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Oserian Roses.

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Oserian RosesHot Blood Oserian presents a new rose variety, Hotblood. An intense Fire Truck Red coloured rose which is also a fully thornless variety which benefits the production process as thorn damages are none and is kind to the customer. The flower is fully filled and reaches a length of 70cm.

Hot Blood

Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga This is a beautiful rose with exceedingly intense bi-colour orange. This variety is highly productive and will be available at an average length of 55cm. The flower opens slowly but fully, The beautiful colour remains on the flower during the entire vase life. Exclusive to the Mavuno Group.

Outdoor Rose FieldRed June

Spotlight This new variety has a Sonrisa yellow colour. Spotlight has a perfectly uniform bucket presentation. The flower is fully filled and has a heavy flower bud. Spotlight is available at 65cm length.

Red June A large headed velvet red, with fantastic flower shape, and excellent vase life. Exclusive to Oserian. The symmetry of the flower petals is almost perfect into the flower heart.Spotlight


A One A new White THybrid that can potentially replace Avalanche as the most sought after large white rose. It produces a T-Hybrid head even on lower altitudes which is very extraordinary for any rose

High & Intenz A bright orange which shows full even when opened

Cool Water A large headed lilac rose. Exclusive to Oserian in Africa

High & Delicate A large headed, well-filled, thornless pink

Maji Moto A large headed yellow/red bicolour with very strong colours

Ice Breaker A large white with exceptional opening and vase life

Aqua A thornless pink with beautifully shaped flowers

Orange Fizz Orange intermediate that retains its bright orange colour all through its extensive vase life


Pristine A silky white with no green guard petals

Amani A large headed thornless yellow

Tropical Amazon Orange intermediate

Rafiki A bright, intense yellow

Tropicana A red/yellow bicolour with very strong colour definition

Upper Class Pink A large headed dusky pink

Silhouette A strong, tulip shaped pink white bicolour

Avanti A large headed peach

Wild Thing A cerise with exceptional vase life

Akito A very bright white intermediate

Calvados A bright cerise

Carema Large cream


Cinder A strong yellow/red bicolour

Duo Unique A pink/white bicolour

Topsun A yellow fully thornless intermediate

Cream Prophyta A cream wth excellent durability and vase life

Red Calypso A strong vibrant red

Wild Calypso A vibrant cerise

Pink Prophyta Clear pink with excellent durability and vase life

Romeo A dark, velvety red

Royal Prophyta A cerise with excellent durability and vase life

Valentino A dark velvety red


Victorian Roses by OserianPiano The flower shape of the Piano is like a peony rose with quartered hearts and multiple side buds. Averaging 75cm, Oserian is offering you Piano all year round!

Pink Piano The flower shape of the Pink Piano is like a peony rose with quartered hearts and multiple side buds. It has a beautiful dark pink colour, is an average length of 75cm and is available all year round!

Nostalgia An outdoor grown pink/white bicolour

Royal Wedding An outdoor grown cerise/cream bicolour


Spray Roses by Oserian

Abeba large orange

Electra pink/white bicolour

Astral bright pink

Cream Twister cream outside, pink inside

Flash Night purple/white striped

Sonora cerise/gold bicolour

Flash Dance pink/white striped

Red Sensation large red

Suntan vibrant yellow


Babe bright orange

Clear Ocean lilac

Yvette dark velvet red

Fancy bright orange

Fire Flash red/gold striped

Pink Twister pink

Glorious cerise

Kylie cerise outer petals, with lighter pink inside

Yellow Babe bright yellow


Shine yellow

Bi-OrangeTrial variety

Reza vibrant orange

Snow Flake white with strong petals

Sweet Sara baby pink

Scented Roses by Oserian

Baby Pink light pink

Bi-Color Pink pink/white bicolour with strong vase life


First Scented Bucket

(All the above ranges have a powerful BQT scent)9

Oserian Spray CarnationsAs the worlds largest spray carnation farm, Oserian prides itself in its innovative process towards re-establishing the spray carnation as an attractive, long lasting, value-for-money flower. Using an extensive selection process, Oserian has been moving toward top opening, long lasting varieties with smooth petals, good length, multi buds and vibrant colours. These varieties encompass all the bright, bold colours to liven up anyones room!

