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Short Film Programs 22nd San Diego Latino Film Festival at AMC Fashion Valley 18 & Digital Gym CINEMA North Park. 619-230-1938

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74 S A N D I E G O L AT I N O F I L M F E S T I VA LNote: screening times & dates subject to change.


CINE GAY77 MIN. SATURDAY, MARCH 21 1:00 PM, S15Co-Presented by Short Shorts Mexico.Compelling, enchanting and at times, heartbreaking, these sto-ries of love at first sight, self-discovery and rebellion will remind you of the strength of love and determination.

BARRIO BOYDir. Dennis Shinners(USA, 2014, 8 minutes, English) A secretly gay Latino barber quietly falls in love with a handsome strang-er over the course of a haircut, during a hot summer afternoon in a macho Brooklyn neighborhood.

CARINADir. Sandra Concepcion Reynoso Estrada(Mexico, 2014, 11 minutes, Spanish w/ English subtitles)8-year-old Carina loves rock & roll. When her new dance teacher looks just like a model in one of her dad’s adult magazines, her life takes a complete turn.

LA CARTADir. Mara Soler(Mexico, 2014, 17 minutes, Spanish w/ English subtitles)Lupe returns to her town after many years of absence. Her encounter with Rosalia, her best friend from childhood, and the letter she wrote to her before leaving, change the course of their lives.

JET LAGDir. Sergio Tovar Velarde(Mexico, 2014, 8 minutes, Spanish w/ English subtitles) A couple is forced to break up after one of them refuses to come to terms with their sexuality.

UN MUNDO PARA RAULDir. Mauro Mueller(USA/Mexico/Switzerland, 2013, 15 minutes, Spanish w/ English subtitles) When thirteen-year-old Raul is asked to entertain the local landowner’s son, a game of power and pride starts between the boys.

P*TODir. Martin Bautista(Mexico, 2014, 18 minutes, Spanish w/ English subtitles)In the small city of Zacatecas during the 1990’s, Arturo attempts to find and accept his sexual identity.

CRONICAS ESPAÑOLAS97 MIN. THURSDAY, MARCH 19, 5:00 PM, S15An array of energetic, whimsical and imaginative shorts that are considered the best to come out of Spain this past year.

ANOMALODir. Aitor Gutierrez(Spain, 16 mins, 2014, Spanish w/ English subtitles)Three elderly men have fun spying on a woman in her apartment through binoculars, from a covered swimming pool in a sports centre. One day, Luis, Dario and Pedro witness an incident that can’t be undone.

DON MIGUEL Dir. Kote Camacho(Spain, 6 mins, 2014, Spanish w/ English subtitles)Eugenio desperately needs a co-signer for a loan he has applied for at the local bank. With an ax in hand, Eugenio makes his way to his Don Miguel’s pharmacy to ask him for a signature. Don Miguel, a reasonable man who isn’t easily intimidated, finds a way to help Eugenio without risking his pharmacy.

LILADir. Carlos Lascano(Spain/Argentina, 9 minutes, 2014, Spanish w/ English subtitles)Armed with only her sketchbook and a pencil, Lila ventures into the world convinced she has the power to make it a better place. Sitting at a bar, hanging out at a park, or walking down a street, Lila draws the lines that fill in the magic lost by those around her.

LA PESTEDir. Victor Fornies(Spain, 15 minutes, 2014, Spanish w/ English subtitles)Irene wants to be seen as just another girl by the men in her town. Un-fortunately due to her job at the local slaughterhouse, Irene feels like the men see her as just another girl.

SAJARADir. Juan Martinez(Spain, 19 mins, 2013, Spanish w/ English subtitles)Jaime and Lucia have an important matter to discuss with their daughter over dinner. However, their daughter and her boyfriend arrive with news of their own.

SIN RESPUESTADir. Miguel Parra(Spain, 10 mins, 2013, Spanish w/ English subtitles)Lola is a phone operator, specializing in debt collection for a financial institution. With the ease of dealing with debtors exclusively over the phone, Lola has a cold and strict demeanor. One day, Lola picks up her boyfriend’s phone and hears very familiar words.

TE ESCUCHODir. Jorge Blas(Spain, 9 mins, 2013, Spanish w/ English subtitles)Raul slowly unravels the mystery behind his mother’s death, with the help of his deceased father’s ghost.

