookie buyers are parents of school-age children. During the Uganda Manufacturers Association International Fair, October4-10, 2012, the product was exhibited for sale and featured consumertaste tests to entice consumer sales. Most of the 250 consumers ratedthe cookies as highly acceptable (Like moderately to like extremely) andrated it highly on their intent to purchase it. Several consumerspurchased the product available for sale. Before the product can be distributed nation-wide, a certification fromthe Uganda National Bureau of Standards (UNBS) as the guarantor ofconsumers has to certify the safety and quality of the product. Thecookie is undergoing certification and production of Nutritious PeanutCookies will likely expand because of the strong indicators of demand. 7. The University of Geeorgias Global Peanut Product Processing andMarketing Team (GP3MT) with Hometech Foods Employee. 8. HomeTech Foods entrepreneur,Ms. Grace Aluoch at product launch,Uganda Manufacturing Associations FairWith GP3M Teams Dr. Anna V. A Resurreccion and Dr. Manjeet Chinnan 9. Most of the 250 consumers who participated, rated the cookies as highly acceptable (Like moderately to like extremely) andrated it highly on their intent to purchase it. 10. Products sold out quickly