LinkedIn: Tips and Tricks

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LinkedIn: Tips and Tricks Darryl Heron ylheron 19 February, 2013

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The purpose of this presentation is to show some tips and tricks to using LinkedIn and some other Web 2.0 ideas that I have for building your people networks. I‘ve made this presentation to a few groups recently to help them in getting started in this world that is more and more connected.

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  • 1.LinkedIn:Tips and TricksDarryl Heron February, 2013

2. LinkedIn Vs. Xing 3. Xing is a very well knownprofessional socialnetwork.76% of pageviews arecoming from Germany90% coming from the D-A-CH area (Germany,Austria, Switzerland)3 4. LinkedIn is 2ndlargest socialnetwork.Recently passed 200million members4 5. Menu options appear under "LinkedIn 6. Connecting with others 7. Connecting Options 8. SlideShare: The YouTube of Presentations Bought by LinkedIn in 2012 9. This is meonSlideShare 10. My SlideShare Presentations 11. My Business CardTied to my profile.. 12. About.meThis is me @ 13. Toastmasters: Where Leaders Are Made International Educational Organization focusing onhelping people to develop their Communication &Leadership Skills Showed me communication is so much more thantelling others your message Taught me the importance of storytelling 14. Connect with OthersConnect with other colleagues, past & present- find outwho they knowConnect with clients from the past & presentConnect with people you went to school withConnect with people you know in clubs andorganizations you belong toAdd clubs and organizations that you belong (belongedto) to your CV 15. Other TipsCreate a profile on SlideShare & create somepresentationsSlideShare is also a good place to learnWhen I give a speech I try to create a presentation to go along with itCreate a profile on About.meConnect with people you know in clubs andorganizations you belong to 16. Questions????Contact me if you have any further questionsFeel free to connnect with me online. Be sure tomention how you found me 17. Be Sure to Check OutAbout.me Herons presentations onSlideShare me:mailto:[email protected]