TRANSITODir. Macarena Astorga(Spain, 13 mins, 2013, Spanish w/ English subtitles)Paul is speeding and on the phone, on his way to an important meeting. His car suddenly breaks down leaving him stranded near an empty town.

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S A N D I E G O L AT I N O F I L M F E S T I VA L 75 Note: screening times & dates subject to change.


DOCU-SHORTS94 MIN. THURSDAY, MARCH 12, 5:00 PM, S15An assemblage of short documentaries that redefine the meaning of the phrase, “life is stranger than fiction.”

AMOR EN TIEMPOS DE INCENDIOSDir. Gilberto Gonzalez Penilla(Mexico, 2013, 7 mins, Spanish w/ English subtitles)A short documentary which examines the decline of a marriage and the struggle over time to stay together.

AÑOS DE LUZDir. Aldemar Matias(Cuba, 13 minutes, 2013, Spanish w/ English subtitles)In 1958, Gregorio Rivera is ordered to join Fidel Castro’s rebel army as the army’s squadron photographer. Now, “Goyo” shares his story. However, at 93 years of age his memory is not as precise as the pictures he once took.

LA CASONADir. Juliette Touin(Cuba, 2013, 24 minutes, Spanish w/ English subtitles)Several pregnant women needing particular attention, live at La Casona, a Cuban maternity home. Yudi, a 15-year-old girl, tries like the others to maintain a distant and dysfunctional relationship with the father of her future child.

LA PARKADir. Gabriel Serra(Mexico, 29 minutes, 2013, Spanish w/ English subtitles)A serene and elegant look into Efrain’s life, who has worked at a slaugh-terhouse for 25 years, and his particular relationship with the dead.

TOÑITASDir. Beyza Boyacioglu & Sebastian Diaz(USA, 21 minutes, 2014, English)The 40-year-old Caribbean Sports club has witnessed the transformation of South Williamsburg from a Latino neighborhood ravaged by gang vio-lence and drugs, into one of the hippest and most luxurious places in New York. As harsh gentrification cleared the neighborhood of poverty and crime, it also washed away the majority of the Puerto Rican community; thus the local identity and culture. Today, Caribbean Sports Club is the last social club in the South Side, kept alive by its owner and the community matriarch, Maria Toñita.

EN FAMILIA100 MIN., SATURDAY, MARCH 14, 12:15 PM, S15A compilation of entertaining, emotive and charming films for the whole family.

9:30AMDir. Alfonso de la Cruz(Mexico, 2014, 9 minutes, Spanish w/ English subtitles)Ernesto, a child spending summer vacations at his grandmother’s house, shows us how moments are full of complex emotions with simple mean-ings. When an unfortunate incident that only adults understand happens, the child’s special days are effected.

ASI DE GRANDE SON LAS IDEASDir. Quique Rivera(Puerto Rico, 2014, 5 minutes, Spanish w/ English subtitles)Sometime in the future, an old man equipped with the benefits of evolu-tion, survived the extinction of all other living beings. It is a very lonely world for someone unable to die.

CARNITASDir. Barbara Miryam Balsategui Tovar(Mexico, 2014, 15 minutes, Spanish w/ English subtitles)With the last of their savings, Valentina’s family buys a small tea cup pig from China. With the intention of fattening it up for Christmas, only a mir-acle can save the pig from its doom.

CHULADir. Victoria Sorberal(Puerto Rico, 2014, 15 minutes, Spanish w/ English subtitles) Bebo is nowhere to be found on his wedding day. It’s now up to his best man, Fredo and his young daughter to bring Bebo back in time for the ceremony.

EL DON DE LOS ESPEJOSDir. Mara Soler(Mexico, 2014, 10 minutes, Spanish w/ English subtitles)A stubborn fish collector faces his own boundaries in this maritime story.

THE EXTRAORDINARY MR. JUPITERDir. Federico Torres Fernandez(Puerto Rico, 2014, 17 minutes, Spanish w/ English subtitles)Franco Jupiter, an extraordinary magician with real powers, challenges nature in order to find true love.

