LinkedIn Tricks To Getting Your Profile Found

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Transcript of LinkedIn Tricks To Getting Your Profile Found

  • 1. LinkedIn TricksTo Getting Your Profile Found
  • 2. LinkedIn is a great socialnetworking sites for professionalslooking to connect. As is the case with other top social networkingsites, LinkedIn is always looking to improve itself. While other sites seek cosmetic changes to their look, LinkedIn has focused on functional changes.
  • 3. LinkedIn has made to updates recently, and if you followthese LinkedIn tricks, then your profile will be found by others easier than in the past.
  • 4. The first improvement has to do with putting more emphasis on Skills and Expertise. Thisupdate means you can now better showcase your areas of expertiseto easily connect with people that have similar skills or with companies looking for subject matter experts.
  • 5. The second one of the LinkedIn updates has to do withrecalculating profile completenessscores. The new calculation givesyou more control of your score by emphasizing things you have direct control over, like Skills, and putting less weight on areas you may have less control over, like Recommendations.
  • 6. According to the recent changes, here are some of theLinkedIn tricks you should follow in order to achieve the completeness goal:
  • 7. LinkedIn Tricks forGetting Your Profile Found | Completeness
  • 8. 1) Add a profile- photo Personalizing any social networking account is paramount and this LinkedIn trick can be the difference between someone taking you seriously or not.
  • 9. - Having a profile picture makes theprofile seven times more likely to be found by those searching foryou. An empty profile photo is a sign of a lack of attention to detail and fewer people will want to connect with you.
  • 10. 2) List all jobs and professions - Adding a minimum of two jobs makes finding your profile twelve times more likely than not listing jobs and professions.
  • 11. 3) Include a description of the -jobs Add descriptions for your jobs as these descriptions will go along way to validating your skills. Some company names are so nondescriptthat is you dont add a description ofthe job, then the company name will hold no value to networkers.
  • 12. 4) Have 5 or more skills on -the profile The more skills listed, the more targeted the results of people with whom you will have something incommon and this is one of the more important LinkedIn tricks that will help you get found.
  • 13. - Sales skills is great, but if you are a business to business sales personrather than a telemarketer, this typeof information will help you connect with the right type of people.
  • 14. 5) Write a summary about -yourself This summary should answer thequestion of who you are and should attract the type of people that you are seeking to network.
  • 15. 6) Fill out their -industry andpostal code Part of being found by othercolleagues or employers is that they need to know where to find you. If someone has a job in Austin, Texas and is reading your profile, theyll want to know where you are located.
  • 16. -Therefore, one of the LinkedIn tricksto being found is to let people knowwhat industry you are in and where in the world you are located.
  • 17. 7) Have 50 or more connections - A connection does show some credibility on social networking sites. Also, the more connections you have, the more likely people are to find you through your connections. Therefore, go out and get at least 50 colleagues.
  • 18. Also, continue posting multiple times - a week to show activity. One of theLinkedIn tricks to getting found is to be active. If someone goes to your site and youve never posted and only have 5 connections, they will think that you dont check your LinkedIn account and may not bother sending you a message or connection request.
  • 19. LinkedIn Tricks -Conclusion Many of the above listed LinkedIn tips are pretty much commonsense. As is the case with any socialnetworking site, the more effort youput into it, the more results that you will get out of it.