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Paintball Marker By: Vince Morana

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Paintball Marker

By: Vince Morana

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• Goal: To create my own paintball marker incorporating all of the best features from my experience into one design.

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Finding the best Design

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Finding the best Design (2)

Main Interests: Feed neck type, Eye System, Trigger type, Ball Detents, On/off Design, Front Grip design.

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Rough Sketches

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More Rough Sketches

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Final Design

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Gun Body Features

•Open Bolt System • Lightweight (Less Mass Less

kickback)•Sideways Feedneck (smaller target)•Covered Eyes (more durable)•Volumizer in front (consistent shots)

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Gripframe Features

•Sticky Grip•Small Drop Forward (tank acts as stock)•Gauge on Regulator•On/Off ASA (if malfunction can turn off airflow to gun)•Double Trigger (more room for fingers in trigger guard)

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Force Feeder Design

•Backpack/Belt Design (marker lighter)•Force Fed (high bps feedrate)•No hopper on gun=smaller target

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Assemblies:Gun Body/Internals

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Assemblies:Tank/On Off/Drop Forward

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Assemblies:Force Feeder

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User’s Manual w/BOM’s

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User’s Manual Cont’d

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User’s Manual Cont’d

• Maintenance• General maintenance includes the following:• Cleaning the marker after every day of use

– Remove eye covers, cleaning excess paint– Remove eyes, cleaning excess paint– Lubricate bolt and all internals to prevent wear over time– Check force feed loading system for broken balls– Open trigger frame and check for paint on circuit board

• Make sure compressed air tank is not passed hydro date (every 2 yrs)• Check ball detents occasionally for wear

– New detents are needed when multiple balls enter the chamber per one shot

Correct Use• Only use marker in playing fields meant for recreational or competitive play• Always wear protective eyewear

– Sever injury can occur without certified paintball eye protection• Always have barrel plugged with barrel plug/condom when marker not in use• Only load the marker with paintballs meant for play, never foreign objects

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