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Do you think you think a lot and suffer? Do you think if only you had control over the thoughts, life would have been so much simpler? Do you think you could have felt a lot better about yourself? What do we do to avoid something like this, how do we avoid overthinking a lot? What are the major problems I have felt but not faced due to overthinking? Is there a way to avoid my overthinking affect me? Here are a few thoughts that might help

Transcript of How to stop overthinking

  • Analyze the situation Every emotion is a signal, trying to send you a message. It is trying to tell you that there is something that needs to be resolved and it is asking to take action.
  • Talk to a friend, talk about solutions Focus on solutions and not problems. Talk to friend for comfort and discuss solutions.
  • We tend to assume the worst More often we exaggerate about the impact it has on us. Relax and see what we do if the worst happens, how we tackle it.
  • Listen to music, the harder and more thumping it is, the better Please do not listen to the melancholic songs which have lyrics which make you ponder. Thumping music helps the adrenaline rush.
  • Join a gym, work out! Play a game, drain your energy A great way to release stress is to put your body in stress. It is easy to cuddle and sleep inside a blanket, go out and spend that adrenaline, it puts thoughts in order.
  • Be upbeat, meet more upbeat people We tend to be in a circle which our mindset is in. But a comfortable place gives you the smugness but no solution. Let it be uncomfortable, put your mind into a little test, you will be surprised how strong it can
  • Smile more often If the emotional quotient has an impact on the physical, the vice versa also has to be true law of universality!
  • Read a good book Again something that tingles your senses, something that keeps your mind stimulated. Watch a great movie, something that inspires you.
  • Above all action! Action is the only thing that makes a difference. Knowledge is a very powerful tool and we all are very smart people but that alone never made a difference in life.
  • So, if you are feeling a little blue, a little down, shake yourself up mate, it is no big a deal. There is a solution out there, go out and find it. You will eventually find it any way but the idea is how fast you find it!
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