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  • 1. Personality Box
    By: Brittney Tongco

2. Family
3. Inherited Features
4. Outer Appearance
5. Inherited Traits
6. Social Behavior
7. Skills, Talents, and Abilities
8. Future Plans
9. Eating Habits
10. Fears
11. Favorites
12. Emotions
13. Memorable Moments
14. Every one has their own personality, not one person is alike in any way.Many people may think that they know one person completely, but they are very wrong.A person can only see people on the outside, for example, like how they look like, how they do their hair, or even the friends they hang out with, but they really dont know the person. The only way you can get to know someone is by getting to know the real them, by finding out the type of person they are on the inside. In this personality box, more like personality slides I made, you can see both the inside and out.
15. In the first slide, I use pictures to represent my family. First, there is a picture of a flag of the country, Philippines. The reason why this picture is used to represent my family is because my whole family is Filipino, including me. The other thing i used to represent my family is a picture of my families last name. Lastly, there is an actual picture of one side of my family.
16. In the second slide,there is a picture of mainly my eyes, which shows I have brown eyes that I have inherited from both of my parents, who both have brown eyes.Another inherited feature that I have is my nose, the one shown in the slide. I inherited my nose from my dad, because it looks more like my dads nose than my moms.The last picture shown is a picture of my hair. I inherited my hair from both of my parents, which is the color black.
17. In the third slide I show my outer appearance. To show my outer appearance, I used pictures of the clothing stores I go to. First, I have my favorite store, Pac Sun, which is the store I shop at the most. Next, I have my next favorite store, Hollister, which is also a place I shop at the next most. And then Lastly, I have a logo of American Eagle Outfitters, which is also a store I shop at a lot.
18. In the fourth slide I used three pictures to show my inherited traits. First, I have pictures of glasses.The reason why this is an inherited trait is because both of my parents wear glasses, and still do. Next, there is a picture of a dog, which represents how I am allergic to dogs. This is an inherited trait only because my dad is also allergic to dogs, and also most of my dads side of the family. And the last picture is a picture of vocal cords. I got my singing voice from my moms side of the family, because my dads side does not know how to sing.
19. In the fifth slide, I used pictures of my friends and I to represent my social behavior. My friends make up my social behavior and also represent one of my personality traits.
20. In the sixth slide, I showed a picture of a piano. The reason why that picture is on the slide is because I can play the piano. I also have a picture of a microphone, because I can sing, thats what I have been told. I also have a picture of someone standing on their tippy toes, I have the ability to stand on the very tip of my toes and walk without feeling any pain.
21. In the seventh slide, there shows a picture of this weird sign with snakes and this pole, well that is a medical sign. When I grow up I plan on being a doctor, and be part of medical stuff. Also there is a picture of another microphone because if I dont be a doctor, I want to try to be a singer. Lastly, there is a picture of hair cutting scissors, which represents that if I dont become a doctor or a singer, I want to be a hair stylist.
22. In the eighth slide, there is a picture of sour skittles, which is my all time favorite candy. Also there is a picture of a vanilla bean frappucino which is my favorite thing to get at starbucks. And lastly, the last picture is a picture of a tiramisu cake which is also one of my favorites.
In the ninth slide I show pictures that represent my fears.There is a picture of a rollercoaster; I have big fears of roller coasters that I am trying to outcome. Also there is a picture of a ghosts, I have a very big fear of ghosts, and lastly there is a picture of a plain square that is black, which represents that I am scared of the dark.
23. In the tenth slide,I used three pictures to represent my favorite things. First I have a picture of Justin Bieber, who is my favorite artist that started off from You Tube. Next I have a picture of Lil Wayne, who is also one of my favorite artist, who is a rapper.And lastly, a picture of my phone, which represents that I like to text a lot.
In the eleventh slide, there are pictures of what causes my emotions. First there is a picture of my friend and I, this is one thing that makes me very happy. Next there is a picture of the movies The Notebook which makes me very sad. And lastly, there is a picture of Justin Bieber, who always makes me happy.
24. Last but not least, is the 12th slide. Ther e is a picture I took while in the Philippines when I went on one of their boats, and had a blast. There is also Justin Bieber performing at a concert, which represents the time I went to one of his concerts here in Wisconsin. And lastly there is a crown, which represents the time I won Little Miss Philippines 2004.
25. Like said before, not one person can get to know someone by just looking at them, at their outer appearance. You have to know someone by getting to know their personality before you can judge. In the power point, I hope you learned more about me than what you have already known.