EL MAESTRO Y LA FLORDir. Daniel Irabien(Mexico, 2014, 9 minutes, Spanish w/ English subtitles)Life can be cruel for The Teacher, but no matter how bad things are, he can always find solace with his friend, The Flower. When love comes knocking at his door, The Teacher must decide if he is willing to risk everything for it.

EL NECIODir. Carlo Quiroz Robles(Mexico, 2014, 10 minutes, Spanish w/ English subtitles)In a Mexican town with no electricity, Joaquin follows his team on its way to the World Cup, via transistor radio. During the semifinals, the batteries run out and he has to find a solution, or he will miss the big game.

EL TROMPETISTADir. Raul Robin Alejandro Morales Reyes(Mexico, 2014, 10 minutes, Spanish w/ English subtitles)A trumpeter trapped in the rigidness of a marching band, discovers his creative power and through the expression of his own individuality, finds his freedom.

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76 S A N D I E G O L AT I N O F I L M F E S T I VA L



The San Diego-Tijuana region is abundant with talent and creativ-ity that provides the festival with thought-provoking and enter-taining films year after year. 2015 is no exception. From a young female boxer in National City, to a vagabond struggling to survive along the edge of Tijuana River, these films are sure to reignite your love and appreciation for this region and its people.

AUTOBIOGRAFIA ANONIMADir. Ernesto Gonzalez(USA, 2014, 25 minutes, English w/ Spanish subtitles)A dad separated from his daughter, and a young graffiti artist meet on a bus on its way to Los Angeles, in a ride that will change their lives forever.

BUSY EVERY DAY(USA, 3 minutes, 2014, English)Dir. Brian Myers & Ryan KuratomiSantos, a native of Oaxaca, began a farmers’ market booth at Kobey’s Swap Meet in the Sports Arena, before he opened his own roadside shop in 2000. Naming the market and nursery after his mother, Margarita, he now sells bouquets of flowers cut fresh from Encinitas.

THE CACTUS & THE PANSYDir. Sergio Duarte(USA, 2014, 6 mins, English)After living alone in an office, a potted cactus must share his space and attention when a beautiful pansy flower is introduced.

CORONACION (Mexico, 7:30 minutes, 2013, Spanish w/ English subtitles)Dir. Jesus Guerra HuertaMemin is one of the many residents that live at the edge of the “El Bordo” river in Tijuana. Along with the crew of the documentary, Memin will delve into the oppression and mistreatment of the river’s many residents by the authorities.

DEL ZACAZ NO ME SACAS(Mexico, 10 minutes, 2013, Spanish w/ English subtitles) Dir. Yadira GutierrezEl Zacozonapan bar is a haven of tolerance and diversity that accepts any patron who walks through its doors with open arms. In operation for the past 40 years, it has become one of the most important social and cultur-al establishments in the Tijuana nightlife. Learn the story of “El Zacaz” through the eyes of Pancho, the owner, bartender and soul of the busi-ness.

JESSICA FIGHTS BACKDir. Adriana Bush (USA, 2014, 8 minutes, English)A 17-year-old female amateur boxer must fight through challenges inside and outside of the ring.

MEMIN: CRONICA DE UN BOXEADORDir. Rodrigo Alvarez Flores(Mexico, 2014, 17 minutes, Spanish w/ English subtitles)Memin: Portrait of a Boxer explores the past, present, and future of a 23-year-old professional boxer, Carlos Carlson, who believes that the key to victory in a match is having the spirit and mentality of a champion. Once a juvenile delinquent, now a devoted sportsman, Carlos narrates his struggles in the battle ring and life.


U.S. Latinos have a very interesting upbringing. American culture and Latino culture have blended within us and we’ve created a subculture of our own. These are our very distinct stories.

ANADir. Renee Petropoulos(USA, 2014, 9 minutes, English) A naive teenager, desperately longing for her mother’s love, learns that some relationships aren’t meant to be.

CONTRAPELODir. Gareth Dunnett Alcocer(USA/Mexico, 2014, 19 minutes, Spanish w/ English subtitles)A proud barber is forced to shave the leader of a drug cartel. As he’s shaving the man, he is forced to make a decision between killing the man who’s destroying his country, or allowing him to continue killing.

