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Transcript of Photo shoot edits

  • 1. This is the first edit I did of myphoto shoot, for this image I wasgoing for a dark, gloomy approachon the city. I wanted to show thecity in a negative light so I havealtered the brightness and made itdarker around the edges to givethe picture a sinister feel. I havethen added a cooling filter to makethe image more blue, dark and coldlooking. Finally I cropped the imageto give it almost widescreenproperties; this finishes the imageoff well to make it look up to professional standard.For the next photo I chose, I editedthe sharpness of the image tomake all the different subjects inthe photo stand out more. I thenedited the vibrance of the imageto make the different colours morecontrasting and the image clearer.I then proceeded to edit the imagemore to make the photographylook more professional andunique. I used a black and whitepre-set effect to easily manipulateinto the correct shade of black andwhite to make the image clear buteffective.

2. For the next image I decided toinitially crop out the unnecessarywaste of the image. By doing this Ican make the image conform tothe rule of thirds and become amore professional and interestingimage.I then proceeded to edit theimage itself by changing the hueand saturation of the image, I alsoturned the contrast up. Each ofthese editsmake the imagesharper and brighter in colour.This is a photo that I edited byturning the brightness downslightly and the contrast up, thismakes the sky look a deepershade of blue and the detail of thetree more defined. The picturedidnt need a lot of editingbecause it is a plain picture so thismuch is the perfect amount. 3. Finally for this photograph I didntwant to do too much editing so Ichose to simply adjust smallsettings in order to make thephoto look more in focus andseasonal the objective of the editis to make the photo look morelike winter.