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i had my first presentation about indra nooyi .she is one who admire me most in the world.

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  • Indra krishnamurthy nooyi is ceo of pepsico. Lays Pepsi Tropicana juice
  • Born on October 28,1955 in Chennai, Tamilnadu ,India. She completed her schooling from Holy Angels School, Madras. B.Sc in chemistry from madras Christian college . She did masters degree in finance and marketing from iim calcutta (7 batch). She got job in Johnson and Johnson as a product manager. Se had been working for two year than went to u.s.a for further education.
  • Admire life story After completion of M.B.A Nooyi first job was with Tootal, a British textile company. she had been working there many year but did not find good working environment and decided to join another company .she joined PepsiCo in 1994 in those day net profit of pepisco was 2.5 million .she become chairperson (ceo) after 7 year . Nooyi total direct compensation in 2010 was $13.78 million, which included her salary of $1.3 million dollars, annual incentives of $3 million, stock option grants of $3.23 million and performance awards totaling $6.25
  • Continue.. When nooyi was studying in u.s.a she faced a lot of problem. Part time job problem lack of money Safety problem She had not money to bought trouser for interview than she had been doing part time job that they bought trouser unfortunately they did select .(fact :-------- less than 1% OF LEADER OF company from rich background)
  • CEO of PepsiCo ranked no.4 on forbs magazine annual survey of 100 most powerful women in the world. Best leader by bbc news in 2010 She was elected to follow ship of American academy of art and science. She broken the glass ceiling many time Influential people in the world in 2007 and 2008 by times of India
  • Continue Year name awards 2013 Honorary degree North cololine state university 2011 Honorary doctor of law Wake forest university 2011 Honorary doctor of law University of Warwick 2011 Honorary doctor of law Miami university 2010 Honorary doctor of law u.s.a university 2009 Honorary doctor of law Duke university 2008 Honorary doctor of law Chicago university 2007 Padma bhushan President of India 2004 Honorary doctor of law Babson college
  • Who inspire her Her mother. She remember how her mother would after meal every day ask indra and her sister what would they like to become when they grew up and they would come up with different ideas and their mother would reward the best idea each day .it forced indra to think and dream for herself.
  • VALUES AND ETHICS Hard working Equality (Treat everyone equally) Aesthetic(Believe in god ) Achievement oriented h
  • Personal life Nooyi married to raj k.nooyi She have two daughter.both daughter have been studying in u.s.a Her elder sister is well know singer her name is chandrika krishna muthry
  • What kind of skill is required to become leader ship Conceptual skill Human skill Technical skill What leader ship does Providing direction Working with people . Using resource
  • The best advices I ever got by indira nooyi .
  • ss Don't put work for someday may be some day we are too old too poor too lazy hard working dedication.
  • CONCLUSION In this male dominated world, for a woman to find her own space and leave behind all men and to reach the very top requires a very high degree of tinaesiti. forget about give up . Remerber three think hard working ,wiliness ,dedication
  • Are you a leader?????
  • Are you having the quality of leadership???????