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2. st1stopMmm... to start my observations, idecided read the lectures againwhile drinking a caramelmacchiato.And fortunately my nearestStarbucks, had been remodeled.The orientation and location ofthe front door was modified andtheyd put new furniture outside. some kind of spring feeling 3. Starbucks The remodeling allowed to createnew spaces for sitting. 4. StarbucksNew logo! I never stopped in the siren image and missing text.Now I know theyd removed thewordmark around the siren, enlarging the siren image andmaking it green, since Jan.2011 5. StarbucksNone of the products had the price tag. 6. 1st stop Back outside, I noticed thestanding lamps...which also have the function tomark the stores zone. 7. nd2stopOne of my favorite toys store.The first thing that caught myattention, is that the name of thestore goes unnoticed. 8. CuncunaFull of toys and colours, and twosigns indicating you have to push the door.In spite of the posters, one of thethree persons who went in andout, while I was watching, push the door the other way around. Useless posters Push &pull 9. CuncunaThe floor is like a big green soft mat, it inspires to play. 10. Cuncuna There were 3 ladies behind thecounter, but no one offered help, they only responded if visitorsasked them. 11. Cuncuna And the products are organized by...many different its really difficult to find what you are looking for.I highly recommend orderingthe toys by age andencourage a more proactive attitude in saleswomen. 12. rd3stopExclusive store of shoes, clothes & accessories.I loved the display case with shoesof all colors and shapes 13. PEZTo create a unique look, vintageproducts are used as decoration.Things that can only be found inan antique shop. 14. PEZOnly one of the vendors waswearing a shirt with the logo ofthe store. The other four vendors were confused with customers. 15. th 4stop I went to a design store.The most I like, was a canvas of my candidate for local government. 16. CmodoSince the last time I came here, theyd made a useful reorganization of the space and order of the products. Now it has signs to guide customersexperience. 17. CmodoInside the store the use a lot of space to advertise their own brand. 18. CmodoPeople spend at least ten minuteswatching, enjoying, and analyzing everypiece of work. 19. I hope you had enjoy it. Thanks