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  • PRESENTED BY! #C2C14! Repurpose, Reuse, Refresh! Pam Didner, Global Integrated Marketing Strategist, Intel !
  • Repurpose Reuse Refresh @PamDidner
  • Use Content to Drive Conversion But before you Repurpose Reuse Refresh
  • Lets sit back And think for a minute
  • Before Repurpose, Reuse, Refresh content Who is your audience? Persona What topics to use to engage with them? Editorial What materials to use to engage with them? Content
  • Understand your audience through Buyer Research Seller Interviews Keyword Search Social Listening Observations
  • Ravi, IT Manager Med. & Lrg. Business Tech Enthusiast External Influencers Organiza(onal A-tudes and Business Outcomes Use tech as compe--ve advantage p Willingness to pay a premium $$$ Early tech adopters p Employees that are extremely connected and extremely dispersed p Full -me dedicated IT sta p Technology Infrastructure # of sites p IT Budget $$$ % of employees with a dedicated computer Computer installed base Computer refresh cycle >50% installed base of laptops p Server installed base Has a enterprise class data center p Smartphone installed base Tablet installed base Currently use SaaS, IaaS or PaaS p Server virtualiza-on p Security 88% % with Dedicated IT Budget $10.4M Avg. IT Budget p Mean Deployment Size 3,168 329 1,016 420 90% 95% 65% 43% Technologies in Use p p p p IT Manager Persona (Global) Influencers IT Budget IT Environment
  • Leveraging Data Business intelligence tools to speed the ability to report, analyze and store data (e.g., data mining, analy-cs, data warehousing, etc.) Data management applica-ons that control, protect, deliver and enhance value of data and informa-on. (e.g. ERP, CRM, transac-onal databases, etc.) Capabili-es to improve our vendors or partners abili-es to access our data. (e.g. web portals, B2B gateways, etc.) Business process capabili-es to improve workows within my company (e.g. six sigma, business process modeling, etc.) Virtualiza(on Desktop virtualiza-on Server virtualiza-on (e.g., expanding; improving manageability etc.) Telework/ Mobility Capabili-es to enable employees to work from home (e.g. VPN, Citrix, remote access to the companys network, etc.) Enabling employees to use their personally-supplied devices, computers or phones to connect to the companys network Security Automa-ng IT management (e.g., socware / patch updates) Improving compliance with regula-on Improving our companys IT security Other Improving the delivery of applica-ons across dierent devices* Giving new company-supplied compu-ng tools to employees such as smartphones, tablets or similar Consolida-ng or integra-ng our data centers, network and storage infrastructure** Capabili-es to accommodate or manage data growth and storage needs Ravi, IT Manager Med. & Lrg. Business Tech Enthusiast Very High Security Very High Very High Very High Collaboration Mobility Informa-on Mgmt IT Initiatives Challenges/ Pain Points
  • Create your own persona Name? Personal Profile? Job Description? Challenges or Desires? Content needs? Preferred media to receive information?
  • Persona provides insights to editorial planning Brainstorm Topics Editorial Calendar Pain Points Desires Jobs Description Attributes Budget Keyword Search Demo- graphics
  • Use editorial topics To determine content list
  • Be very focused You cant please everyone
  • Editorial Topics Yearly Monthly Weekly Daily Hourly Tactics (Social / Paid) Strategic Tactics (Social / Paid) Tactics (Social / Paid) Strategic
  • Dec Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov 2013 Dec Topics Cloud Product Launch #1 Mobility Product Launch #2 Editorial Topics Big Data CES Product Launch Mobile World Congress Intel Developer Forum in China Computex Intel Developer Forum in US Intel Developer Forum Product launch (Yearly and Monthly)
  • Editorial Topics Weekly and Daily
  • Useful Links: Free Content Marketing Tools 2014: Content planning, creation and marketing made easy Content Marketing for better planning, management and tracking Divvy HQ Gather Content Kapost Compendium Select content planning tools WordPress Trello Opal Moments
  • Options to Create Content Create new original content or curate third party content
  • All the time Its hard to create original content
  • Curated content may not perform as well As original content
  • Repurpose, Reuse, Repackage (RRR) The option between original and curated content?
  • Example 1: RRR a flagship content to one audience Example 2: RRR a hero or flagship content to different audiences Example 3: RRR different pieces of content to one or different audiences Three Possible Options
  • 5 short blog posts 1 short video animation 3 Infographics 1 presentation 1 white board Video by Intel Expert 1 Podcast interview of the white paper author One 18-page white paper Example 1: 12 content pieces out of one White Paper
  • Long From Content (1) Short From Content (4) Social Content (20) For Social Media: Source: Intel Break down long form content to multiple short forms
  • Short Form Examples 18-pages of White Paper 600 to 800 word blog posts Source: Intel
  • Social Content Examples Source: Intel
  • The Sophisticated Marketers Guide to LinkedIn: Podcast: SlideShare: Another example: Hero Content repurposed into Different formats Source: Jason Miller, Global Content Marke-ng Manager, LinkedIn
  • eBooks: Blogs: Blogs eBooks Source: Jason Miller, Global Content Marke-ng Manager, LinkedIn
  • Infographics Source: Jason Miller, Global Content Marke-ng Manager, LinkedIn
  • The Webinar: Physical Book: The Webinar Physical Book Source: Jason Miller, Global Content Marke-ng Manager, LinkedIn
  • One more step: Take it Global Source: Jason Miller, Global Content Marke-ng Manager, LinkedIn
  • The Sophisticated CMOs Guide to LinkedIn The Sophisticated Healthcare Marketers Guide to LinkedIn The Sophisticated Event Marketers Guide to LinkedIn Example 2: RRR a hero or flagship content to different audiences
  • Example 3: RRR different pieces of content to one or different audience Millennial study in China Millennial study in Germany Millennial study in US International Millennial Study eBook
  • A Example 3: RRR different pieces of content to one or different audience CEO announcement of new products: a video A new video 3 to 4 slides of new product benefits. Call to action: a demo Customers sharing their pain points =++ B C D
  • Ok, so its time consuming And expensive to RRR
  • There was only a small budget? But what if
  • You will need to wear several hats Editor Content Creator Program Manager Writer Agency Creative
  • From partners and manufacturers Leverage free content
  • Solution Brief co-branded from partner This content is created by Juniper. Offer it free to its channel partners for co-branding Source: Vology
  • Use fiverr, tenrr To find freelancers
  • 1. Evaluate your content, start with promotion in mind 2. It takes time, budget and effort to repurpose, reuse and repackage. Prioritization is key 3. Create an RRR plan Start with 1 or 2 flagship content for repurpose, reuse and repackage Connect the dots by pulling materials from different pieces of content When you go back to work
  • Oh, wait, one more RRR example