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    Increase Traffic Increase Return on Investment

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  • Presentation OverviewInternet StatisticsImproving Website EffectivenessConversionsOutcomesTrafficDifferent Types of Internet TrafficDirectReferralSearchTips to Improve Internet TrafficMeasuring Internet TrafficQuestions and Answers

  • How Do You Use The Internet?

    Ask the audience about how they have used the internet for their business.

    What are the challenges you have encountered using the internet?

    What would you like to improve about your internet presence?

    Lets look at the current state of the internet and how your potential customers are using the Internet in their lives.

    How have you utilized a web presence?

  • Users of the Internet: 300 million in North America. (World Internet Stats)

    300 million internet users in North America translates to a 74% penetration.

    This means that of people are using the Internet in America.

    The next question is HOW ARE THEY USING THE INTERNET?

  • 77% of Internet users perform at least one search a day. (Piper Jaffray Industry Research)

  • 74% of Internet users perform local searches; 43% are seeking a local merchant. (comScore & Kelley Research Group)

    Of all the people using the internet of them use the local search feature while searching. As search engines improve their algorithms search will become more and more localized returning results that are increasingly relevant to what it is you are looking for.

    They may be searching to buy or they may be seeking a merchant in their local area.

    Ask Audience how they have shopped online for discounts or better deals.

  • 89% of consumers making in-store purchases; research on-line first. (BIG Research)

    People arent just searching online they are gathering information to make informed purchases. In todays business environment the buyer really controls the market.

    How many times have you heard Ill find it cheaper online?

  • Are You Capitalizing on the Internets Potential?

    What efforts have you undergone to improve the effectiveness of your website?

    Do you know how many leads you have brought in from your website? Maybe your site does not exist to gather leads perhaps it is there for a different reason

  • What Do You Want From Your Website?AwarenessCredibilitySalesActionValue

    What are some of the things you should look to your website to do for you [gather examples]

    Awareness for my business.Your website can be thought of a piece of promotional material. A branded design and clear message are both accessible with a quality website that attracts traffic.

    Boost my business credibility.Having a professionally designed website shows the credibility of your business. Your website is basically youre storefront for the internet.

    You wouldnt have a broken window on the front of your store would you?

    Provide positive ROI.Everything combined; your site can become a generator of ROI for your business.

    Intrigues new/potential clients.A combination of the aforementioned items and appearing in search; your site can attract potential customers for service.

    Provides value & add credibility for my existing clients.Web applications transform your website into a tool for your customers and clients. Whether it be to check an events calendar and register for events or to download the latest research in your field. Including these functions also boost other aspects of your site.

  • How Do I Increase My Effectiveness?Traffic = Visitors to your siteOutcome = Action taken on your siteConversion Rate = Outcomes / Traffic


    To understand how to increase our sites effectiveness we need to first understand how exactly it is that websites operate. Traffic Arrives at your site, A decision is made: they become a conversion or they dont.

    Conversion Rate measures how effective your site is at converting visitors into outcomes. Outcomes will vary for each site depending what exactly you seek for your site to do. Perhaps it is having someone click a button, fill out an inquiry form, visit a certain page.

    Dividing the number of outcomes you achieve by your traffic will provide you with your conversion rate.

    To make a site more effective you will seek to have more outcomes. i.e. more people filling out a form, more people calling you for appointments more people viewing your About Us page.

    Today we will focus on increasing the traffic to your site to increase the outcomes of your site.

  • Increase Traffic

  • But I Hate Traffic?Conversion Rate = 10%Traffic = 300 visitors/monthOutcome = 30 outcomes/month10% Increase In TrafficConversion Rate = 10%Traffic = 330 visitors/monthOutcome = 33 outcomes/month

    This traffic is good. But Why?

    Among other factors the best way to improve your conversion rate is to first improve the relevant traffic which is being pulled into your site.

    Increasing your number of unique visitors in the equation inherently boosts your Conversion Rate. It is simple math

  • How Do I Herd Traffic To My Site?

    So we can see it is beneficial to have a presence in front of the users of the Internet. But its not as simple as just throwing your site out there into the wild wild west and rounding up some traffic. You need a directed approach that considers the factors and the ways in which traffic will be arriving at your website.

    the online business process:

    -search, direct, or referral/impulse [someone decides they need a service and decides to search for it]-click [a search returns a lot of different results; user has to decide which one to click]-landing [ Once a user has completed a search and decided to click one of the many links[count links on typical serp page] they need to decide based on first few seconds of being on your page what action they will take-action [will they click the back button or will they stay? [the clash song! should I stay or should I go?]

    Marketing your business on line is all about improving one, two or all of the steps in this process for users. It focuses on your website, your audience and how you are targeting that audience.

  • Traffic = Direct + Referral + Search

    These are the three sources which traffic will come to your website. Improving all three will play an important role in your sites ability to achieve the desired outcomes.

  • Traffic = Direct + Referral + Search

    These are the three sources which traffic will come to your website. Improving all three will play an important role in your sites ability to achieve the desired outcomes.

  • Direct Traffic Visitors come to your website by entering your domainThe first stop for a visitor is your websiteMain source of traffic for newer websites

    These are visitors who came to your site without first visiting a search engine, another site or some marketing tactic.

    Here you go check out our business cards or this PowerPoint.

    Hyper link our

  • Promotional EffortsMarketing MaterialsHandoutsBusiness CardsAdvertising NetworkingEmail Address

  • How About Some Help?Tip 1 Promote Website Offline

    Tip 2 Using Domain Emails

    Okay so listen up because we are going to give some tips to improve your referral traffic for each avenue


  • Tip 1 Promote Your Website...As a point of contactA resource for more informationA testament to your work

    Providing your URL address on your marketing materials provides an easy way for potential clients to research your business prior to making a contact with you. As you disseminate your brand in the physical world be sure to provide a way for people to connect with you in the internet world.

    People are more prone to check out prior to picking up the phone or actually coming into the store.

    Old Slide: Marketing CollateralFlyersLetterheadBusiness CardsTell People/NetworkingTraditional AdvertisementsTelevision CommercialsRadioBillboardsNewspaper

  • Tip 2 Using Domain EmailsUsing an email address associated with your websitename@yourdomain.comEmail recipients have a place to visit for more informationAdded brand awareness

  • Tip 2 Using Domain Emails

    Each time someone receives an email from you they will be exposed to your brand.

    How many of you out there use emails as a way to reference someone's website?

  • Direct Traffic - Key PointsTip 1 Include your websites URL in all marketing materials

    Tip 2 Use your domain for email addresses

    Okay so listen up because we are going to give some tips to improve your referral traffic for each avenue


  • Traffic = Direct + Referral + Search

    These are the three sources which traffic will come to your website. Improving all three will play an important role in your sites ability to achieve the desired outcomes.

  • Referral TrafficGenerated through links on other websitesBoosts sites credibility for visitorsImproves website ranking in search engines

    This traffic i