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Short Films

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Introduction to Short FilmsWhat is a short film?

• A short film is a film which length is too short to be considered as a feature film.

• The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences describes and defines the term of a short film as "an original motion picture that has a running time of 40 minutes or

less, including all credits".

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• Most short films are between 1 minute and 20 minutes. Most shorts do not have a very complicated plot or characters as there is not enough time in the film in order for them to build the character and the

plot up. • The first short films were shown to the public in 1894

a kinescope which was described to be like a peep show which was designed for individual viewing.

More on what is a short film?

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A little girl's fear of diving in a swimming pool may be overcome when she sees what she believes to be magical creatures swimming in the water and yearns to join their

world.Surrounded by divers and swimmers, a little girl feels

humiliated by her fear of jumping in the water. She escapes her reality by holding her breath to 'trip' within her own

head. But when she sees two unexpected creatures swimming beautifully and effortlessly underwater, can she take the

plunge into their magical world?


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• I do air was initially released on 26th October 2009

• It was made by Marina Amiti who is an Italian film director, actress and writer.

• I do Air also won the Bafta awards for best short film in 2010

I do airBackground information

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‘I do Air’ Finance and Budget

Martina: We had £10,000 from the scheme but some of us were very concerned about it being underwater

and the girl having to hold her breath but my other theme is water, in the open seas. So I suppose we

assured them that it could be made for the budget. It was very limited for what we did. We asked for a lot of

favours and people were amazing.

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• The narrative structure is quite basic and follows the pattern of:

-Introduction to characters and setting.-A problem that character must overcome (i.e. fear of diving into water)-Resolution of problem (i.e. she sees magical creatures that help her overcome her fears)


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The genres featured in ‘I do air’ is drama and fantasy as the short film features the conventions of:• Showing real life situations, with realistic

characters and settings• Featuring of what the girl believes to be

magical creatures (although the audience knows that they are not creatures)


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• Girls clothes look like a life guards uniform-jumps in to the water with them on.-May think that she is saving the sea creatures

• Set in a swimming pool-not a conventional place to see sea creatures

• She thought that the free divers were sea creatures this may have been because they had goggles and fin like flippers on

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• Ambient sound sets the scene of swimming pool: Sound of people diving off board, lady instructing swimmers, water splashing etc.

• Sound heard from underwater making it sound muffled which emphasizes the fear in the little girl.

• Low pitch buzzing noise when girl is looking over diving board into the water- again to emphasises the girls emotion and fear.

• Sound of man tapping against a pole- sound represents the sound and pace of a heartbeat.


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• Positioning of the frame: When she is on the diving board she is made to look rather small compared to the rest of the scene.

• When the girl is in the changing room everything else goes out of focus and it looks like she could be under water or in a different world. It also makes it look like she is distant from everyone else


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• Long shots were used to set and show the scene and to also emphasise the height of the diving board.

• Close up of the girls mouth is shown in order to show her way of escapism from the outside world by taking long deep breaths.

• Medium shot of free diver is shown in order to show the audience the resemblance of the man in comparison to a magical sea creature in which the girl believes both the free divers to be.