Crop Circles on Spray Carnations

RamayaA very nice white top flowering spray carnation with fully smooth petals.

Number OneA vivid red border to a white, smooth petal flower.

CarreraA rich, smooth petal burgundy



Ist prize in the 2010 Dutch Hortifair Show!2010 saw another year that Oserian entered top quality flowers into the dutch Horti Fair. This flower show is regarded as the best in the world and people from all over the world flock there each year to see the latest equipment, the best flower varieties and meet with the best breeders and growers. This year saw Oserians spray carnation variety Promesa take First Prize for the best spray carnation. The outstanding quality, vibrant color and perfect petal shape impressed the judges and saw us beating all other competitors. With Oserians roses having got first prize in the previous years show, this is proof that Oserian is dedicated to being a leader in flower production. Customers keep an eye on which grower achieves these awards. It is for this reason that we maintain the best growing standards on the farm, in addition to ensuring that all our flowers are the best quality.

Promesa Outstanding quality, vibrant color and perfect petal shape

DarkivanaA true, dark orange colour with very good length

CastroThe ideal purple colour; bold, bright and long lasting!

KissA tall top opening red, that is very long lasting


Oserian FillersCallistephus- Length 72cm and above, 12 k stems production per week all year round, 5 colours available, with a vase life of 13 days Solidago- Length 62cm and above, weekly production of 40 k/week, all year production and vase life of 13 days

Statice- Length 62cm and above with availability of heavy premium quality, sinuatum and sinensis series available and 6 colors, 420 k per week all the year round with +14 and above days vase life,

Sunflowers- Length 62cm and above, disc size on + 3cm, 12k/week all year production with vase life of 11 days

Alstroemeria- Length 80cm and above, 6 colours available with weekly production of 6k / week all year round also with 12 days vaselife

Snapdragons- Length 70cm and above, mainly on trial and thus not available all year round, the vase life is 8 days

Gypsophylla- Length 62cm and above, 2 varieties available with 40k/week and vase life of 9 days

Stocks (Mathiola)Length 60cm and above, mainly on trial and thus not available all year round.


Phlox- Length 62cm and above, 2 colours available, with weekly production of 33k all year round and vaselife of 12 days

Asparagus- Length 42cm and above, 4 types available with weekly production of 150 /week all year round and a vase life of 15 days

Eucalyptus- Length 52cm and above, 4 types available, 14k/week all year round and a vaselife of 9 days

Echinacea- Length 52cm and above, to be available all year round at 1000 stems per week and the vaselife is 15 days.

Ruscus- Length 42cm and above, 8.5k/week available all year round and a vaselife of 64 days

Lisianthus- Length 63cm and above, 5 colours available and weekly production of 60/week all year round and 12 days vase life.

Ferns- Length 42 cm and above, weekly production of 700 all year round and a vaselife of 18 days


Oserian. Green by Name. Green by NatureThe largest and most technically advanced facility of flowers in Kenya. Oserian produces year round consistent products. Among the first to introduce rose farming in central Africa back in the 1980s. Oserian today is still a leader in this field, and it has a strong track record in sustainable and Fair Trade farming. Oserian is setting the standards in consistent year round produce from African farms. Oserian has for many years shared its progress and insight with local business community, acting as a leader in the development of the local economy.


Symbol of passion


Contacts:Oserian P.O. Box 2010 Naivasha 20117 Kenya Tel: +254 (0) 50 2030210 Fax: +254 (0) 736 444 440 E: [email protected] www.oserian.com Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/OserianDevelopmentCompanyLtd Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/OserianDevLtd Hamish Ker Production Director [email protected] Lance Dodd Procurement and Supply Chain Manager [email protected]

Oserian currently has the largest production area in one farm.