LinkedIn Tips & Tricks for Job-Seekers

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LinkedIn for Job-Seekers: Advanced Tips & Tricks Dayna Mathews, Career & Personal Branding Strategist LinkedIn: Dayna M. Mathews Twitter: @KickAssCareer

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Transcript of LinkedIn Tips & Tricks for Job-Seekers

  1. 1. LinkedIn for Job-Seekers: Advanced Tips & Tricks Dayna Mathews, Career & Personal Branding Strategist LinkedIn: Dayna M. Mathews Twitter: @KickAssCareer
  2. 2. On Todays Docket Why LinkedIn? Where to Start: The Profile Publishing/Blogging/Posting Recommendations/Skills & Expertise Endorsements Job-Search & Connecting Tips
  3. 3. Joined the 350M+ others yet? Nows the time!
  4. 4. To Upgrade or Not to Upgrade?
  5. 5. Create a Stellar Profile 100% complete is key (Summary, Experience, Education, Volunteer, Skills, Projects) Goal All-Star Profile Status Interesting, Engaging, Informative, & Impressive Branded to match YOUR personality and style 1st person language Naked is not pretty (on LinkedIn )
  6. 6. Look at Jobs of Interest to Find Keywords & Phrases Do this BEFORE starting to apply Look at multiple related jobs of interest Write down the skills/competencies/personality/qualifications they are looking for Be sure to include them in your profile as often as possible
  7. 7. Look at others profiles and learn Look at what successful people in your field are doing and model them (Consider changing privacy settings when doing so) Pay attention to list of skills & expertise to see what you may be missing What does their headline say? What do they have that you dont?
  8. 8. Stand-out Photo, Headline, & Personalized URL
  9. 9. Beef Up Your Headline DO NOT put Unemployed or Searching up there! Use relevant industry-specific keywords/skills Get creative think what will be interesting to others? Look at what other folks in your field are using Add symbols
  10. 10. Your Background Photo Create your photo using size= 1400 x 425 Think about your brand colors, quotes, website, etc
  11. 11. Create a Killer, Keyword Heavy Summary Tell us your story! Tell us your WHY and let us feel it! Give a list of what you do BEST Make it interesting and engaging Call us to action!
  12. 12. Experience & Media
  13. 13. What Media Looks Like
  14. 14. Skills & Endorsements You can add up to 50 skills (soft & hard skills) These skills should match those you researched Connections can endorse you More endorsements = higher cred factor
  15. 15. Projects & Volunteer Experience
  16. 16. Recommendations Can ONLY ask people you are already connected to! Aim for 5 to 10
  17. 17. Connect, Connect, Connect (Appropriately) Press Connections in menu bar to add email contacts Invite co-workers, supervisors, friends, family, etc Successful people in your field of interest ALWAYS personalize your connection request Aim for at least 350-500 QUALITY connections
  18. 18. Personalized Request Example
  19. 19. Sharing Updates = Staying Visible 3x/week
  20. 20. Publishing/Blogging
  21. 21. Why Publish? Showcase your expertise Tell people what you know that they dont Gain followers & connections Promote your personal website/other content Gain more credibility among your connections
  22. 22. Publishing/Blogging
  23. 23. Join & Engage In Industry-Related & Job-Search Groups Career Connectors Phoenix Jobs A PleaseCheckIn Community Cutting Edge Career & Job Search Advice Job Leads with the Best Companies in Arizona by BestCompaniesAZ Arizona Jobs
  24. 24. Follow Companies of Interest & Connect
  25. 25. Follow Thought Leaders in Your Industry share relevant posts
  26. 26. Set Up Job Alerts & Download the App Similar to job board email alerts Get immediate updates for jobs of interest Be sure to make sure you are a fit before sending your application Apply immediately for best results Customize your experience
  27. 27. Use Advanced Search
  28. 28. Ask For Help/Advice/Introductions (Appropriately) Think strategically If I were this person, what would make ME want to write back and help? Greeting, introduction and rapport building is first. Make sure youre clear on HOW this person can help you Keep it simple
  29. 29. Recap Look at jobs of interest for keywords Your photo matters Beef up your headline Personalize your URL Skills & Endorsements Highlight your portfolio Connect, connect, connect Look at others profiles Join related groups Follow companies of interest Follow thought leaders Set up job alerts & download app Use advanced search functions Ask for help
  30. 30. Thank You!! Want more of me? Connect with me on LinkedIn, Twitter @KickAssCareer, & Facebook Dayna Marie Coaching Instagram: @daynamariecoaching Visit for more info FREE 15-minute consultations