LA NOCHE BUENADir. Alex Mallis(USA/Cuba, 2014, 17 minutes, Spanish w/ English subtitles)A second-generation Cuban-American travels to Cuba for the first time to reconnect with his past, but only alienates himself further.

A NEW WAY(USA, 4 minutes, 2014, English)Dir. Brian Myers & Ryan KuratomiYouth resident farmers Daisy Cortes, Elizabeth Vargas and Luis Ramirez run the Urban Garden Program at Second chance. In an environment dominated by fast food restaurants and liquor stores, they share their struggle to eat healthy on a daily basis.

SCOTT (Mexico, 4 minutes, 2014, Spanish w/ Englis subtitles)Dir. Bryan A. Chillian & Jesus GuerraDisorder, confusion & marginalization. These social issues mesh together in this vortex of perspectives and reality.

UK BALAAM(Mexico, 10 minutes, 2013, Spanish w/ English subtitles)Dir. Jesus Guerra HuertaAfter being deported, with nowhere to go, “Yuca” faced an uncertain fu-ture. Now he’s one of the dozens of stranded immigrants that call the Ti-juana river channel their home.

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S A N D I E G O L AT I N O F I L M F E S T I VA L 77



Mexican cinema is currently going through a period of resur-gence. These short filmmakers are out to prove that the recent string of international hits is no coincidence, and the best is yet to come.

BINGODir. Andres Borda Garcia(Mexico, 2014, 10 minutes, Spanish w/ English subtitlesA group of elderly people gather every night to play bingo. Mario loses every time, and has become obsessed with the game. His bad fortune accompanies him outside the bingo room and luck rules his life; but Mario will not accept losing anymore.

DIEGODir. Sara Seligman(Mexico/USA/Germany, 2014, 15 minutes, Spanish w/ English subtitles)Diego is 10 years old, and doesn’t feel like he fits in at home where vio-lence is equivalent to manhood. He finally makes a friend and has to make a choice: follow in his family’s footsteps or follow his own path - while putting his own life at risk.

EL GRAN LIDERDir. Francisco Jimenez(Mexico, 2014, 10 minutes, Spanish w/ English subtitles)A marionette is built and trained inside a factory to become the new lead-er. Even though there is a whole town that worships him, there’s also a small group of rebels who don’t approve.

LA TETA DE BOTERODir. Humberto Busto(Mexico, 2014, 19 minutes, Spanish w/ English subtitles)Kike, a young man highly concerned about his health, meets with Sofia, an old friend of his. Through her experience, he discovers the possibility of a new contact with his body in order to survive.

LOS CONTRERAS FAMILYDir. Alejandro Becerril Elias (Mexico, 2014, 10 minutes, Spanish w/ English subtitles)A police operation is happening in the building the Contreras family lives in. Each member of the family is involved in different unlawful activities, but who is the one they are coming for?

NUNCA REGRESESDir. Leonardo Diaz(Mexico, 2014, 16 minutes, Spanish w/ English subtitles)Two young friends accept a job from a local thug, ignoring the conse-quences that could come with it.

PRIMAVERADir. Tania Claudia Castillo (Mexico, 2014, 16 minutes, Spanish w/ English subtitles)Elba is an introverted, lonely fourteen-year-old living with her mom and older sister, Fernanda. Fernanda has a conflictive relationship with her mother, and decides to run away from home. Elba feels the need to get close to her sister before she leaves. At Fernanda’s goodbye party, Elba and Fernanda live an encounter which changes the way Elba handles life.

RAMONADir. Giovanna Rodriguez Zacarias(Mexico, 2014, 10 minutes, Spanish w/ English subtitles) Ramona, an 80-year-old woman, has decided she wants to die. Her son Carmelo asks her for time to raise some money for the coffin, and she decides to comply with his wishes. Word spreads throughout the small village that Ramona is going to die, and she is showered with gifts and messages for the villagers’ loved ones who have already passed away.

NI AQUI, NI ALLADir. Gabriela Bortolamedi (USA, 2014, 24 minutes, Spanish w/ English subtitles)Blanca, 20-year-old undocumented sophomore at UC Berkeley, navigates the challenges of college. Her parents who live in California’s San Joaquin Valley, struggle to make ends meet, while supporting their daughter in the pursuit of her dreams.

