Recruit and Train Your Own Tax Preparers

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The key to growth for any business is having good people. For a tax firm, this means finding seasonal employees to service your clients during tax season. While it may seem better and easier to hire an experienced tax preparer, we've found that it is better to find people with strong customer service skills first and teach them to prepare taxes through our Tax School. This eliminates the chance of hiring someone with bad habits and allows you to start fresh with someone and train them to do prepare taxes the correct way. This is my presentation on recruiting and training your own tax preparers.

Transcript of Recruit and Train Your Own Tax Preparers

  • Recruit and Train Seasonal Tax Preparers Grow Your Tax Business with Qualified Tax Preparers By: Chuck McCabe, CEO
  • Personal limitations You cant do it by yourself You need seasonal career employees Where can you find them? How can you train them? What are the best practices? Key to Growth = Good People!
  • The Employment Market for Tax Preparers: Recent trends More competition High unemployment Two household workers Later retirement Living longer 2nd full-time careers Tax Preparer Regulation
  • What Type of People Are You Looking For? Experience in Tax Prep. People skills Aptitude Availability Attitude Motivation Seasonal career
  • NYC Repeat Factor: Dont Create Tax Technicians!
  • Who are the Best Candidates? Homemakers Early retirees Military retirees Financial services professionals People w/ complimentary seasonal employment Moonlighting professionals College seniors or graduate students Blue-collar workers
  • Tax Preparer Compensation Performance-based pay Draw against commission Training pay Salary vs. hourly Incentive bonuses Professional education commission Office bonus pool Client retention Other? Overdraw Tax Practice Management Manuals Operations and more
  • Where to Find Prospects: Friends & relatives Employee referrals Friendly sales people Your clients Newspaper Help Wanted Ads Online Job Boards Indeed, Craigslist Temporary employment agencies Outplacement services Women & senior groups The military Former IRS employees Colleges & career schools
  • Screening Candidates: Pitfalls Transient workers Hiring someone elses problem Limited availability Motivated by money The test Other people problems Dishonesty Competing on side Poor people skills Poor communication skills Poor image Unreliable
  • Hiring and Scheduling Hiring Tax Preparers Applicant Screening Employment Application W-4, I-9 Employment Agreement Non-compete provision Non-solicitation provision Confidentiality provision Scheduling Tax Preparers Minimize dead time Monitor productivity
  • Income Tax School Invented by Block in 1965 Best practice adopted by: National tax firms Many independent tax firms Classroom vs. online Free vs. tuition Licensing requirements Adjunct faculty approach
  • Benefits of a Tax School Ensure ample staff of qualified seasonal preparers Candidates pay you to become qualified Screen candidates before hiring by observing Behavior & attitude Attendance & punctuality Personal grooming Response to authority Communication skills Tax course grades
  • Benefits of a Tax School (cont) Develop a rapport that continues in the workplace More knowledgeable tax preparers Provide in-house CE Advanced tax training Small business tax training Tax law updates
  • Tax Preparer Training Continuing Education Tax law updates Advanced courses Small Business courses Pre-Work Training Policies & Procedures Customer Service On-the-Job Training Buddy System Secret Shoppers
  • Additional Employee Training Pre-work training Tax software Client service Policies & procedures On the job training Checking tax returns Buddy system Retraining
  • Ongoing Training Tax season meetings Communication Newsletters Email Teleconferences Personal observation Secret shopper Feedback: errors & complaints
  • Running the School: Class schedules Times and dates Teaching techniques Tuition and fees Inquiries and follow-up Graduation certificates CE credit EA preparation
  • About The Income Tax School
  • What Tax Courses are Available? Basic Course (Part I) Intermediate Course (Part II) Comprehensive Course (Part I & II) Advanced Individual Courses Level I & II Small Business Courses Level I & II Advanced Seminars IRS Exam I and II Courses Beginner Spanish Courses available Teach in a Classroom or Let Us Train for You Online
  • ITS Credentials Approved by IRS for CE for EAs CTEC for California Oregon State Board for Tax Practitioners NASBA for CPAs Qualified Sponsor for CFP
  • What is Included in a Kit? License Operators manual Toll-free support Kit materials Student & instructor manuals Tax forms for assignments IRS Pub 17 on CD Tax updates at year-end Certificate of Completion Additional materials available: Power Point Presentation CD Answer key CDs Marketing materials: brochures, posters, banners, inquiry & follow-up cards
  • Other Considerations Licensing requirements Alternatives to a licensed school Pricing Let us train for you online Revenue-sharing or discounted pricing Chartered Tax Professional Certificate Program (CTP) 1-800-984-1040
  • Other Considerations: Licensing requirements Alternatives to a licensed school Pricing Let us train for you online Revenue-sharing or discounted pricing Chartered Tax Professional Certificate Program (CTP)
  • Summary: Systematic methods Qualified, trained people Best practices
  • End of Presentation Thank You!
  • Contact Information Chuck McCabe, CEO 1.800.984.1040 [email protected] @TaxSchool