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YOUR APPS The Insider’s Guide to Making Money from Your App

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The insider's guide to making money from your apps

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  • YOUR APPS The Insiders Guide to Making Money from Your App
  • Many developers create new apps for the joy of code. Yet most want to make a living, too. Your apps deserve more than a virtual gold star.
  • But, there are plenty of opportunities to monetize your apps. Were going to help you When it comes to making money, there is no magic bullet. MAXIMIZEthose opportunities.
  • AGENDA 4 Select a monetization model Get the word out with promotion Get started
  • Before we get started, lets look at the platforms on oer. AshaNokia XWindows Phone
  • WINDOWS PHONE FACTS With more than 240,000 apps already and over 500 added daily, Windows Phone receives over 10 million daily downloads. Windows Phone is the fastest growing platform with 91% y-on-y growth in 2013 with sales jumping by 50% in South America in 2013. Windows Phone now has more than 10% share across Europe and oers operator billing in 33 markets from over 50 carriers.
  • NOKIA STORE FACTS The Nokia Store has a global reach that is available in 200+ countries and currently serves more than 14 million downloads daily- and with Nokia X that number is growing fast. With 90% of users are served in their local languages, while local brands and developers oer regionalised content in more than 90 countries. Content purchase options include mobile billing with more than 160 operators in over 60 markets, as well as credit card* billing in more than 190 countries. * For Asha only
  • Once you pick the platform, decide how you will drive revenue for your app. In-App Advertising Free Trials In-App Purchases FREEMIUM OR FREE-2-PLAY PAID UP FRONT Distimo reports that more than 90% of apps use freemium or free-2-play model.
  • IN-APP ADVERTISING The more times your app or game is used, the more people see the adds, so the more impressions are racked up When users see the ads, and more importantly click on them, you get paid. The more clicks, the more money you make The trick is to make an app or game that is visually appealing enough to make users stay on and use it for long periods of time Ads within your app or game is a quick and easy way to generate revenue, allowing you to oer the app for free.
  • Generate revenue on Windows Phone with Vserv, Smaato, Inneractive, AdMob & Microsoft Advertising Network. For Asha apps, check out Inneractive or Vservs AppWrapper Solution For Nokia X apps, check out Admob, InMobi, Millennial Media and MoPub
  • Cross-Promote your apps with AdDuplex. While not a form of in-app advertising that you can directly monetize, have a look at what AdDuplex can do to help you promote your apps through its global network.
  • FREE TRIALS OF YOUR APPS Give your users the chance to try your app or game before they buy, once you have their attention they are more likely to buy. According to Nokia Store data, Try and Buy yields 9x more revenue than traditional Pay per Download, while for Windows Phone this yields 10x more revenues Try and Buy is available for Windows Phone and coming soon to Nokia X Get started with Try and Buy for Windows Phone Get started with Try and Buy on Nokia X
  • IN-APP PURCHASES (IAP) In-App purchasing is the most successful option when it comes to monetizing your apps, allowing you to earn more with higher and recurring revenue opportunities. There are dierent ways to make it work for you, such as oering new features in your app, cool power-ups in a game, or perhaps a digital currency to your users. Developers are seeingsuccesswith in-app purchases. As of May 2013, 40% of the top 15 highest-grossing developers have apps that use in-app purchase.
  • MOBILE BILLING OR CREDIT CARD BILLING Building mobile billing or credit card billing into your account is a proven route to success and can successfully drive payments up by 600%. Nokia Store provides mobile billing with more than 160 operators in over 60 countries. 99% of all Nokia Store transactions are done with Operator billing. Windows Phone Store oers operator billing with more than 50 carriers in 33 markets. Introducing Operator billing increased developer payouts from that country by as much as 8x compared to just credit cards.
  • 15 One of the most common In-App purchases is to oer levels to a game, or additional lters for a photo app. It's not only about adding features, it can be about removing them too, such as removing Ads with the purchase of the full app. In Nokia Store, In-App payments yielded 9X better revenues than paid downloads.
  • IAP is designed to encourage users to spend within your app, allowing you to earn 70% 30% With Operator billing transactions developers keep 70% of all revenue from both Windows Phone and Nokia Stores.
  • One company that successfully uses IAP in their Asha apps is Indias Lunagames.
  • OTHER WAYS TO PROMOTE YOUR APPS If youre serious about promoting your apps, either locally or globally, you need to use DVLUP Campaigns.
  • Using DVLUP Campaigns you can promote your apps via: MERCHANDISING, MARKETING, or ADVERTISING opportunities. Find out more at
  • DVLUP oers "Quality"Challenges for your apps, which are based on an average of 4+ Star ratings, and increasing customerreviews (25 up to 2500+) in the app stores. Lets consider the power of positive ratings and reviews of your apps.
  • When you complete DVLUP Challenges, you earn XP (points) which can be spent on Rewards. Complete all seven challenges and earn up to 25,000 XP, which is enough to place your app in the Windows Phone Store Global Spotlight seven times! You can spend XP points on cool stu, such as Nokia devices and accessories, or pay for a campaign to promote your app.
  • If you get 100% on the quiz, well give you 50 points on DVLUP, which you can use in our Rewards catalog. 50 Lets see if youve been paying attention. Take a quick quiz on what youve learned.
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  • Thanks. Now lets go make some money.