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1. We were able to get George into the studio to take some photos for our posters...etc. He brought his bugle major; Brian Hindmarch along. I do believe George brought him thinking he could get out of this photo-shoot but he was terribly mistaken. Fortunately, we were able to use Brain to our advantage and have now integrated him into our film idea. Already we have Alfie and George, but now with Brian we can make it so there 3 different versions of himself. Young George are his happier memories/flashbacks in the past, Brian his later self, bad flashbacks/ memories of the war and then George playing the present George suffering with this illness. The following two pictures were test shots so we could see how we could alter the lighting and positioning...etc. (hence the gormless faces). 1 ) There are some images that show the uniform Brian (the 'younger' George) was wearing. It is a WW2 issued uniform and I believe he is wearing Amo boots or parade boots. (They look more glossy compared to the average army issues boot). 2 ) These two shots of me and Alex show that the light needs altered. It looks nice and bright however the lights are washing us out making us look incredibly pale. It looks better than yellow, and can be adjusted on photoshop, but we decided to fiddle around with the lights to try and get it more or less perfect. 2. 4) These are a handful of images that are just evidence of what we did in the studio. They aren't particularly amazing and some are blurry but you get the gist. 5) As you can see, if we were to use images that were like the one to the left of this text, a large shadow has been cast on the floor. We could edit it out on photo-shop but on some of the other images it affects the colouring of the pants and how the boots look. We had to again, alter the lights and where we were standing so we weren't affecting the outcome of the pics. 6) Not all the pictures are in focus but it allows you to see how we were up close and personal with a uniform that was actually worn by a World War 2 soldier. (It isn't exactly comfortable). 7) We wanted the actors to feel really comfortable so we couldn't shoot for a long time. they were both sharing the uniform and because it is made of thick material and due to the lights being on near enough full blast, we had to quickly do shots so they weren't over heating. 3. 8) These shots of the legs, torso and chest are off Brian. Like I said, they are sharing the uniform and are almost the same size yet the pants didn't fit George. We had to compromise with what resources we had and with what time we had left and just took pictured of George's torso, hence why he is sitting down in his shots. 9) This can be seen on our posters. Both, myself and Alex have taken a minimalistic approach when editing our posters. It creates a simpler and eerie feel to the poster and with all the colours and effects, it adds to the WW2 feel. 10) (Talking about the image on the right) I love how these images turned out. He looks like an actual WW2 soldier and has that honourable pose to go along with it. He captures the essence of being a soldier and fighting for the country is this image. It seems hard to believe, I mean, anyone could look at it and get a different response but I do feel like he looks like a proud soldier. 4. 11) Too much shadow is happening on the image to the left. the angle is too left as well, should be slight centred and angled to the right a bit. 12) These are Alex's granddad's war medals and I do love the close ups of them. I like how old and worn they look too. Works well with the colours and condition of the war uniform. 13) Although he didn't want to get pictures taken and was rather reluctant (we pushed him into it haha) he was amazing! He worked well with the camera and embodied the character really well. I like his eyes are these shots because they look like they're filled with a lot of emotion capturing his pain. 5. 14) The image below is great. I don't think I'll be using it because I like a lot of the side angles from Brian and the one of George sitting down however I love his face on this image. He says he isn't a good actor but he is being modest! When I look into his eyes it looks like he has captured every emotion and sucked it into himself. He looks tormented, full of pity and sorrow and I just love this image