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Playground Cafe is a kid friendly coffee shop with a number of convenient features to suit the needs of everyone, even dog lovers. visit us at to learn more, invest, donate of volunteer

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  • PlayGround Cafe
  • Playdates & Coffee Breaks, Where adults getaway & kids learn through play PlayGround Cafe
  • Problems worth solving 38 % of parents work or will from home limited drop-in care facilities limited indoor play area options No dual business center and play area No kid/ dog friendly cafes PlayGround Cafe
  • Our solution Adults will enjoy a cozy cafe for adult coversations without the interruption of their children. We provide an outlet for children to play when outdoor weather does not permit. The cafe will offer a universal atmosphere for child & adult playdates PlayGround Cafe
  • Target market 163K prospects Market size: $234.7M PlayGround Cafe Working Parents Professionals College Students
  • Competitive landscape Competitors How our solution is better Startbucks Pricing Strategy Local Cafes Kid Friendly Play area Indoor Play areas Location/ other amenities Playseum Cleanliness,technology, age diversity PlayGround Cafe
  • Funding needed $450K Indoor playground, cafe, meeting space equipment design, construction,inventory, operatiing expenses PlayGround Cafe
  • Sales channels Cafe pastries, snacks, beverages meeting space business service rental Train Rides Indoor Play daily/ membership Drop-in Play PlayGround Cafe
  • Marketing activities social media referral marketing personalized marketing promotional marketing article marketing PlayGround Cafe
  • DONATE . Invest. Volunteer. We are looking for the following professionals to offer their services at a discounted rate to help reduce startup cost: Interior Designer Barista trainer Financial Services Grant Writer Business Consultant Attorney Marketing specialist Commercial contractor Suppliers and Vendors Web designer Logo designer Child care professionals; Human technology specialist PlayGround Cafe