Like birds to England On the 6th of October teachers Arja and Taina began their journey to...

Like birds to England On the 6th of October teachers Arja and Taina began their journey to Clayesmore Preparatory School.
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Transcript of Like birds to England On the 6th of October teachers Arja and Taina began their journey to...

Like birds to England

On the 6th of October teachers Arja and Taina began their journey to Clayesmore Preparatory School.

Under the ground?

After meeting Polish teachers Magda and Ewa in Heathrow airport we were brave and went to the undergroud to travel to Waterloo station.


After long walking we found the right station.

A very polite clerc sold a group ticket to us. It was much cheaper than single tickets.

On our way to Salisbury Magda served some Polish tea.

Wonderful Bed and Breakfast in Blandford

Eating meeting

Our favourite hobby: Eating.

After meeting the Czhech and English teachers we had a chance to have a common meal in the restaurant.

The 7th of October at school

It was very exciting to be in an inteview of pupils.

The class of Mrs Rose had prepared very good questions to all of us.

It was exciting to see how we understood their questions.

The Comenius project in the class

We admired skillfully made notice boards. There were only winter photos from Finland.

We´ll send some summer pictures, too! One journalist was taking photos from us.


We followed interesting music lesson.

In English lesson we learned how to make a perfect presentation.

History in the 3rd class

In England history lessons begin two years before us.

The subject in this notice board is ancient Greece.

Science to 12 years old pupils

They didn´t have any text books.

They only dicussed a lot and made very detaled notes.

Excellent work!

Like a princess in the tower room

Clayesmore Senior School was like a castle (in Finnish way).

The girls coming far away lived in this house.

Inside the building

We acquainted us with girls´ livingroom. It was very simple one.

Girls´ bedrooms were cosy.

The chapel

The chapel was as large as our chuch. Most of the pupils belong to English Church.

They had assemblies here.

The stained-glass paintings were maverlous.

Geography classroom

Pity you can´t see the maverlous panorama view from this classroom. There were two walls full of windows.

Geography teacher showed population diagrams of our countries from her computer.


Pupils painted small detales from big works of art.

Pupils´ colours looked like original ones.

They used pastels!

Dining room

You should see the menu: Cold meal, salad table, warm meal and dessert.

Good heavens!! Many of the pupils choose only fish and chips.

The golden chestnut

Pupils had a contest in which they had to brake the chestnut of their contestants.

The winner got her/his chestnut guilded. (Mr. John painted it.)

The Meeting

Co-ordinator Taina had a big task to lead the meeting in English (the first time in her life).

This time everything went fluently.

Blandford centrum

Here they live – We came and visited them!

Party time

Headmaster and his wife invited us to their beautiful home to have a cocktail.

We met interesting persons from the school.

Breakfast at 8.10.2005

Our master and mistress were very polite and friendy.

Breakfasts were delicious: homemade marmelade, fresh eggs, good tea or coffee and toasts.

Milton Abbey

Milton Abbey is a very old village in Dorset.

We travelled by a school bus.

Roof repairing in every 20th year

In Milton Abbey houses were very old. The roofs were made from some reed.

Roofs need full repairing in every 20th year. It´s very hard work we think…

On the coast

Lulworth Cove is a beautiful shell shaped cove.

The weather was maverlous to be outside.

A path along the coast

The scenery was amazing. Taina would like to move here and walk around the whole coast.

Durdle Door near Lulworth

This was the wonderful end of Tainas´ path.

Taina had only 15 minutes time to walk back but she made it on time.

Lulworth Cove village and the sea

The scenery from the hill near Durdle Door opened a beautiful view to Lulworth Cove.

Thousand years of history

We visited Corfe Castle.

It´s quite ruined but worth to see.

Princess Arja at last in her tower.

Without words

Famous fish and chips to taste

A car ferry

On the way from Swanage to Pool we crossed a narrow strait by a car ferry.

We passed VERY expencive houses.

Thanks to Liz and her family!

Liz offered us extremely delicious dinner at her home.

We enjoyed and relaxed.

Saturday night feaver

Kingston Lacy at the 9th of October


The mystery of Stonehenge

We didn´t talk to our mobile phones but listened to the story of Stonehenge.

It was a pleasure to see this place because it was so ”strange”.

The vehicle

This was the school bus in which we travelled here and there along the Southern England.

Time to say goodbye

The evening meal tasted good.

Arja and Taina ordered chicken, and dessert melted in our mouths.

Polish teachers were already in London and we others were leaving in the morning.

Comfort Inn Hyde Park

Lunch in London

Chicken and steak again. London is really an expencive city… We were lucky: EU paid almost everything.

The 10th of October.

In the sightseeing bus

Pictures from London

Detales from London

In Hyde Park

Taina and her brand new suitcase. We don´t know who got the old one. We left it to our room.

Arja enjoyed fountains.

On the top of the clamour

Bye bye England!!!