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HR PREPAREDNESS for a company TO OPERATE GLOBALLY Presented by Shanjidul Bari

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In toady's competitive and technology driven era, every organization thrives for success. For this preparedness is essential to operate both locally as well as globally. This presentation is an attempt to chalk out the guideline in brief.


  • HR PREPAREDNESS for a company TO OPERATE GLOBALLY Presented by Shanjidul Bari
  • Strategy Refreshing what is strategy: Setting a vision, Planning the path Reaching the goals accordingly Its about moving from point A to point B that is not reachable with a normal growth rate.
  • Business Strategy Growth across geography Globally Warrant for larger team Will need to have appropriate people who can deal with foreign customers Knowledge level will need to be upgraded Getting into implementation services Evolve to a JIT hiring model Create a resource pool for different solutions Mitigate resource turnover risks Retention of resources to be focused Effective succession plan needs to be implemented
  • To be one of the global names in related business & services Mitigate Resource Turnover Risks Getting into Implementation Services Growth Across Geography Evolve to a JIT hiring model Training & Development Recruitment - JIT Hiring Model - Creating Resource Pool Will need to have appropriate people who can deal with foreign customers Retention of resources to be focused Warrant for larger team Create resource pool for different servicesKnowledge level will need to be upgraded Effective succession plan needs to be implemented Motivational Tool HRStrategiesBusinessStrategies Succession Planning Change Management Performance Management
  • HR Strategy Recruitment JIT hiring model Creating Resource pool Training & Development Succession Planning Motivational Tool Performance Management Change Management
  • Recruitment Graduate Program Build strategic partnership with top local university Offer summer internship or part time job for future potential recruit Recruit Directly from University placement office based on Graduate Program Lateral Recruitment Job search in top online job portal Cost effective Future CV Pool Employee Referral Program Internal employee will generate reference CV from market If anyone is recruited, the referee will be awarded a special prize (Dinner for 2/Gift Hamper/Gift Coupon etc.) Background check will be easier
  • Training & Development Leadership Training (important to ensure right attitude towards customers, team and the company) On a regular interval through partnering with good consultants/vendors Embed practices and relate to performance management for ensuring improvement Functional Training (important for catching up with all the latest technologies, trends, ideas and standards) Regular TNA on the event of annual appraisal, recruitment, promotions One to one discussion with line managers
  • E-Learning E-Learning Learning portal / resources registration (e.g. skillsoft, codingdojo, etc.) Development and implementation of internal E-Learning library with assessments
  • Succession Planning Internal: Identifying the roles that requires succession planning Identifying possible more than one potential successors Develop the successor External Identifying the roles that does not have internal successors Identifying possible potential successors in the industry Maintain relationship
  • Motivational Tool Reward & Recognition (non-financial) Employee Benefit plan HR Issues or Grievance Management Quarterly/Half Yearly Town Hall Annual Dinner or Picnic Monthly newsletter Flexible office hour Corporate Intranet with Private Social Media
  • Performance Management Setting up Annual Objective Employee should be aware of his annual objective with in the first month of the year Objective should be set with consultation with employee Mid Year Performance Management Half Yearly review should provide employee with his performance Employee can correct his approach to increase his performance efficiency Annual Performance Management Employee should be consulted and directly interviewed by supervisor at the time of Annual Performance Management Review Lacking or failure to achieve given objectives should be clearly articulate to him Employee should be given clear guideline on how to improve
  • Change Management Identify and articulate the change Analyze the impact on people and organization Complete action plan before change implementation Change Management activities