NI-NIDir. Melissa Hickey(USA, 2014, 20 minutes, Spanish w/ English subtitles)In a Mexican border town, a lonely street thug yearns for a better life. Af-ter bumping into a girl from his past, he remembers the boy he used to be.

SELLING ROSARIODir. Iana Simeonov & Michael Winokur(USA, 2014, 17 minutes, English)Rosario is a young girl growing up in a migrant labor camp. Her parents have concocted a risky plan to get her out of the unsafe, squalid environ-ment they live in.

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78 S A N D I E G O L AT I N O F I L M F E S T I VA L


Note: screening times & dates subject to change.


The eerie, freaky and zany come together in this collection of the unconventional side of the Latino community.

ALEXIADir. Andres Borghi (Mexico, 9 minutes, 2013, Spanish w/ English subtitles)When Franko finally decides to let go of his deceased girlfriend who com-mitted suicide and erases her from his social network, he starts receiving weird messages from beyond.

ALGESIADir. Cathy Alberich(Mexico, 15 minutes, 2007, Spanish w/ English subtitles)A young woman goes to extreme lengths to fight her human emotions.

LAS COSAS RARASDir. Maximo Carra (Argentina, 8 minutes, 2014, Spanish w/ English subtitles)A short film that utilizes the tropes of the horror genre and the subgenre of a “babysitter in peril”, and turns them on their head.

DOS GATOSDir. Mauricio Chernovetzky(USA, 2014, 9 minutes, English) Surveillance cameras at the Dos Gatos restaurant capture mysterious events as Silverio, an arrogant bartender, closes up for the night.

HORIZONTEDir. Aitor Ubarri(Spain, 2012, 24 minutes, Spanish w/ English subtitles)A mother and her daughter travel a forsaken landscape full of unspeak-able monsters in hopes of reuniting their family.

LA PARKA Dir. Gabriel Serra(Mexico, 2014, 29 minutes, Spanish w/ English subtitles)A serene and elegant look into Efrain’s life, who has worked at a slaugh-terhouse for 25 years, and has a particular relationship with the dead.

THE WORKING DEADDir. Fernando Gonzalez(Spain, 2014, 9 mins, Spanish w/ English subtitles)When everything is lost, a raise is your only hope. The undead and the recession come to a head in this hilarious zomedy from Spain!


An assemblage of films on courage, perseverance, and coming of age from Latinos around the world.

A PERRO FLACODir. Laura Ferres(Spain, 19 minutes, 2014, Spanish w/ English subtitles)Leo’s life is in chaos. She lost her job and she’s in love with someone who doesn’t love her back anymore. When her mother has no choice but to leave her dog in Leo’s care, Leo sees it as an opportunity to demonstrate to her mother that she can be responsible.

EUSTACIADir. Diego Camilo Figueroa(Venezuela, 14 minutes, 2013, Spanish w/ English subtitles)Eustacia learns her oldest son is moving to a different city, very far away from her. Frightened by the thought of being lonely, Eustacia concocts an eerie plan to make sure her youngest son never leaves home.

FOLEY ARTISTDir. Toni Bestard(Spain, 18 minutes, 2013, Spanish w/ English subtitles)A sound technician who specializes in foley effects, has a small accident that forces him to work from home for a few days. During that time, a new neighbor moves into the building across from him, and becomes his new sound muse.

I DON’T SAY GOODBYE, I SAY SEE YOU SOONDir. Giuliana Monteiro(Brazil/USA, 16 minutes, 2014, Portuguese w/ English subtitles)Living in small village located along the roadside of Minas Gerais, 10-year old Antonio dreams of meeting his father who drives a bright red trailer truck. Trailer trucks come and go, but his father never arrives. Until one day, a truck with the same characteristics passes by and Antonio decides to chase it.

OS MENINOS DO RIODir. Javier Macipe(Portugal/Spain, 14 minutes, 2014, Portuguese w/ English subtitles)In the riverside neighborhood of Oporto, the local children prove their courage by jumping from the first level of the Luis I bridge into the Dou-ro River. Leo is teased by the older children because he’s never jumped before. One day, in order to impress his neighbor and win her heart, Leo decides to jump from the bridge’s highest level.

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S A N D I E G O L AT I N O F I L M F E S T I VA L 79


Note: screening times & dates subject to change.


ASI SOMOS SIN SERENADir. Ines Villanueva(Argentina, 12 minutes, 2014, Spanish w/ English subtitles)Alan and Emma are a middle aged couple trapped in their home as they mourn a loss in a very particular way. Will precede the screening of JAUJA on Wednesday, March 18 at 8:30pm.

BUENA FEDir. Cristina Kotz-Cornejo(Argentina, 18 minutes, 2014, Spanish w/ English subtitles)A couple’s relationship is falling apart after the death of their young son. In an attempt to mend things before they head off to Mexico for Carlos’ religious work, Romina, who is battling depression, seeks out a myste-rious man. In what Carlos and Romina thought would be a trip to bring them closer, only makes them realize the trip served to further the divide. Will precede the screening of LA TERCERA ORILLA on Wednesday, March 18th at 7:15pm.

EN LAS NUBESDir. Marcelo Mitnik(Argentina, 20 minutes, 2014, Spanish w/ English subtitles)Set in Buenos Aires during one momentous week in the lives of Mariela, an Argentine illustrator, and Oliver, an American dog food executive work-ing abroad. The film explores the conflicting cultural disagreements about intimacy, and the way the once-simple idea of a marriage proposal has taken on an increasingly public, and sometimes ridiculous, weight in this age of social media. Will precede the screening of NENA, SALUDAME AL DIEGO on Friday, March 13th at 4pm & on Thursday, March 19th at 8:00pm.

¡VIVA MUJERES!89 MIN., FRIDAY, MARCH 20, 5:15 PM S15Tales of endurance, devotion, and defiance fill this exquisite com-pilation of films from Latina women around the world.

LA DESPEDIDA Dir. Yanet Pantoja Neri(Mexico, 2014, 6 minutes, Spanish w/ English subtitles)In the waiting room of a train station, Susana, a young beautiful woman, says goodbye to Pavel. Susana, certain that he will not come back, tells him everything he wants to hear.

LIVING QUECHUADir. Christine Mladic Janney(USA, 2014, 18 minutes, Spanish w/ English subtitles) Elva Ambia Rebatta’s first language is Quechua; but when she left her town in Peru as a young woman to find work in the United States, speak-ing Spanish and English became critical for her to survive. Quechua is recognized as an endangered language, and Elva now in her seventies, helps cultivate a Quechua-speaking community in New York City.

LUCHADORADir. River Finlay(USA, 2014, 12 minutes, Spanish w/ English subtitles)Luna Magica, a professional Lucha Libre wrestling star in Mexico, dreams of becoming world wrestling champion, while fighting to make ends meet as a single mom in Mexico City.

O QUE FICADir. Daniella Saba(Brazil/France, 2014, 20 minutes, w/ English subtitles)The life of Jimena, a bitter, lonely woman, turns upside down when her father suddenly returns after 30 years and leaves her a paralytic dog.

TEMBLORDir. Marina Fernandez Ferri(USA, 2014, 10 minutes, Spanish w/ English subtitles)After moving from Spain to New York City to be with her boyfriend, a young woman hides her true feelings about the strange and cold city she now calls home.

LA ULTIMA CENADir. Vanessa Quintanilla(Mexico, 2014, 10 minutes, Spanish w/ English subtitles)A note left on the refrigerator door and some out of place silver foil un-leash a transformation in Diana that turns around her tedious daily rou-tine.

UN PARAISODir. Jayisha Patel(Cuba, 2013, 13 minutes, Spanish w/ English subtitles)Damaris and Alberto live in rural Cuba. Four months ago, their 12-year-old son committed suicide. While turning to family and a new-found religion to help deal with their loss, an even more disturbing issue is revealed.

UN LUGAR MEJORDir. Marisa Crespo & Moises Romera(Spain, 3 mins, 2013, w/ English subtitles)Thimbo wants to be a football player. Malik dreams of managing his own business. Demba just thinks of going to a better place.

ZARAUTZEN EROSI ZUEN Dir. Aitor Arregi(Spain, 16 minutes, 2014, Euskara w/ English subtitles)Miren is a quiet, timid person. Due to her personality, people tend to over-look her or take advantage of her. When a blouse is stolen from her store, Miren decides that it’s the last straw, and she’ll take matters into her own hands.